Animals of the Rainforest
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  • 1. Animals of the Rainforest
    By: Brittany Kerr
    EDU 375
  • 2. Features of this website:
    Lessons –
    Facts –
    Interesting facts of the rainforest
    References/Links –
    List of links and books that have more information about the rainforest.
    Rainforest Quiz
    6 video clips about the rainforest
  • 3. Favorite part #1
    One thing I really like about this website is the lessons link.
    *What?* – explains what the rainforest is and products we get from there
    *Where?* – gives a map of where the rainforests are and a description of each place
    *Plants* – explanation of the different plants located in the rainforest. 9 links for plants, includes picture and description
    *Animals* – explanation of the different animals located in the rainforest. Shows a picture, you can click on the animals in the picture for a picture of the animal and a description. Also includes in which layer it is located in.
    *People* – explanation of the 3 largest tribes that lived in the rainforest in the past.
    *Preserving* – information about how and why to preserve the rainforests
  • 4. Favorite part #2
    Interesting facts about the rainforest:
    Did you know…. 1 out of 4 ingredients in our medicine is from rainforest plants?
    I like this part of the website because it gives students information about the rainforest that they might not find anywhere else or that some teachers wouldn’t know to tell the students.
  • 5. Favorite part #3
    Student quiz 
    There are 10 questions on the quiz about information from the rainforest that the students would have learned while exploring the website.
    Teachers could use this as an assessment to see if the students were paying attention and reading the website or if they were just clicking on links.
    Tells the students how many questions they got right, the ones they got wrong, and the correct answers for the questions that were wrong.
  • 6. How it could be used…
    Teachers could use this website to teach about the rainforest.
    By all the interactive features on this website, teachers could either use this with the whole class or it could be part of a center or small group activity.
    Whole class:
    Put the website up for the whole class to see and read/talk about all the information provided.
    Center/Small group:
    Students could read on their own (depending on age) or watch the video clips. They could take the quiz after and the teacher could check how they did for an assessment tool.