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Directorio digital ifex 05.10.12 (2)

  1. 1. B U Y
  2. 2. AGRICOLA EL REDIL S.A.S.AGRICOLA EL REDIL S.A.S. is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the production of standard and Contact Adriana Mendozaspray roses, located at the savannah of Bogotá, between the municipalities of Cajica and Nemocon, where the climate María Beatriz Vergaracontributes to the excellent quality of our roses. We have 500 co-workers that guarantee that 38 hectares of production E-mail adriana@agricolaelredil.comof roses meet our standards of productivity, quality, and respect for the environment. Our flowers go to all parts of the mariabeatriz@agricolaelredil.comworld, including The United States, Europe, Russia, and Japan, which today are receiving high quality flowers grown by Phone Cel: 3108145593AGRICOLA EL REDIL. Cel: 3102076112
  3. 3. AGROINDUSTRIAL DON EUSEBIO LTDADon Eusebio was founded in 1990 with 16 hectares (39.53 acres) and since then its mission has been to produce the Contact Andres Olier Jaureguibest carnations and mini-carnations of Colombia. Today, our farm has 54.36 acres and over 65 different types of Luis Fernando Nietocarnation and mini-carnation. AGROINDUSTRIAL DON EUSEBIO is located 16 miles away from Bogotá enjoying a fair E-mail exportaciones@doneusebio.comclimate, which allows us to be very consistent in our production. We have over 260 fully qualified employees, more than gerencia@doneusebio.com5 quality assurance programs, and cutting-edge facilities. Phone (57) 3132070745
  4. 4. ALEXANDRA FARMSAlexandra Farms is a boutique grower of nostalgic and fragrant garden roses and color hydrangeas. We have tested Contact Jose Roberto Azoutover 400 varieties of garden roses and selected 30 for their beauty, fragrance, and vase life. We have the most garden Catalina Salazarrose varieties available anywhere!. Exclusive and fantastic varieties from the world’s best rose breeding companies E-mail joserazout@alexandrafarms.comincluding Tantau (Germany), David Austin (England), Meilland (France), Delbard (France), and Kordes (Germany). catalina@alexandrafarms.comAlexandra Farms – producing the world’s finest roses. Phone 1 305 528 3657 (57) 317 509 9351
  5. 5. ANDALUCIAAndalucia began in 1992. Producer and marketer. One of its main objectives is to export to demanding markets such as Contact Aura Rocio Naranjo yRussia, Japan, Holland, England, and The United States, among others. Andalucia produces and sells flowers which Juan Mario Fernandezhave the highest quality and consistency for export. This company is integrated to achieve effective distribution in the E-mail rnaranjo@andalucia-sa.commarkets and to meet the needs of clients and consumers. We currently have 21 hectares (52 acres) which are juanmario@andalucia-sa.comcultivated with over 30 varieties of mini-carnations and have been carefully selected. Phone 3155871680 o 3155069996
  6. 6. APOSENTOS FLOWERSAposentos has been growing carnations and spraycarnations for over 20 years. We have been exporting to the Contact Ana Maria VargasJapanese market for 10 years. Our production areas are: Carnations, 40 hectares and spraycarnations, 15 hectares. Claudia García PaezAposentos has 40 carnation varieties and 30 spraycarnation varieties. E-mail Phone (57) 310 8190444 (57 ) 310 2070141
  7. 7. AYURA S.A.S. / Eclipse - Pride FlowersPremium quality fresh cut flowers producers and exporters. We are a medium size farm (25 HA) located in the Contact Oscar Gonzalessavannah of Bogotá, Colombia. We have more than 20 years of experience in the flower business. We sell our top Jose Antonio Restrepoquality roses and carnations under two labels “Pride” and “Eclipse” that are certified by the seal Florverde. We supply E-mail ogonzalez@ayura.codemanding markets like USA, Japan, Canada, Eastern & Western Europe, and Asia. Phone (57) 3112879183 (57) 3152456500
  8. 8. CI FILLCO FLOWERS S.A.We are a company which has been present in the market for almost 15 years and, since then, we have been Contact Santiago Laverdesuccessfully serving our costumers throughout the U.S., Europe, and Canada. Our farm is located in the beautiful and E-mail santiago.laverde@fillcoflowers.comfertile savannah of Bogotá, at an altitude of 2,600 m.a.s.l, where climate conditions are suitable for growing flowers. Phone (571)8520501All of this combined to great human potential, continuous training, development of new technologies, and environment (571)8527656protection, enable us to offer first quality cut flowers.
  9. 9. CI INVERPALMAS S.A.S.Inverpalmas is a crop with a total of 40 hectares designating 15 hectares to carnation, 15 hectares to roses, and 10 Contact Maria Michelsenhectares to mini-carnations. Since 1983 we have been working with the highest standards of quality and service, always Enrique Gutierrezlooking for total customer satisfaction, allowing us to position our brand and Colombian flowers in Europe, Asia, and E-mail sales@ inverpalmas.comNorth America. Phone 3174331635
  10. 10. C.I. TEUCALI FLOWERSTeucali Flowers is a rose and carnation farm located in Sopó valley just north of Bogotá, Colombia. The farm is located Contact Daniel Duarteat 2,650 m.a.s.l with an average temperature of 14 ºC all year round. Since 1991, we have been dedicated to grow, E-mail daniel@teucaliflowers.comharvest, and select very high quality flowers to export them to the world. We have planted 7 hectares with 27 carnation Phone (57) 3103166736varieties and 10 hectares of roses; 55% of Freedom and 45% colour roses.
  11. 11. FLORES AURORAOur farm is located in the savannah of Bogotá where the climate provides the perfect growing conditions with long hours Contact Natalia Francoof sunlight. We have 33 planted hectares of roses (10), carnations (16) and mini carnations (7). More than 650 people Belkys Gonzalez Miguel Hurtadowork at Flores Aurora to assure the final consumer receives flowers of good quality and freshness for a long lasting vase E-mail nataliafranco@floresaurora.comlife. Harvesting, along with grading process and packing are carried out with care and professionalism by our qualified belkysgonzalez@floresaurora.compersonnel. Phone (571) 6347014
  12. 12. FLORES DE FUNZA S.A. C.I.Since 1976, Flores Funza has been committed to constant improvement of its products, its employees, and its customers, Contact Martha C Rodriguez Duartewhile maintaining a responsible attitude with the surrounding community and environment. With over 220 hectares of E-mail marodriguez@floresfunza.comproduction and more than 30 products available on a year-round basis, the company has built a strong base of customers sales@floresfunza.comin different countries around the world. Innovation in flower varieties, agricultural practices, social awareness, and Phone (571) 313 6915environmental commitment have led to the growth and development of the organization. Every day more than 3,000people come to work at Flores Funza. All of them know they work at a company that offers a safe and pleasant workenvironment in which personal and professional development are their motivation.
  13. 13. FLORES DE SERREZUELA S.A.Flores de Serrezuela S.A. is a Colombian family owned company, founded in 1985, that produces high quality fresh cut Contact Ricardo Samperflowers and commercializes them directly to the US, Europe, Japan and Russia. We have fifty four hectares located E-mail rsamper@floresdeserrezuela.comalong the Bogotá plateau, where carnations, spray carnations, roses and calla lilies are grown using the best quality Phone (57) 3212054253plant materials coming from prominent breeders across the world. Our superior fresh cut flower production is the resultof very strict quality controls, the outstanding technical and professional level of our people,v and the adherence to thebest agricultural practices for sustainable crops with dignified and fair human resource.
  14. 14. FLORES DEL ESTEWe are leaders in the production and export of hydrangeas in Colombia & South America. Contact Catalina Arango E-mail Phone (57) 3053336658
  15. 15. FLORES EL CAPIRO S.A.We are one of the 5 largest exporters of chrysanthemums in the world with over 30 years of experience in the flower Contact Marta Cecilia Díazmarket. The company specializes in the production and sale of chrysanthemums. We have the greatest Marcela Botero Juan Carlos Londoñoacknowledgement in the markets we penetrate, mainly in European markets due to our excellence in service and E-mail mcdiaz@capiro.coquality. We have 5 production centers located in eastern Antioquia, for a total of 43.5 hectares. Our strong commitment mbotero@capiro.coand social responsibility to the environment, is reaffirmed by our Florverde and GLOBALG.A.P. certifications. Phone 3869100
  16. 16. FLORES LA CONCHITAFlores La Conchita is a flower crop with a long standing tradition of more than 40 years producing and exporting flowers Contact Julio Cesar Talerowith the highest quality guidelines and the utmost compliance standards. Today we have 40 hectares (98.84 acres) in Margarita Robertproduction, showcasing the alstroemeria in 13 hectares (32.12 acres) which belong to Perfection ® group, white callas E-mail 22.5 hectares (55.60 acres), roses in 3.5 hectares (8.65acres), hydrangeas in 1 hectare (2.47 acres) where we have on dark colors, and now we are launching a new product called ALSTRESIA in a 2,500 m2 (0.62 acres) of Phone (57) 317 500 3066land. This product comes from the alstroemeria family, and the variety we are growing is called X-Treme green. (571) 5878201Currently Flores La Conchita provides excellent quality flowers to over 18 countries like: USA, Russia, Canada, Spain,England, Brazil, France, Japan, The Netherlands, and many others.
  17. 17. FLORES SILVESTRES S.A. C.I.We grow, market, and ship a wide selection of Colombian flowers since 1988. Certified by Florverde, BASC, and Contact Camilo CanoGLOBALG.A.P., we ensure that our flowers are produced under the highest standards of quality with social and E-mail sales2@silvestres.comenvironmental responsibility. We have 2 properties in Antioquia totaling 50 hectares where we produce spray Phone (574) 312 0633chrysanthemums (poms), standard chrysanthemums (fuji & disbud), asters, gerberas, minigerberas, snapdragons, bellsof Ireland, matsumoto asters, and a new green program including grevillias, photinia, and Vibornum leucandendrumamong others.
  18. 18. GRUPO ANDES FARMSAs a pioneer in the cut flower export business in Colombia, Grupo Andes Farms has been producing and exporting the Contact Tania Dolynkofinest and freshest cut flowers for over 35 years. Currently, we grow our flowers in two farms in the highland area of German GonsalezBogotá, Colombia on 45 hectares, where we employ around 400 people. We have developed a line of products that E-mail tdolinko@hotmail.cominclude a large assortment of premium roses, about 45 varieties, and alstroemerias. Our know-how and production ggonsalez@grupoandes.comexpertise have enabled us to build strong relationships with our customers worldwide. Phone (57) 3157987961 (571) 6920446
  19. 19. GUTIMILKOGUTIMILKO C.I. is a company which grows, collects, and distributes flowers grown in its main farm Guadalusa, along Contact Pablo Gutierrezwith its other 15 related locations or associated farms. Gutimilko has all of its locations strategically situated in the E-mail pablo.gutierrez@gutimilko.comVereda Cabeceras in the region of Rionegro, five minutes away from José Maria Cordoba International Airport and also Phone (574) 5371919within a short distance of every one of its farms.
  20. 20. JAROMA ROSESJAROMA ROSES since 1986. Now with 30 hectares and growing the most beautiful roses in the world. During the last Contact Jaime Rodriguez Andradefew years, JAROMA has been recognized by the world and flowers’ industry as the leaders in roses production, thanks E-mail jra2003@jaromaroses.comto its persistent pursuit of excellence, high quality, continuous renovation of desired varieties--required by our business marketing@jaromaroses.compartners-- and work with personalized customer service to meet their needs. JAROMA has been given many awards, Phone (571) 6168795among them, THE GRAND PRIX EXPOFLOWERS 2004 and our latest recognition to our work in 2010 & 2011: (1) 786 228 8359medals for best quality roses (Russia) EXPOFLOWER. (1) 514 671 0320
  21. 21. LUISIANA FARMS S.A CILuisiana Farms S.A. C.I. is a producer of superior quality carnations, with 20 years of experience serving clients Contact Andrés Mejía lInceworldwide. Its innovative and committed team applies the best administrative, financial, and human resource E-mail sales@luisianafarms.commanagement practices, therefore, we promote community development and environmental care. Thus far, our Phone (57) 315 397 79 76achievements have encouraged us to continue working with dedication and diligence to attain production efficiency andbusiness excellence.
  22. 22. PQR PERFECT QUALITY ROSESNineteen years of experience in the production and export of roses of the highest quality, Perfect Quality Roses PQR Contact Jorge Ortegaclosely follows the mission for which it was created: To be the best producer and exporter of roses in Colombia. PQR Juan Manuel Gutierrezhas 27 acres of production with 52 varieties harvested, processed, and exported to the most demanding markets in the E-mail jorge@perfectqualityroses.comworld. Our quality standards are backed by the following certifications: BASC, Florverde, GLOBALG.A.P, and ISO Phone (57) 320333714314001. (57) 3153107735
  23. 23. SB TALEE DE COLOMBIA S.A.Founded 50 years ago in Italy and over 40 years ago in Colombia, the company has 2 core businesses: Research and Contact Ana Lucía Povedadevelopment of a new standard and miniature carnation variety. We have a 14-year breeding program in Colombia and Celiar Noreñaour mother plant is located in a 25 hectare site at the heart of Bogotás savannah. We produce carnation cuttings and a E-mail analucia@sbtalee.comminiature carnation cut flowers. They work with the highest quality standards and are constantly looking for breeding 521555320-7847innovation. Phone (57) 3102435044
  24. 24. THE ELITE FLOWERThe Elite Flower is one of the largest growers in Colombia, with a full range of products from roses to novelty items, Contact Pamela Duperlydedicated to serve our clients and provide a sustainable environment for our workers. Elite Flower is also the leader E-mail pduperly@eliteflower.comgrower for the newest rose and alstroemeria varieties in Colombia. Phone (57 310) 211 8688 (57 1) 891 0444 (57 1) 891 1229
  25. 25. TONE FLOWERS Awarded with quality gold medals in 2011, 2010, and a silver medal in 2009. TONE FLOWERS is a producer and Contact Ulises Gutierrez Lacoutureexporter of roses, with 8 hectares in production with the most modern varieties of roses. This company has a team of 90 E-mail ulisesg@toneflowers.compeople focused on customer satisfaction, and works with quality parameters beyond the normal standards, allowing us Phone (571) 842 3058to offer excellent roses with lengths of up to 150 centimeters. Additionally, due to our compliance with environmentaland social standards, and a strict phytosanitary control, we can ensure a healthy product with special features and anexcellent vase behavior. We work in continuous improvement of all processes, to produce roses that exceed customersexpectations.
  26. 26. TURFLOR S.A.TURFLOR S.A. grows, specializes, and markets carnations and mini carnations which have been rated as having the best Contact Eliana Carrascalquality of Bogotás savannah region. This grower has 21 hectares dedicated only to carnations and over 300 employees E-mail marketing@turflor.comengaged and dedicated to product and client satisfaction. turflor@gmail.comWe are certified by Florverde and GLOBALG.A.P., endorsing our social responsibility and committed to the environment. Phone (571)6221365