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  1. 1. Key Stage 1 - Funderstanding al aboutmaking l ning visibl l ear e “W you t hen each, you l n t ear wice”
  2. 2. Purpose For the student :  Revisiting the term  Presentation skil ( body l ls anguage, improvisat cl it ion, ar y of speech, eye cont ) act  Stepping outside com fort zone ( t king and expl al aining t new audience ) o  M aking choices ( whatt t o each – M in act ) I ion  Team Work
  3. 3. For the Parents : Clarity of program m e Stud ent strength revealed Journey of stud ent learning und erstood through a ‘powerpoint’ presentation powerpoint Belief in the system – resulting in increased support Pride and commitment to school and program m e Word of m outh increases… . increases
  4. 4. For the Teacher : Journey of l earning reveal ( how much is ed int nal – good checkpoint) er ised Stud ent strength is built on Presentation of work – so display is upd ated Point of ‘positive’ contact with parent positive com m unity Hel give ‘personal validation’ for work d one ps validation / effort invested
  5. 5. Process : S h owcas e d at th e e nd of te rm 1 ( p u b lic / p e e r s cru tiny ) S tart p lanning / d is cu s s ing / involving / trans fe rring th e p lan to th e s tu d e nts and colle agu e s – 1 we e k b e fore actu al d ay ( ch oice and voice ) S tu d e nts cond u ct au d itions for p e rform ance s – p e e r e valu ation ( ch oice and voice ) Inclu d e m om e nts for p e e r and p u b lic s cru tiny – ge t oth e r te ach e rs / old e r s tu d e nts to give fe e d b ack G e t b u d d y’s to h e lp in th e p rop s / ance / e atre are as d th ( b u d d y inte raction )
  6. 6. Process : S e nd invitation 2 d ays b e fore th e d ate – th is is d one b y th e s tu d e nts ( ch oice and voice ) R u n m ock F u nd e rs tand ing 2 d ays b e fore s o th at it give s room for im p rove m e nt ( au d it ) D e cid e clas s room arrange m e nt and m ake arrange m e nts for ‘p are nt fe e d b ack’ – wh ich will b e s h are d with s tu d e nts th e ne xt d ay ( clos ing th e loop )
  7. 7. Key Stage 2- BrightM ind s ’ Shine “Choices and Voices”
  8. 8.  As with Fund erstand ing, BrightMinds Shine tim e is a platform for the demonstration of stud ent und erstand ing. It alows for al stakeholders – stud ents, l l parents and teachers to take part in a learning process.
  9. 9.  Unl Fund erstand ing, where the Key Stage 1 ike stud ents tal to a ‘captive aud ience’, in k ience BrightM ind s Shine tim e, the stud ents m ake choices of the areas that they want to ‘own’ – this wil incl e the l AV r l ud ab, oom, cl ooms, assr gazebo - and the the parents circul am ong ate the presentations.
  10. 10.  This is al a platform for the culm ination of so term 1 Club perform ances. Since Key Stage 1 need s m ore tim e for practice, BrightM ind s Shine tim e is d one a day before the Fund erstand ing. Al – Bud d y C lasses are part of the back end so of the Fund erstand ing – helping with props and perform ances.
  11. 11.  Every BrightM ind s Shine tim e will have a ‘gallery showing’ to showcase the creative arts showing program m e of the school. You can also use this tim e for an im pressive ‘stand alone’ event – such as an auction or alone shop. In the C O RT room , a short film of the term ’s highlights wil be shown. l