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  • 1. Stop Shopping, Start Managing Your Insurance!
  • 2. Our Mission
    The mission of Partners Insurance is to become a partner with the human resources department, working hand in hand to recruit, retain, and reward key employees.
    Partners was founded on the philosophy that long-term success can only be achieved though innovative solutions to meet customer demands.
  • 3. Partners Insurance
    We strive to achieve this through our passion for customer service, by listening to our clients, and by servicing them with pride and integrity.
    We offer new and innovative products, markets, and ideas while trying to improve the level of service for our clients.
    We pride ourselves on cost control through employee education and superior service.
  • 4. Our Approach to Consulting Services
    Team Approach
    Cost Containment
    Plan Design
    Legal Compliance
    Funding Methods
    Proactive Account Service
  • 5. Team Approach
    We pride ourselves on the quality of our people and the consistency of our performance.
    We will commit a team of experienced consultants from within our firm to you.
    We possess the necessary skills, expertise, and knowledge to respond to any employee benefit issues that may arise.
  • 6. Our Team: Morgan Pile
    Certified Enrollment Specialist
    Group Benefits Disability Specialist
    7 years of experience
  • 7. Our Team: Jennifer Davis
    Director of Client Relations
    4 years of experience
    Extensive knowledge in the health insurance industry
    Strong relationships with the carriers
    Very quick response time
  • 8. Our Team: Jennifer Leeth
    Account Manager
    1 year of experience
    Conducts renewal marketing
    Provides day to day service needs including claim and administration issues
  • 9. Team Approach: Our Process
  • 10. Plan Design
    We work with YOU to build a benefits program based on three criteria:
    Your budget
    Your objectives
    Your employee’s needs
    Once your plan is designed, we never stop reviewing it to assure that what you have is still optimal.
  • 11. Legal Compliance
    We maintain relationships with several local law firms, which helps us keep our clients informed of the most up to date federal and state regulations.
  • 12. Funding Methods
    Our team will help you understand which funding method would be best for your company.
    Fully Insured
    Partially Self Insured
    Fully Self Insured
    Captive Plans
  • 13. Administration
    Administering employee benefit plans is complex and can be problematic.
    We streamline all of the administrative aspects of your benefits program.
  • 14. Communication
    We work directly with your HR department and your employees to ensure that all concerns and questions are handled in a clear and positive manner.
    For certain groups we can use online HR & self service tools
  • 15. Communication
    We coordinate & conduct:
    Employee education meetings
    Open enrollment meetings
    Benefit fairs
    Employee satisfaction surveys
  • 16. Cost Containment
    What every employer should be considering:
    How much can employees afford to pay for benefits?
    Are you paying for benefits that employees do not value?
    Medical tourism
    Wellness plans
  • 17. Proactive Account Service
    Provide counsel on benefit strategies and design alternatives
    Provide intermediate services for service and claim issues, billing problems, and dispute resolution
  • 18. Summary
    What we want you to know is that we are here for YOU.
    We want to be an integral part of your Human Resources department.
    We manage your benefits to control costs.
  • 19. Contact Us
    Morgan Pile, CES GBDS
    10816 Executive Center Drive, Suite 103, Little Rock, AR 72211