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Classroom mgmt (mod)
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Classroom mgmt (mod)


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Published in: Education, Business
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  • 1. Classroom Management 2009-2010
  • 2. What is Classroom Management? Classroom management refers to all the things a teacher does to organize students, space, time and materials so that learning can take place with ease. Classroom management allows for a comfortable working environment for students.
  • 3. Characteristics of a Well-ManagedClassroom Students are deeply involved with their work, especially with academic, teacher-led instruction. Students expectation should be visible. Students time should be maximized. The classroom environment should be work oriented, but relaxed and pleasant.
  • 4. What Classroom Management Entails Planning Procedures Routines
  • 5. Planning Well planned, engaging curriculum Well planned spaces Flexibility Student oriented Aligned to the beacons Ample resources Optimum use of time (time management)
  • 6. Time Management Time is a very important factor in classroom management. Students must know that there is a time limit. They must know how to manage their time.
  • 7. Down Time Causes Problems Unscheduled time in a classroom is an invitation for disruptive behavior. 70% of the day should be scheduled for academic activities. Strategies such as peer tutoring and cooperative learning can make this realistic.
  • 8. Procedures A procedure is not a discipline plan, nor is it a threat or an order. Rather, a procedure is a method or process for accomplishing things in the classroom. Some examples:  wind up time  conglom time  bridge activity review time
  • 9. Procedures A series of procedures and routines creates a structure for the classroom. Effective teachers should plan their classroom procedures well in advance. Revise and hone these procedures year after year until they become models of efficiency.
  • 10. Procedures Explain: State, explain, model, and demonstrate the procedure. Rehearse: Rehearse and practice the procedure under your supervision. Reinforce: Reteach, rehearse, practice, and reinforce the classroom procedure until it becomes a student habit or routine.
  • 11. Routines For teachers For students School wise Key stage wise
  • 12. Best Practices for ClassroomManagement Defining classroom rules and procedures (for students and teachers) Setting behavior expectations and consequences (for students and teachers) Fostering the teacher-student relationship Monitoring the classroom and addressing the problems
  • 13. Best Practices for ClassroomManagement Fostering student responsibility Getting off to a good start Establishing school wide policies Time management
  • 14. Strategies for Classroom Management Readiness is the primary determinant of teacher effectiveness. First day of the school sets the tone for the whole year. Arrange student seating to maximize the accomplishment of the tasks and to minimize disruptions.
  • 15. Strategies for Classroom Management Teacher is a floating coach, facilitator and a guide Peer mentoring Use of appropriate body language Know your students well
  • 16. Strategies for Classroom Management Keep “Things to Do When I am Done” ready. Balance between group activities vs. individual activities. Balance between life skills vs. academic skills. Set the agenda for the day with the students.
  • 17. Thank You!!