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Directory north east floral expo

  1. 1. COLOMBIA’S BEST TO THE WORLD DISCOVER ALL THE POSSIBILITIES COLOMBIAN FLOWER COMPANIES CAN PROVIDE! NEFE 2014 March 8 & 9 Mystic Marriot Hotel & Spa Groton, Conneticut L ibe rtad y O rd en
  2. 2. FLORES LA CONCHITA Description Flores La Conchita is a flower crop with more than 40 years producing and exporting flowers. Today we have production of: Alstroemeria, which belong to the group Perfection®, white callas, roses, and hydrangeas. Julio C. Talero C. (+57 1) 587 8201, ext. 254 Alstroemerias, white callas, roses, and hydrangeas
  3. 3. FLORES MILONGA S.A. Description We are a family enterprise which produces and exports roses. Today, our company is exclusively directed towards the production and trade of high-quality roses. Our vision strives for the achievement of a top-quality product that meets the highest standards of customer satisfaction, in order to guarantee their recognition and credibility. Such a policy is met through careful process management, strong systems for quality control, and constant variety innovation. German Lacouture Roses (+57) 315 318 7404 (+57) 315 869 4257
  4. 4. FLORVERDE ® SUSTAINABLE FLOWERS Description Florverde® Sustainable Flowers is an independent social and environmental standard, which ensures that flowers certified under this scheme have been responsibly produced. This requires flower growers to adopt measures that will protect and enable worker’s rights, as well as implement the best environmental practices.    Ximena Franco (+57 1) 257 9311 Certification seal 
  5. 5. GRUPO ANDES FARMS Description Our company is a pioneer in the business of producing and exporting fresh-cut flowers in Colombia. Grupo Andes Farms has been producing and exporting the best quality flowers for over 40 years. Currently, we produce about 40 varieties of roses and alstroemerias in 2 farms in the Savannah of Bogota-Colombia, with a total area of 50 hectares and more than 700 employees. Tania Dolynko / German Gonzalez Roses and alstroemerias (+57 1) 852 05 01
  6. 6. PLAZOLETA BAZZANI Description Plazoleta Bazzani is located in the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia, and was founded in 1985. We are proud to be one of the leading companies in the flower industry in Colombia. Our products (Fillers) are available on a year-round basis. Thanks to a detailed and careful production planning we are capable of supplying products in demanding volumes according to your needs. We are constantly working on research and development of new growing techniques and new varieties. We are the house of the “high-end” brand Perfection® One stem in a million. Andrea Ramirez Fillers such as: Limonium sinensis, Limonium blue stream, statice, Solidago estelle, and snapdragon. Protea and Perfection® line: alstroemerias, Solidago, and snap (+57 1) 891 1920 Toll Free: 866 607 1460
  7. 7. PQR-PERFECT QUALITY ROSES S.A.S. Description Wayuu Flowers, with its brand PQR (Perfect Quality Roses), is a company created to produce and market export quality roses under the highest standards. Currently, Wayuu has more than 56 varieties of roses that are sold in different markets around the world, including Russia, European countries, Japan, the United States, Canada, Australia, and South America. Juan Manuel Gutierrez Roses (+57 1) 300 3735 (+57 1) 523 1644
  8. 8. SUASUQUE Description Suasuque offers a wide range of Perfection® alstroemerias, with over 35 years of experience in growing and exporting them from Colombia to high-end markets all over the world. Daniel Velez (+57) 311 491 1016 Alstroemerias
  9. 9. UNIQUE COLLECTION S.A. Description Delivering a flower for each heart, we work in our farms in Colombia and Ecuador to produce excellent quality roses. We are committed to the environment and the development of human capital. Our main objective is giving our customers excellent service and producing a product that meets the expectations of the most demanding markets, as well as developing a successful and innovative company. Alejandro LLano Roses (+57) 310 211 0651
  10. 10. Proexport is the Colombian government agency in charge of promoting Colombian Exports, Investment and Tourism. Please contact us for your procurement needs, our service is free of charge. RUSSIA GERMANY CANADA Montreal, Toronto. UNITED STATES San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington D.C New York, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas. MEX ICO Mexico City, Guadalajara. GUAT EMALA COSTA RICA COLOMBIA UNITED KINGDOM FRANCE PORTUGAL CARIBBEAN CHILE Beiji ng , Shangai, Hong Kong. San Juan, Santo Domingo, Port of Spain VENEZUELA ECUADOR PERU JAPAN SOUTH KOREA CHINA SPAIN INDIA UNITED ARAB EMIRATES BRAZIL ARGENTINA TURKEY SINGAPORE INDONESIA PROEXPORT IN THE WORLD For more information, please contact: (305) 374 3144 L ib ertad y O rd e n