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  1. 1. Coffee beans and chocolate. SEOUL FOOD DIRECTORY 2012 B U Y 관광,해외 투자 및 수출 진흥
  2. 2. CasaLuker S.A.순 카카오향 커버쳐 초콜릿Contact David Jaramillo E-mail Phone +57 (1) 447 3700 This family-owned company was founded a hundred years ago, in 1906. Today, it specialises in the manufacture and commercialization of products made from fine aromatic cocoa. Our headquarters are located in Colombia, a geographically privileged country that produces the smoothest in the world, exotic tropical fruits, and fine cocoa with a unique aroma and flavour. CasaLuker—leader in the Colombian chocolate market—is one of the most important buyers of cacao Fino de Aroma in the world. The company has a number of commercial offices in Colombia, Russia, Belgium, Panama and Ecuador, and distributors in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
  3. 3. Procesan S.A.쇠고기 가공육Contact Sandra Niño E-mail Phone +57 (1) 676 0981 We are a Colombian company dedicated to beef deboning. Having in mind the German influence of its founding members, European technology & standards have been implemented in order to become one of the biggest plants of its kind in the country, mainly dedicated to export. Our processes fulfill any customer´s requirements regarding deboning & portioning criteria and we are able to send, fresh or frozen, portioned meat to anywhere in the world.
  4. 4. Colcafe S.A.S.가공커피Contact Daniel Quijano - Mauricio Medina E-mail - Phone +57 (4) 365 5287 - 285 4415 Colcafe is part of Grupo Nutresa and it is Colombia´s leading company of industrialized coffee in Colombia. Founded June 1st 1950, it started with the production of Roasted and Ground coffee and 10 years later it became one of the pioneers in manufacturing soluble coffee in Colombia. Our company owns two factories strategically located in our country, equipped with state of the art technology. This allows us to efficiently respond to both international and domestic markets, with a wide range of products and packaging presentations.
  5. 5. Compañia Nacional de Chocolates초콜릿 제품Contact Santiago Perez E-mail Phone +57 (4) 325 8691 With a tradition of over 90 years, Nacional de Chocolates is one of the most important manufacturers of chocolate products in Latinoamerica. Our modern technology as well as research & developing capacity ensures that we can offer top quality products at competitive prices to satisfy the world´s most demanding costumers as well as to produce every type of chocolate product. Actually, we have four manufacturing facilities capable of producing real and compound chocolate products in the following countries: Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Mexico. We invite you to visit us at • • • •
  6. 6. Corporacion Panelera Doña Panela LTDA.유기농 전체 설탕수수 및 사탕수수 건조 제품Contact Freddy Ramirez E-mail Phone +57 (1) 674 9204 - 669 8509 We present to you Doña Panela company and products, as well as putting into your hands all expertise in manufacturing Organic Whole Sugar Cane and Standard Sugar Cane Dehydrated products. Since 1994 our company has been focused on the development of new products based on Dehydrated Whole Sugar Cane Juice, creating a variety of presentations of this product, with a wide acceptance in domestic & international markets, ensuring customer satisfaction also providing naturally sweetened bererages.
  7. 7. Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia -Buencafe Liofilizado de Colombia가용성 커피Contact Juan Jaramillo E-mail Phone +57 (6) 850 4040 ext. 205 Buencafé is a Colombian Freeze Dried Coffee Factory that processes 100% Colombian Coffee for its unique and consistent quality. Coffee beans are carefully selected and processed by expert hands, supported by advanced technology which ensures that the final product maintains the aroma and exceptional flavor that makes Colombian Coffee the best in the world. Buencafé offers a wide variety of products with unique characteristics, varying in ingredients, flavor, and roasting levels, in order to meet the different tastes of consumers.
  8. 8. C.I. Tequendama S.A.S.유기농 및 지속가능인증 팜유, 커넬 & 올레인. 유기농가향 쇼트닝.유기농 원료, 재료 및 과일의 리딩 프로듀서Contact Juan Campos E-mail Phone +57 (5) 432 8120 C.I. Tequendama S.A.S. is, within DAABON, the company responsible for the growth & care of palm trees & its oil extraction. We own 4424 ha of organic certified palm plantations and receive fruit from an additional 1770 ha of smallholdings, certified organic as well, enabling us to produce almost 25,000 tonnes of CPO and over 1,800 tonnes of PKO per year. Through our integrated operations, we are one of the few global suppliers of organic and fully identity-preserved RSPO crude palm oil, palm kernel oil, translucent and opaque organic soap base, margarine and shortening.
  9. 9. PROEXPORT COLOMBIATOURISM, FOREIGN INVESTMENT AND EXPORTS PROMOTION CANADA Toronto UNITED KINGDOM Montreal London RUSSIA GERMANY Moscow USA Frankfurt Washington D.C. Chicago SOUTH KOREA JAPAN Atlanta FRANCE Seoul Tokyo Los Angeles Paris New York Houston GUATEMALA TURKEY INDIA Miami Guatemala City SPAIN CARIBBEAN Istambul New Delhi San Juan Madrid CHINA MEXICO Santo Domingo Beijing Mexico City Port of Spain Guadalajara Shanghai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Hong Kong VENEZUELA COSTA RICA Caracas COLOMBIA San Jose SINGAPORE Singapore PANAMA PERU Panama City BRAZIL Lima Sao Paulo ECUADOR Quito CHILE Santiago de Chile COLOMBIA, TOURISM, FOREIGN INVESTMENT AND EXPORTS PROMOTIONFor more information contact:Maritza Roldan - 관광,해외 투자 및 수출 진흥