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Directorio medical travel summit

  1. 1. The Medical Travel International Business Summit Photo: Courtesy Shaio Hotel Real Intercontinental Find out who has the health products you are looking San José, Costa Rica C H O O S E
  2. 2. FOSCAL Clinic is one of the Top 10 Healthcare Institutions in Colombia, and itClínica Foscal is an organization dedicated to the provision of health services in the national and international sphere. More than 35 years of experience with nationalContacto Rodolfo Galvis Blanco patients, and 15 years of international experience, has been focused and E-mail specialized in the areas of Ophthalmology, Oncology, Plastic Surgery,Teléfono +57 (7) 639 81 81 Aesthetic Surgery, Orthopedics, Traumatology and Joint Replacements, Otorhinolaryngology, Cardiology, Bariatric Surgery, Executive Check-ups, Transplants, Reproductive Bio Medicine and Genetics, among others; inBucaramanga - Colombia which the hospital have highly qualified professionals and the most advanced technology worldwide with over 279 specialists and subspecialists and also is accredited by ICONTEC / ISQUA ISO 9001-2008.
  3. 3. Salud Sin Fronteras is a company made up by the eight best and most Salud Sin Fronteras recognized hospital institutions of Medellin and Colombia; which have joined to generate the most specialized health services offer. Offering a full pool of Contacto Gabriel Felipe Giraldo Correa professionals in the following areas: Oncology, cardiology, Gynecology, E-mail ophthalmology, Minimum invasive general surgery, Gastroenterology, plastic Teléfono +57 (4) 311 61 26 surgery, Thorax surgery, Reconstructive plastic surgery, Orthopedics, Obesity integral treatment plan, Spine Program, Hepatology, Neurology, Neurosurgery and Urology and Executive Checkup. Member institutions: Clínica Medellín - Colombia Cardiovascular Santa María, Clínica las Américas, Clínica de Oftalmología San Diego, Clínica Medellín, Clínica Las Vegas, Clínica El Rosario, Hospital San Vicente De Paul, Hospital Pablo Tobon
  4. 4. Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia is recognized for providingFundación Cardiovascular medical services in the Health Area with excellence and quality criteria and very competitive costs. First institution to receive an internationalContacto Evaristo Vega and national accreditation, categorized as Green Hospital with E-mail excellence, FCV was the 14th. position of 2011 Raking Latin AmericaTeléfono +57 (7) 639 67 67 Ext. 165 Best Hospitals, it was the first hospital in Colombia with Joint Commission International Accreditation. In 2011 it won the silver recognition for Quiality American Award 2011 FUNDIBEQ . HighlightsBucaramanga - Colombia standards of patient safety, timeliness of care, quality indicators, modern Infraestructure, humane treatment and appropiated staff in the management advanced techniques.
  5. 5. Promotora Médica Las Américas Clínica Las Americas is a health care facility located in Medellin, the second largest city of Colombia, which is nicknamed as “theContacto Clara Ines Gomez eternal-spring city” for its pleasant weather. Here we provide health E-mail services of high and intermediate complexity, covering 77 medicalTeléfono +57 (4) 354 83 57 specialties and subspecialties. Our commitment with the quality of the services we offer is reflected in our mission, which establishes that “weMedellín - Colombia exist to improve the health status of the people and to contribute to the quality of life in the world”
  6. 6. Hospital San Vicente de Paul Centros Especializados San Vicente Fundación provides high complexity Contacto Natalia Quintero Gomez care services; is located in Rionegro 3 minutes away from the E-mail international airport to respond to our need of expanding our capacity to Teléfono +57 (4) 444 87 17 take care of the international patient and also for national patients. First green Hospital in Latin America committed to the environment that Medellín - Colombia starts to provide services in the second half of
  7. 7. The FCI-INSTITUTO DE CARDIOLOGÍA began in 1973 as a foundation Fundación Cardioinfantil destined to offer medical care services to adults and children, mainly with cardiovascular diseases, who require special medical care, with the best technology, prices and recovery index available in the region. Contacto Claudia Maria Torres Additionally we count with 51 specialties and subspecialties. We have E-mail 330 beds, 27 suites and 5 Intensive Unit Care with 90 beds, 8 surgery Teléfono +57 (1) 667 27 61 rooms and 4 cath labs. Bogotá - Colombia Six years ago we created the International Center, for the attention of international patients that present different pathologies in all age groups. We have an interdisciplinary group dedicated to give integral services to international patients and their relatives. Today we attending more than 80 patients every month from different countries.
  8. 8. We are located in Bogotá, Colombia, with the best transport and stayClínica Shaio services. 187 beds, apartment-like suites, one person and two-person rooms for adults. 8 cardiovascular, general, obesity, and cosmeticContacto Lina Maria Agudelo E-mail surgery rooms. 22 beds in the general Intensive Care Unit 33 beds in theTeléfono +57 (1) 593 82 10 Cardiovascular & Coronary Intensive Care Units. Gamma Knife CenterMore than 467.477 emergencies assisted for cardiology in theBogotá - Colombia last 10 years Our technology, medical and scientific staff, our health care and administrative sfaff’s kindness, make us the best choice for kids and adults’ treatment and recovery.
  9. 9. PROEXPORT COLOMBIA TOURISM, FOREIGN INVESTMENT AND EXPORTS PROMOTION CANADÁ Toronto REINO UNIDO Montreal Londres RUSIA ALEMANIA Moscú USA Frankfurt Washington D.C. Chicago COREA DEL SUR JAPÓN Atlanta FRANCIA Seúl Tokio Los Ángeles París New York San Francisco GUATEMALA TURQUÍA INDIA Houston Ciudad de Guatemala ESPAÑA Miami CARIBE Estambul Nueva Delhi MÉXICO San Juan Madrid CHINA Santo Domingo Beijing Ciudad de México Puerto España Guadalajara Shanghái EMIRATOS ÁRABES UNIDOS Hong Kong VENEZUELA Abu Dhabi COSTA RICA Caracas COLOMBIA San José de Costa Rica SINGAPUR Singapur PANAMÁ PERÚ Ciudad de Panamá BRASIL Lima Sao Paulo ECUADOR Quito ARGENTINA CHILE Buenos Aires Santiago de Chile C H O O S E COLOMBIAPROEXPORT COLOMBIA, TOURISM, FOREIGN INVESTMENT AND EXPORTS PROMOTIONPara más información, contacte a:Alvaro Gomez -