Open Government (&) Feelings
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Open Government (&) Feelings






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  • spanaut Weitere:
  • Cayusa
  • screenpunk
  • We hav e build a structure that can constain after the campaign
  • maclauren70
  • Niklas Plessing /
  • zeitengewimmel
  • karen horton
  • /
  • reekadman
  • 21.01.2009
  • “ Apps for Democracy”: This contest created 47 iPhone, Facebook and web applications! with an estimated value in excess of $2,600,000 to the city. with cost for Washington, DC of only $50,000 This (leads/) adds up to a return on investment of 5000 percent! These are (impressive) figures (and potentials) which our leading politicians and our heads of administration should realize. /
  • /
  • LunaDiRimmel
  • ς↑r ĴΛϒκ❂
  • arko88
  •   zenera
  • arko88
  • Weitere: http ://
  • LunaDiRimmel
  • In the past, there were many barriers to be taken before accessing this sensitive information: You had to find the right administrative office; find out the opening hours; You had to go there; pay the fee; wait for the answer; And it was not anonymous. Now all the barriers have disappeared! website for the whole USA, service is for free – financed by advertising, it's open 24 hours a day, and you get the answer within seconds; And you are anonymous  So Welcome to the Google of criminal records ;-) Visualization: Because of the easy way to visualize information with meshing-up web-tools, You can view the criminal records of your neighbors with the help of GoogleMaps - Here we go! You can also use the function "Criminal Alerts". Just subscribe to this service and you will be informed if a "criminal" is moving to your neighborhoods - Useful service, isn't it ;-)
  • lebenslanges Einreiseverbot in die USA
  • In Sweden the legal base for accessing private data is the "Publicity Principle" dating from 1766. So for the last 2 and a half centuries, the Swedish society is used to radical openness. The idea was and still is, that in a complete see-through state – politicians and authorities are not able to hide anything. With the launch of the website "Ratsit" in 2006, things changed radically, because all the former barriers to access disappeared! Suddenly everybody could check within seconds each Swedish person's address, marital status, yearly income, (even) depts and so on. Within a very short period of time, 600.000 people registered on the website – (which is) a high score, as Sweden has only 10 Million inhabitants. After many complaints and intense discussions, the authorities – in particular the Ministry of Finance – "forced" the company to change the access. Otherwise, they threatened to reduce access to (data on a) paper base again. So now, for accessing to data of private individuals, you have to pay 10 Euro. (Information regarding companies is still for free.) Most important, the person whose data were recalled, gets informed (by mail) - a step towards balanced transparency.
  • tilaneseven
  • eRulemaking
  • / / Da auch die Zahlen LURKERS + WIKI
  • Ciao Anita!
  • madamepsychosis
  • Alex(inyoureyes )
  • /

Open Government (&) Feelings Open Government (&) Feelings Presentation Transcript

  • Open Government ( & ) Feelings  Peter Parycek, Donau-Universität Krems spanaut
  • #1 Hoffnung auf … Cayusa
  • screenpunk Veränderung,
  • “… we have build a structure that can sustain after the campaign „ … we didn´t have big plans for Idahoe.“ People made the structure …”
  • maclauren70 Demokratie,
  • Niklas Plessing politischen Dialog,
  • 04/12/10 mehr Transparenz, zeitengewimmel
  • karen horton Zusammenarbeit & Beteiligung
  • und „unser“ Facebook! ;-)
  • #2 Freude über… reekadman
  • Obama victory,
      • die Signierung des Open Government Memorandums, (Transparency, Participation and Collaboration)
    • 47 web, iPhone, & facebook apps
    • $2,600,000 geschätzter Wert
    • $50,000 Kosten
    • +5000% ROI
    Apps for Democracy (San Francisco) individuelle Weiterentwicklungen und Re-Kombinationen der öffentlich verfügbaren Daten durch Dritte,
  • Apps for Mom & Dad,
  • Transparenz und Zusammenarbeit!
  • # 3 Angst der Politik & Verwaltung vor… LunaDiRimmel
  • 04/12/10 drohendem Macht- & Kontrollverlust, ς↑r ĴΛϒκ❂
  • Kompetenz- & Expertenstatusverlust, arko88
  • einer zu hohen Transparenz, die Internes extern sichtbar macht, zenera
  • den Dialog über Facebook & Co mit den BürgerInnen,
  • Daten-Missinterpretation und/oder Manipulation, arko88
  • die für populistische Politik genutzt werden kann!
  • # 3 Angst der Gesellschaft vor… LunaDiRimmel
  • einem gläsernem Leben,
  • in absoluter Transparenz,
  • innerhalb einer Glaskugel!
  • #4 Enttäuschung über … tilaneseven
  • 04/12/10 geringe Beteiligung (Open Government Dialog USA),
  • 04/12/10 geringes Interesse an Beteiligung (Daten UK) und
  • 04/12/10 politische Prozesse, die hinter geschlossenen Türen stattfinden! Ciao Anita!
  • Alex(inyoureyes ) # 5 Ohnmacht der Gesellschaft über… madamepsychosis
  • Vorratsdatenspeicherung!
  • Alex(inyoureyes ) # 6 Wut der Politik & Verwaltung über…
  • 04/12/10 neue nicht kontrollierbare „Aufdecker“!
  • 5 th - 6th May 2010, Krems
  • /
  • 04/12/10 / Blog
  • Dr. Peter Parycek, MSc Zentrum für E-Government, Donau-Universität Krems [email_address] +43 2732 893-2312 ttp:// Donau-Universität Krems Zentrum für E-Government, Peter Parycek