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Directorio magic2012

  1. 1. Fashion made to be told.Colombia:Top Source for FashionIndustry Textile and Apparel Stolá
  2. 2. Colombia aims to become a major player in the global supply chain for the added value fashion industry by serving as a top source for international textileand apparel needs. The country’s exports in this sector have risen dramatically in the last several years positioning the United States as the second topexport market for Colombian apparel. Colombia’s textile and apparel industry: Sourcing opportunities with Colombian manufacturers, contractors, wholesalers and private labels, include: • Offers more than 100 years of experience as a source for material and • Jeanswear (Jeans, T-shirts, shirts, dresses). garments. • Underwear. • Has become a target sector for growth by the Colombian government. • Lingerie. • Is one of the most important fashion industry centers in Latin America. • Casual wear. • And enjoys the benefits of the recently ratified Free Trade Agreement signed • Uniforms. with the United States and Canada. • Activewear. • Beachwear. • Hosiery. • Cotton bath towels. • Kitchen linens.Colombia’s Competitive AdvantagesWhen you source garments and textiles in Colombia, you buy high-quality, high-value products. With more than 100 years of experience in manufacturingclothing for the fashion industry, both locally and internationally, Colombia is an excellent destination to source and manufacture apparel, fabric and rawmaterials. Colombian apparel companies present a wide variety of customized sourcing solutions and offer competitive production platforms that followglobal trends and technology innovations, providing numerous advantages for companies in the U.S., including: • A strategic location for just-in-time deliveries to North and South America; • Proximity to the U.S. for efficient and competitive lead times; • Flexible quantities, and no duties or quotas between Colombia and the U.S.A; • Ecofriendly manufacturing capabilities; • Production with a high priority on attention to detail, as well as outstanding needlework; • Several Free Trade Agreements (with the United States and Canada), and special foreign trade programs aimed at facilitating trade of raw materials, products, goods, and services; • An uninterrupted, low-cost energy supply, and exchange rate with low volatility; • Natural affinity for great customer service; and • A business-friendly environment (World Bank’s “Doing Business 2010” report ranked Colombia 1st in Latin America). Visit our Textile and Sourcing Companies Exhibiting at Magic: Americas Pavilion
  3. 3. SOURCING COMPANIES CI JeansTechniprintTexcauca ExpofaroLafayetteFabricato Textilia
  4. 4. SOURCING COMPANIES C.I. Jeans features full package business operations manufacturing 25,000 pairs of jeans a day. It is vertically integrated (cutting, sewing, laundry, trimming and shipping) and offers all-under-one-roof (300,000 sq ft) shipping to US brands. As a western hemisphere supplier, C.I. Jeans understands the importance of speed to market, flexibility, reliability and awareness for changing trends in order to deliver premium denim jeans within a 35 to 40 days lead time with production lots starting at 1,800 units. C.I. Jeans has been able to position itself as a reliable fullC.I. JEANS package service operation, developing fashionable premium denim products, such as jeans, shorts, skirts and jackets, among others, through a trustworthy relationship with its customers based on customer service, design, Contact Tomas Navarro innovation, technology (Ozone, Nano, Wash, Resin, EDI E-mail Capability), quality, price and on-time deliveries. Website Phone + 57 (4) 309 9898 City Medellin - Colombia Booth 66907
  5. 5. SOURCING COMPANIES C.I. Techniprint S.A.S. is a company dedicated to the production of full package and special screen printing techniques with 20 years of experience in the field. Techniprint has great experience in management of local and exportation clients, giving them the best service and support in all the production process. Production includes mainly t-shirts and sportswear in different types of fabric according to the client’s needs.TECHNIPRINT S.A.S. Contact Gabriel Jaime Mesa E-mail Website Phone + 57 (4) 370 3800 City Medellin - Colombia Booth 66905
  6. 6. SOURCING COMPANIES Founded in 1976, Texcauca began with the production of polo shirts and later obtained the license to commercialize shirts under the Manhattan label in Colombia. Currently, it manufactures apparel for many prestigious Colombian companies and exports to international markets.TEXCAUCA Contact Rodrigo Trujillo E-mail Website Phone + 57 (4) 261 0055 City Medellin - Colombia Booth 66807
  7. 7. SOURCING COMPANIES Lafayette is a vertically-integrated textile mill with 70 years of experience involving spinning, weaving and finishing. Lafayette is also the leader in the Latin American market for printing and dyeing high performance polyester wovens or knits. It produces advanced 100% polyester fabrics or blended with different fibers, granting durability, resistance and easy care. Furthermore, it specializes on its ability to add functional finishes. Lafayette has offices in Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico, and representatives in countries such as the United States, Guatemala and Spain, amongst others.LAFAYETTE Contact Juan Moreno E-mail Website Phone + 57 (1) 424 8888 City Bogota - Colombia Booth 66805 - 66806
  8. 8. SOURCING COMPANIES With more than 20 years of experience, Expofaro is a leading bottoms (Jeans/ Twill) exporter that specializes in full package services. Due to its leading experience with international brands, Expofaro currently works with American, European and South American markets, offering solutions based on flexibility, innovation and quick response.EXPOFARO Contact Luis Javier Rodriguez E-mail Website Phone + 57 (4) 350 0035 City Medellin - Colombia Booth 66908
  9. 9. SOURCING COMPANIES Fabricato produces and sells textiles using top international quality standards that fully meet the consumers’ expectations. Fabricato features products of quality, price and timeliness; also providing full assistance and advice to customers on technical aspects and trends; ensuring the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty by constantly improving every process, and the impact of the company’s products in the market. Fabricato guarantees the company’s profitability, professional standing and the comprehensive capabilities of its personnel.FABRICATO S.A. Contact Claudia Vasquez E-mail Website Phone + 57 (4) 448 3500 ext. 2112 City Medellin - Colombia Booth 66906
  10. 10. SOURCING COMPANIES Source Custom is a comprehensive manufacturer of performance apparel and sublimation. With certified apparel made in Colombia by Textilia S.A.S., the company offers full package services including Colombian and US decorating services, and a rapid retail replenishment program that minimizes inventory risk. Source Custom also offers sustainable, recycled polyester products specializing in athletic and fashion tops made of polyester fabrics.SOURCE CUSTOM Contact Erika Kadowake E-mail Website Phone + 57 (1) 447 3950 City Bogota - Colombia Booth 66808 - 66809
  11. 11. COLOMBIAN BRANDS Color Siete Clever Unico Interior Gigo Underwear Sesamotex VarboManufacturas ALFA Grupo Espiral Trayecto Intimo
  12. 12. COLOMBIAN BRANDS Clever Moda has a passion and flair for design and merges elements from urban culture, current trends and men’s needs, to bring you CLEVER Underwear, unique lingerie for men with a strong masculine base. The inspiring CLEVER underwear collections suit the tastes of all men as they understand the male ego and the need to stand out from the crowd, underwear for men that are not afraid to express themselves. Constantly evolving, CLEVER seeks to reach new customers around the world and continually surprise and delight the fashion community with new designs and styles.CLEVER Contact Walter Aguirre E-mail Website Phone + 57 (4) 250 5731 City Medellin - Colombia Pavilion MENSWEAR
  13. 13. COLOMBIAN BRANDS Color Siete is an organization, a concept, a store, a brand and a lifestyle. Forward thinker and customer focused, Color Siete is meticulous in attention to detail at every stage of the customer experience. From the product itself to the environment it is stored in, Color Siete uses a well-established base in garment manufacturing for some of the finest quality products.COLOR SIETE Contact Luis Felipe Molina E-mail Website Phone + 57 (6) 887 9180 City Manizales - Colombia Pavilion PROJECT
  14. 14. COLOMBIAN BRANDS Mundo Unico is a Colombian brand with over 15 years in the intimate apparel industry. Founded in 1996 by chief designer Nicolas Echeverri, Unico Interior is a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer of high-end men’s underwear. All products are manufactured, dyed and hand-stitched in Medellin, Colombia, where Echeverri oversees the entire production process from thread to complete garment. Mundo Unico underwear is sold worldwide from Latin America to Europe, Asia and the United States, among other countries.UNICO INTERIOR Contact Olga Lucia Oggioni E-mail Website Phone + 57 305 808 8885 City Medellin - Colombia Pavilion MENSWEAR
  15. 15. COLOMBIAN BRANDS People who like fashionable underwear, love GIGO UNDERWEAR. The brand offers costumers an explosion of color, different designs, high quality and the best materials of Colombia. For this collection, GIGO is a bit more contemporary and lets the brand JOR UNDERWEAR & SWIMWEAR exhibit full print materials.GIGO UNDERWEAR Contact Javier Ortega E-mail Website Phone + 57 (4) 413 3040 City Medellin - Colombia Pavilion MENSWEAR
  16. 16. COLOMBIAN BRANDS The Intymen line is a creative collection which mixes aspects of traditional pieces such as boxers and briefs but spices it up by featuring elements such as hidden C-rings, pouch enhancement hammocks and other fun contraptions. Intymen also crosses into the very sexy category with its thongs, jockstraps and several see-through pieces. Quality, comfort and sexiness is what Intymen offers.SESAMOTEX Contact Wilfreda Adrave E-mail Website Phone + 57 305 704 3577 City Medellin - Colombia Pavilion MENSWEAR
  17. 17. COLOMBIAN BRANDS Siluet is the leading shapewear company in Colombia with over 30 years of experience and a strong product portfolio. With top quality materials and garments, that enhance womens body to have the perfect slim look, Siluet helps women feel more confident, comfortable and happy. The company’s experience and knowledge in the market are proof of its strengths and its continuous success through the years in several markets around the globe.VARBO Contact Juan David Vargas E-mail Website Phone + 57 (1) 412 8501 City Bogota - Colombia Pavilion WWD
  18. 18. COLOMBIAN BRANDS C.I. Exportadora Alfa S.A.S. was founded in Cali, Colombia, in 2002, with the clear purpose of promoting and marketing their products abroad, especially in the United States (USA). It has a business partner in New Jersey in charge of the logistics distribution covering the American market. Since 2010, it produces and sells its own brand of girdles and shapers (Zaray), and also Linis jeans. Currently, it exports to the United States, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Exportadora Alfa seeks to expand its presence in theALFA S.A.S. American and European markets, now that the company is recognized by its professionalism, commitment and compliance of the commercialization of articles referred above, with optimum quality standards and competitive Contact Faver Ramirez prices. E-mail Website Phone + 57 (2) 524 4870 City Cali - Colombia Pavilion WWD
  19. 19. COLOMBIAN BRANDS CandyMan Fashion is an exclusive and fun line of mens underwear and sexy costumes imported from Colombia. The line is sexy, comfortable and extremely fun.GRUPO ESPIRAL Contact Pablo Tobon E-mail Website Phone + 57 (4) 609 3796 City Medellin - Colombia Pavilion MENSWEAR
  20. 20. COLOMBIAN BRANDS C.I. TRAYECTO INTIMO S.A. is a company founded 17 years ago and certified under ISO 9001 vs. 2008 for 5 years. Dedicated to the manufacture and sale of lingerie for men, Trayecto Intimo features the highest quality with a variety of designs, materials and colors. Since its earliest years, it has developed an export-oriented business model, which represents 80% of their total sales growth.TRAYECTO INTIMO Contact Ruben Dario Arias E-mail Website Phone + 57 (4) 232 1066 City Medellin - Colombia Pavilion MENSWEAR
  21. 21. About Proexport: Sourcing Textile and Apparel in ColombiaProexport Colombia is the Government Trade Bureau in charge of facilitating business transactions between the USA and Colombia. As the country’sexport and investment promotion agency, Proexport assists U.S. buyers in identifying the right sourcing options and connects brands withmanufacturers that best match their needs. Proexport can: • Help identify potential sources for companies’ textile and apparel needs. • Advise and assist with relevant information about the Colombian industry and its offer. • Introduce you to the most important tradeshows and specialized events taking place in Colombia and matching your specific commercial needs.Contact InformationFor additional information about Colombia’s textile and apparel manufacturing sector, visit Proexport USA at or contact:Miami:Phone: +1 (305)374-3144601 Brickell Key Drive Suite 608Miami, FL 33131New York:Phone: + 1 (212) 922-9114140 East 57th Street, 2nd floorNew York, NY 10022
  22. 22. PROEXPORT COLOMBIA in the World worldPROEXPORT COLOMBIA, TOURISM, FOREIGN INVESTMENT AND EXPORTS PROMOTIONContact us for more information about sourcing in Colombia:Rodrigo Forero - + (305) 374-3145601 Brickell Key Drive, Suite 608, Miami, FL 33131