2010-11     HOOK - How will I get my children engaged wih the cause. How will they see the relevance.                     ...
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Kiran citizenship planner


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Kiran citizenship planner

  1. 1. 2010-11 HOOK - How will I get my children engaged wih the cause. How will they see the relevance. CITIZENSHIP PLANNER ( visit, movie, story, inspirational talk, TED, authentic experience - like going hungry, statistics, hard hitting video, TPE......) 1. Force Reflection through hard hitting video — ‘a la carte’MIND MAP ( How will include transdisciplinary opportunities ) GRADE : 4 2. Revisit the cause of Akshaya Patra through the citizenship movie of Grade 3 Visit / survey / car pooling / pitching / volunteer Surveys / stock / statistics Parent Partnership (visual graph) Questions to help children see the relevance : Language beacon L M Thinking 1. Awaken thought / force reflection : What bothers you about the ‘video’? (Group discussion) $ * Pitching 2. Explore the issue / cause : How many children go hungry everyday? * writing Another School How does food affect learning? * Reflecting *Street Play( Hindi) Akshaya Patra Public / Buddy We have food – Why do we have to worry about others? 3. Challenge an assumption : Group / national Inter / Intra personal Creative Thinking Stop / Start / Continue *poster Performance of Understanding - Student reflection and action points ( individual and group ) Scientific Thinking Individual - RAFT * kid section in Group ( Glad / Mad / Sad Author structure Nutritional Growth --Nutritional Chart website Grade 6 Akshay Letter * Make Visible theResources : (Send this after the Action Plan) Evidence / emotion / targets Year Plan $Site Seeing : Transparent “patra” Can children see that they are not helpless - and they can BE the change (fish bowl) ACTION PLAN - IMPLEMENTATION ( to be done with children) “How will I sustain the engagement”? CAUSE : Hunger / Education PARTNER Akshay Patra GRADE 4 Timeline /Number of Interventions / Visits / Skill development opportunities / Grouping of children Your rational for the choice: Hunger is a basic physiological need, without which life isaffected in every which way for hunger can degrade man to the utmost. No countrycan survive this human resource wastage. And a hungry child is a very poorreflection of a nation’s responsibility. Partner’s Needs : By the end of the year.... (Minimum) GOAL - being the change --> National --> 4 schools --> 4 corporate --> “x” no of children Skills Areas of Study Attitudes OUTCOMES- being changed Math --> money / measurement / graphs / estimation *Compassion * Thankfulness English --> RAFT * Engagement * Competent Hindi --> Core Skills * Persistence ( not helpless) Science --> Body Systems / Nutrition IMPORTANT - Reflection / Process Diary (follow up) Technology --> Corel / Photoshop / PPTs
  2. 2. ACTION PLAN - VISIBILITY – IMPLEMENTATION BE THE CHANGE PROGRAMME - TEACHER REFLECTION July August September October-Hook-Action Plan- Survey NAME : Kiran Bir Sethi GRADE 4 DATE 23 /6/ 2010- PPT Presentationto Akshaya Patra (Street Play) 1. What cause is close to your heart? What stirs you? Inequality of any kind ACTION PLAN - VISIBILITY – Parent involvement / School community / Documentation 2. Have you been involved with any NGO / cause in the past? If yes, what has been July August September October the nature of your intervention - monetary / time / in kind....other.-Parent Visit while -Assembly -Assemblychildren pitching to (Collection Drive - Started aproch & TKD - involvement in /of all kindsAkshaya Patra and targets) - Street PlayTerm 1 Reflection : PARTNER REFLECTION : 3. Who is your ‘role model’ - what traits do you admire of the person/s? Gandhiji / Geet / Raag / Jazz *Persistence /ethical *abundance *Will power -unbiased * Courage 4. Who is your ‘tormentor’ - what traits would you like to avoid/not have? ACTION PLAN - VISIBILITY – IMPLEMENTATION – That myself is ‘balanced’ — I need to inculcate December January February MARCH - CULMINATION 5. Which movie has inspired you / left an impact ( positive / negative ) to take action / or get involved with a cause.... -Rocky / Dumbo ACTION PLAN - VISIBILITY – Parent involvement / School community / Documentation December January February MARCH - CULMINATION 6. What ‘quote’ are you inspired by? ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ 7. What 3 words would you like your spouse/ friends / peers and children to say ‘about’ you? * She did ‘good’ - and she did it wellTerm 2 Reflection : PARTNER REFLECTION :l * She was not afraid. * She will be missed. 8. ‘Live a life that matters’ - what does this mean for you? * Stop complaining * Stop passing the buck * Make another’s life less difficult
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