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Directorio digital sial china 21 04 14

  1. 1. Libertad y Orden COLOMBIA’S BEST TO THE WORLD and be amazed by an agribusiness offer that can provide high-quality products year-round! LEARN MORE ABOUT COLOMBIAN COMPANIES Dried Physalis and Physalis juice Coffee Meat Milk Quinoa and derivatives Hot sauces High-quality liqueurs Dried Physalis and Physalis juice
  2. 2. Description FEDEGÁN,initscapacityasNationalFederationofColombianCattlemen, searchestorepresentanddefendthecollectiveinterestsofthecattle communityfrompublicandprivateinstitutions,aswellasfromsociety itself.Italsorespondstotheneedsandexpectationsofthecattleactivity, anditcollectsandmanagesparafiscalresources. Kike’sCarnesisslaughterhouse341B.WearecertifiedHACCPandISO9001. Our capacity of frozen goods is: Beef cuts: 3 containers of 25MT per week; mixed beef offals: 1 container per month; and 30 containers of fresh (refrigerated)beefcutsperweek. Meat and milk FEDERACION COLOMBIANA DE GANADEROS FEDEGAN - KIKE´S CARNES Augusto Beltran Segrera Luisa Muñoz (+57 1) 578 2020, ext. 561 - 563 (+57 7) 630 0177 Bogota and Bucaramanga
  3. 3. Description FEDEGÁN, in its capacity as National Federation of Colombian Cattlemen, searches to represent and defend the collective interests of the cattle community from public and private institutions, as well as from society itself. It also responds to the needs and expectations of the cattle activity, anditcollectsandmanagesparafiscalresources. Frigosinu is a class I Abattoir. (Suitable for national and international meat supply).Modernslaughterhousetechniquesareimplemented. Quality assurance management systems are implemented: HACCP,GMP, ISO9001andsealofquality. Augusto Beltran Segrera Juan Guillermo Saldarriaga Gonzalez (+57 1) 578 2020, ext. 561 - 563 (+57 4) 784 8888 Bogota and Monteria Beef FEDERACION COLOMBIANA DE GANADEROS FEDEGAN - FRIGORÍFICO DEL SINÚ - FRIGOSINU S.A
  4. 4. Description Factoria Quinoa is a Colombian sustainable trade chain model company. We look for evolution in nutrition, and present Quinoasure (instant quinoa powder)andAndesQuinoaGrain,asthebestthatnaturecanoffer.Wehave been awarded in SIAL Paris/12, SIAL Shanghai/13, Expo East/13, and Expo West/14. Adriana Páez Lozano (+57 1) 691 5784 Bogota Quinoasure, 100% instant quinoa powder. Andes quinoa grain and white conventional Colombian quinoa grain. Quinoasure is the industry’s first instant quinoa powder and the best ingredient form of quinoa. Winner of New Dietary Supplement OUR AWARDS APPLICATIONS WHY? An ideal funtional ingredient to enhance... Weaning food Purees Infant formulas Dietary supplements Meal replacement Weight management Sport support Elderly Nutrition Functional beverages Nutritional shakes Soups Cereals Wholefood source of nutrients. All naturally occuring A good source of digestible high quality protein It is not raw quinoa flour A worldwide innovation Natural antioxidants and prebiotics Free of gluten, soy, flavorings, sweeteners, dyes, additives, preservatives and sugar 24 months of shelf life Hypoallergenic FACTORIA QUINOA S.A.S.
  5. 5. Description As pioneers in dried fruit, we thoroughly know the procedures and carry them out with the highest standards of quality. We closely overlook the product from itsplantinguntilitsfinalpackaging,makingustheleadersin globalexports. Daniel Bermeo (+57 1) 851 1979 Zipaquira Dried physalis or Inca berry and goldenberry juice. TERRAFERTIL COLOMBIA S.A.S
  6. 6. Description Come and discover an explosion of chili flavors from the wild and famous Amazon sauces (red and green), the mild fruit sauces (mango, tamarind, guava, cape gooseberries and acai berries), from the exotic chipotle sauce totheveryhotHabanerosauces.Flavoryourmood,frommildtowild! Giorgio Araujo Joe Valenzuela COL (+57 5) 376 1194 USA (+1) 305 433 4718 BarranquillaHot sauces By AMAZON PEPPER/COLOMBINA
  7. 7. Description Industrial and commercial state, departmental order of business, generating profits for education, health ,and sports for the department of ValledelCauca. Sonia Nohemy Panesso Diaz Luis Fernando Martinez Arce (+57 2) 683 6300 Palmira Producer of high-quality liqueurs, rum, and aguardiente. INDUSTRIA DE LICORES DEL VALLE
  8. 8. Description Freeze-driedcoffee. Juan Pablo Campos Vargas (+57 1) 587 8294 Bogota Coffee CI KYOTO
  9. 9. PROEXPORT IN THE WORLD For more information, please contact: ARGENTINA BRAZIL CANADA Montreal, Toronto. CARIBBEAN CHILE CHINA Beijing, Shangai, Hong Kong. COLOMBIA COSTA RICA UNITED ARAB EMIRATES FRANCE GERMANY GUATEMALA INDIA JAPAN MEXICO Mexico City, Guadalajara. PERU RUSSIA San Juan, Santo Domingo, Port of Spain INDONESIA SPAIN SOUTH KOREA TURKEY UNITED KINGDOM VENEZUELA UNITED STATES San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington D.C New York, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas. ECUADOR PORTUGAL SINGAPORE Libertad y Orden Please contact us for your procurement needs, our service is free of charge. Proexport is the Colombian government agency in charge of promoting Colombian Exports, Investment and Tourism.