Loading a resource into the Aliss Engine


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This is a short series of annotated screenshots, intended to give a simple guide to...loading a resource into the Engine

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Loading a resource into the Aliss Engine

  1. 1. ALISSAccess to Local Information to Support Self-ManagementLoading a Resource into the EngineA collaboration between the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland, and the Long Term Conditions AllianceScotland…and ever so many other organisations…and people…Making Self-Management Support more findable contact@aliss.org
  2. 2. Drag the ALISS Itbookmarklet to yourbrowser toolbar, & ‘drop’it there.
  3. 3. 2. Click on theALISS Itbookmarklet 1. Highlight any text that you’d want to include in the resource description on ALISS
  4. 4. 1. Make sure you allow this to pop- up. It appears with URL, Title, and description already there for you. Edit the title & description if need be3. Click ‘Save 2. Add tags. As you type,Item’ to …er… ALISS will be looking outsave what for suggestions for you toyou’ve put in. accept if you like them. But feel free to add others
  5. 5. !. The form will save and then offer you the opportunity to record the geogr location of the resource. Use a postcode if you have one. 2. If you are noting an event, put the dates in, &3. Save item times if you have them. Otherwise leave these fileds blank
  6. 6. In case the bookmarkletdoesn’t work (someorganisations don’t let staffinstall such things) then youcan ‘add new resource’ viathis link and this formcomes up. But it doesn’tgrab the URL, title &description though – youhave to add those via copy& paste from the originalpage
  7. 7. A search for employment –related resources locally
  8. 8. Click on the title to go to the original resource Free text description: indexedLocation: indexed tags Resource: original spotter Time-stamp Resource: original curationSubsequentcurations wd ‘flag’ – could bebe shown alerthere Here is a curation in the Engine, ‘unpacked’
  9. 9. When you are logged intoyour ALISS account, itemson search result listingsinclude a ‘create curation’link. Clicking on this bringsup a wee form where youcan add tags of your own,and a free text note.
  10. 10. Another access point for search results, fromacross the web rather than direct on the Engine