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  • QuestionHow did you close your first customer?Hello everyone! Welcome to the _________ session.My name is ________ and my area of expertise is ___________.Today we’re going to be talking about the AppExchange and how _____________________. We’re here to do two things: get your first sale, and then repeat it a million times.I’m going to show you a lot of stuffI’m going to show you a checklist that’s 140 questions longIt’s going to seem terrifying and overwhelming, but it’s pretty simpleIf we have the right strategy and start the work on that early, it’s going to be much easier for you to get thereThe ramp to market takes some time, but as soon as you’re there, we want you to be closingThere’s nothing worse than a partner who gets to market and isn’t ready when they get there (i.e., partner is waiting to pass security review, has potential customers, but no way to give trials)Critical path from inception to in market – if you execute along the path, you’ll be readySo many companies aren’t ready – we’re giving you a blueprintI can’t give you a good idea, but I’ll give you the steps to success if you have oneYou have more important things to think about – here’s the playbook to get to marketGet you your first sale as quickly as possible and then help you build a machine to grow revenue and scale as quickly as possibleanecdoteSo let’s get started!
  • This is our safe harbor statement which reminds you that we are a publically traded company and you should make any and all purchasing decisions based on publically available information and currently available technology. It’s available on our website if you’d like to read it in more detail, but I’ll leave that to you.
  • Play into people in the audience who are having roadblocks to sellingAsk audience: gauge who is in the audience (current partners in market, current partners not in market, Great partners here on stage to talk about their experiencePut back on the audience. How many of you have signed up for the Accelerator? If not, why haven’t you? Is it because you didn’t know about it?8 key drivers140 questionsMutual success planDefined KPIsResource alignmentTrack progress
  • Play into people in the audience who are having roadblocks to sellingAsk audience: gauge who is in the audience (current partners in market, current partners not in market, Great partners here on stage to talk about their experiencePut back on the audience. How many of you have signed up for the Accelerator? If not, why haven’t you? Is it because you didn’t know about it?8 key drivers140 questionsMutual success planDefined KPIsResource alignmentTrack progress
  • We know we’ve been successful when we’ve moved partners to the upper right-hand quadrant (we’re all used to speaking in quadrants, right?), and when we see you meeting and exceeding your revenue goals.
  • Can’t lose sight of building a great company, etc.
  • Here is an example of how we think about our business. You need a good product and strategy that would make sense even without being on the Force.com platform. With this focus, the platform becomes an accelerator not your only means to succeed.Value Prop: We leveraged our founders and executive experience in SaaS and CRM (Clarify, Siebel, SuccessFactors) to see the opportunity and gap in the CRM landscape. Labor statistic and D&B data supports the “available market” facts.Target Market: Integrated CRM tools like InsideView and Leadspace help us identify target companies and contacts and define our segmentation.White Space: This was a stagnant Magic Quadrant in Gartner’s analysis of this space. Probably a multi billion dollar market (as big as SFA), but existing vendors only account for about $300M in total sales a couple of years ago.
  • [define for partners what the stages mean and about how Highlight the evolution of ISV support and relationship from technical platform support to full Channel partner and revenue sharing model.This evolution has taken us almost 5 years but SFDC has been maturing and accelerating the growth of the ISV program at the same time. New partners are benefiting from these advances and shortening they on ramp to success.1-2: focused on technical delivery and packaging2-3: focused on selling and referring and OEM as ISV programs matured5-6 focused on independent customer acquisition and partnering for large multinational deals*** today’s ISV partners have so much to leverage in ISV infrastructure and sales awarenessOne of the first 4 revenue-sharing OEM partners for Salesforce.com in 2009Active participant in ISV steering committee driving innovation requirements for true ISV business model
  • ServiceMax is a longtime, successful partner of Salesforce. But you’ve explained that lead gen and finding the right value proposition has been a series of learning over time. How has your value prop evolved since you started your business to now? How has your focus on target market evolved? How to conceive of your idea in light of the Salesforce platform?Rapid growth enabled and accelerated by building an application on the Force.com platformImmediate global security and credibilityBuilt certified partner network with existing ServiceCloud SI partnersSelling a field service solution to Salesforce.com’s largest customers
  • A lot of ISVs will need to make the transition from services to software – ability to scale.Selling was high level relationship selling – could only do this at the top level, so no ability to scale. No real brand development, no marketing because couldn’t scale.
  • Timeline around bullets – MP to build this
  • Emphasize ecosystem
  • What are the top three tips you would give new partners who are trying to figure out how to drive the most leads with Salesforce?
  • Have a native application built on force.comFollow the path/yellow brick road – did not follow the yellow brick road for a long time
  • Fewer sub-bullets
  • Bob, how did you get your first customer? Tell me why you weren’t winning deals before and what changed.
  • This is the complete list of 120 questions we go through with partners to identify where there are opportunities for alignment and challenges we can help address. Now I’d like to go through each of these one by one…just kidding. It looks like a lot, but that’s because we’re thorough. It’s really quite simple, as I’ll show you on the next slide.Maximize your opportunity with Salesforce, and we can help you execute8 drivers140 questionsMentoring and coachingDefined KPIsResource alignmentTrack progress
  • Each of the items on the checklist map to these big buckets – we call these eight key drivers for commercial success.Maximize your opportunity with Salesforce, and we can help you execute8 drivers140 questionsMentoring and coachingDefined KPIsResource alignmentTrack progress
  • And today, we’ve focused on 4 of those areas tAs part of the Accelerator program, we work on all of these areas with our partners, but we’re just going to focus on Sales & Distribution todayMaximize your opportunity with Salesforce, and we can help you execute8 drivers140 questionsMentoring and coachingDefined KPIsResource alignmentTrack progress
  • Our partner speakers told us how they’ve been successful with Salesforce. Now I’ll talk about how we help you do that. Maximize your opportunity with Salesforce, and we can help you execute8 drivers140 questionsMentoring and coachingDefined KPIsResource alignmentTrack progress
  • Value proposition exercise, framework, review. Often have partners with a great idea that solves a critical need, but it’s not clearly communicated to their target market or decision makers. We work with partners to align your value proposition to everything else in your go to market plan. We know we communicate in a specific way, and our customers are used to that voice. We work with you to ensure your value prop is crisp, clear, and concise across all your channels.Maximize your opportunity with Salesforce, and we can help you execute8 drivers140 questionsMentoring and coachingDefined KPIsResource alignmentTrack progress
  • Perform a customer discovery and validation exercise, help you build a target list, refine your target market, differentiate yourself against the competition, and convert existing customers.Maximize your opportunity with Salesforce, and we can help you execute8 drivers140 questionsMentoring and coachingDefined KPIsResource alignmentTrack progress
  • You heard about AppExchange Accelerate this morning – that may be a great fit for some of you. We want to ensure your marketing success and align resources internally to help you do that. We’ll also review how you’re executing an inbound and outbound strategy to help you get the most bang for your buck.As part of the Accelerator program, we work on all of these areas with our partners, but we’re just going to focus on Sales & Distribution todayMaximize your opportunity with Salesforce, and we can help you execute8 drivers140 questionsMentoring and coachingDefined KPIsResource alignmentTrack progress
  • When you’re ready to build a sales team, we provide the resources to do that. We have free training, provide incentive compensation guidance, and help you understand your sales cycle and the cost of a sale.Maximize your opportunity with Salesforce, and we can help you execute8 drivers140 questionsMentoring and coachingDefined KPIsResource alignmentTrack progress
  • Be clear about how to join the Accelerator
  • For more helpful information, see the ISV section of the Partner Portal at http://p.force.com/isv.
  • Follow our @partnerforce Twitter profile as well as other social media channels for announcements, replays, and program updates.
  • The business app blog contains a wealth of information and best practices at http://p.force.com/blog.
  • Be sure to check out our AppExchange Partner Zone. It’s a great place to hang out, network, and get expert advice from our program staff.
  • We have a lot of great sessions for you this week. Check out our ISV Session Guide at http://p.force.com/df13sessions and follow the Partner Success Group on Chatter.
  • Don’t miss the AppBash on Wednesday night at City View in the Metreon. Remember, you must have a partner or sponsor badge to get in.
  • Your feedback is very important to us. Please go to ‘My Agenda’ in the Dreamforce app to complete a session survey.
  • DF13_Driving Sales Success as an ISV Partner

    1. 1. Driving Sales Success as an ISV Michelle Paitich, Salesforce, Senior Manager, Partner Success @michellepaitich
    2. 2. Safe harbor Safe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of salesforce.com, inc. could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of product or service availability, subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services. The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and delivering new functionality for our service, new products and services, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our security measures, the outcome of any litigation, risks associated with completed and any possible mergers and acquisitions, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited history reselling non-salesforce.com products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of salesforce.com, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-K for the most recent fiscal year and in our quarterly report on Form 10-Q for the most recent fiscal quarter. These documents and others containing important disclosures are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other presentations, press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available. Salesforce.com, inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.
    3. 3. Who do we have in the audience? Current Salesforce Partner Current Salesforce Partner Potential Salesforce Partner in market not yet in market possibly in market -  How can Salesforce help me grow? -  How can Salesforce help me get to market faster? - What does the Partner Program do for me? How is it different?
    4. 4. Meet the Speakers Scott Berg John Stewart Bob Smith VP of Sales @scottbergmail CEO @CloudbiltApps CEO @_Channelinsight
    5. 5. Session Agenda •  What is the Accelerator Program? •  Pro tips from the veterans •  Accelerator Program – how Salesforce can enable your team •  Next Steps; Q&A
    6. 6. The Accelerator Program helps partners grow •  Tools, resources, best practices, metrics, mentorship •  Scale faster •  Exceed revenue goals •  Greater brand awareness •  Better program alignment Because when our partners succeed, we succeed!
    7. 7. Our goal is to enable partners for success Ability to Execute Challenged Your Goal: Improve Attractiveness Aspiring Your Goal: Gain Competitive Advantage Positioned Your Goal: Stay on Target Promising Your Goal: Improve Ability to Execute Attractiveness of Opportunity
    8. 8. Scott Berg VP of Sales, ServiceMax @scottbergmail
    9. 9. Focus on your value proposition and go to market •  AppExchange leads don’t fall from the sky •  Define a target market and solution that benefits from the Force.com and/or CRM capability •  Identify and address a valuable “white space” in CRM •  Market and sell it like you built it all yourself ServiceMax is rethinking field service and delivering on the promise of cloud and mobile software, powering a new era of field service experiences for their customers' customers.
    10. 10. Define your key sales drivers early and often Value Prop: Companies need to have profitable after-market service businesses. Looking for ways to maximize long-term customer value and retention through innovative service offerings. Target Market: Small to large OEM manufactures and service providers. White Space: No one extending CRM beyond call center into “Field Service”. Go To Market: Direct marketing and selling with emphasis on outbound opportunity creation.
    11. 11. Evolution of your Salesforce partnership •  Early in Salesforce relationship •  Build things to distribute through App Exchange •  Technical Evangelists support your app development strategy •  Mid-cycle •  Co-selling and lead referral •  ISV platform capability for sustaining larger application •  OEM licensing for independent solutions •  Mature •  ISV Force: Packing, License Mgt, Order Processing •  Independent revenue share licensing
    12. 12. After your value proposition is built •  Results •  100% annual sales growth for 5 years •  Top 10 ISV revenue contributor •  Robust SI partner eco system (Deloitte, Accenture, Etherios, Accumen) •  Enhancing value of Salesforce.com solutions to global customers •  Impact of ISV Program on ServiceMax •  Enterprise grade solution for the world’s largest companies •  Global ready technology (SLA, Privacy, BCP) •  20 certified implementation partners (US, EMEA, APAC) •  Focus on leading business features, not infrastructure
    13. 13. John Stewart CEO, Cloudbilt @CloudbiltApps
    14. 14. Evolving a Services Company into a Software Company Formed as a services company named Saber Solutions, Cloudbilt has been working on the Salesforce platform since 2009. Rebranded in May of 2013, our focus has shifted entirely to ISV App’s on the AppExchange. Cloudbilt became a Force.com Reseller in 2009 and an ISV partner in October of 2011.
    15. 15. May 2012 – Hired and Built out Marketing August 28, 2009 – Founded Saber Solutions December 1, 2011 – first App is released 2009 September 2009 – Became a Force.com Reseller 2010 2011 May 2013 –Participated in Accelerator Program 2012 September 2012 – Hired/Built out Inside Sales January 4, 2010 – Hired first employee Sept/Oct 2013 – Hired 2nd Outside Enterprise Rep July 2012Hired VP of Inside Sales April 2013 – Hired EVP of Sales 2013 2014 FY2014 – Budgeted at 45 Employees -$500K in hard Marketing $
    16. 16. Evolve from a services to a software company •  Build out Marketing: 3 months before hiring inside sales people •  Arm your Sales people •  Identify Positioning, Messaging, Use Cases, Collateral, Lead Capture Mechanisms, First Call Deck, buy call lists, set up email marketing, etc. •  Hire Sales Leadership: 3 months before hiring inside sales people •  The single most important hire you will make –  Hire a rolodex: Not just potential customer but potential sales people too •  Work with Marketing, Establish the sales approach, develop metrics, figure out the elevator pitch, refine the value proposition, etc.
    17. 17. How to sell like a software company •  Hire and Train an inside Sales Team: 6 to 12 months •  Identify the perfect inside sales rep for your business model. Hire to the profile –  Establish realistic goals for your first sales team; Do not set them up for failure •  Test, Refine, Adapt –  Messaging, Pitch, Product Features, Price Point, Support, etc •  Hire Enterprise Reps: 12 months after building out inside team •  Do not be cheap: Nothing is more expensive then a “Bargain” Enterprise Sales Rep. –  Hint: The good ones have jobs. •  Pair them inside reps
    18. 18. Leverage your friendly neighborhood ISV team •  Cloudbilt’s ISV Team •  Alix Douglas, Nivi Gill, & Shannon Schupbach •  Cloudbilt Participated in the Accelerator Program •  ISV Team helped us with our messaging for the Website Re-Launch •  Offered feedback and guidance on our Brand Development Exercise •  Take Advantage of the Opportunities Offered •  AppExchange Placement Program •  Offer your software for free in conjunction with the Salesforce foundation to Non-Profits •  If you are offered a paid sponsorship spot at a user group meeting, take it •  Dreamforce is a must and participate as a sponsor in as many CCT’s as you can afford
    19. 19. Bob Smith CEO, Channelinsight @_Channelinsight
    20. 20. Focus your assets to build momentum •  We call this – All In With Salesforce •  Sales •  Marketing •  Technology Channelinsight delivers the only Cloud Channel Sales Management Solution for sales professionals that provides visibility into the channel for companies who want to see and manage their channel business the same way they manage their direct business through their CRM
    21. 21. Build brand awareness and name recognition •  Always work with the direct Salesforce AEs •  Chatter – broadcast deal wins and information! •  Salesforce ISV team •  Focusing sales and resources •  Leverage Salesforce resources – Accelerator, App Academy, etc. •  Leveraging these resources has impact our your success? •  Understanding how to work with Salesforce •  Marketing •  AppEx •  ISV Accelerator Program •  Salesforce AEs & RVPs •  Generating Revenue for Both
    22. 22. Closing the Gaps •  Always reach out and work with the Direct Salesforce AE •  Have your AEs build a rapport with the Direct Salesforce AE •  Leverage advice from Marketing & ISV Sales Teams •  Make whatever you do important to your Salesforce ISV AE •  Using Salesforce’s Accelerator Program forces focus! •  Your message •  How to get to Salesforce customers and prospects •  How to generate more business for both
    23. 23. Results today – All in with Salesforce! •  Roughly $2m of ISV sales in FY2014 •  All deals worked jointly with Salesforce •  Continued growing closeness of relationship at all levels Future •  Continued adoption of technologies •  Force.com •  Analytics •  Communities •  Further Sales!
    24. 24. Accelerator Program How Salesforce enables your team
    25. 25. The Accelerator Program provides a success framework   Partner and Salesforce are executing deliverables in documented Partner Success Plan in a timely manner         Defined metrics (KPIs) to measure partnership success are compelling, documented and aligned at exec level Milestones, action items, target dates and owners are defined and reviewed regularly Partnership has right share of mind, cadence, and engagement amongst both exec tables Salesforce AE understands how the partners leverages the Salesforce platform and its plans for future releases   Partner and Salesforce are jointly planning partner product roadmap using Salesforce roadmap and releases           How the product should/could be sold has been discussed, refined, tested and agreed upon Awareness of the product and generating pipeline is continuously improving Partner is appropriately engaged without frustration or fatigue Both sides are connected and continue to find ways to collaborate beyond the ISV sales function Both sides executing against the partner success plan on a quarterly basis   Salesforce continues improving its ability to enable the partner to be successful in market         There are no operational roadblocks that get in the way, or the roadblocks that previously existed are waning Tracking pipeline is accurate and/or improving Forecasting ACV is accurate and/or improving Documented sales plan (Target # of leads/close rates, lead mgmt for lead-2-oppty close)   COLLATERAL - eBook and/or Whitepapers         COLLATERAL - Product brochures, others PRESENTATIONS - First Call Deck - Customer PRESENTATIONS - First Call Deck - SFDC AE PRESENTATIONS - First Call Deck - Partner AE   TOOLS - ROI calculator           TOOLS - other lead generation tools SEO SEM Retargeting Analytics (Radian 6 and/or other web analytics engines)   YouTube/Video         Social (Facebook, Twitter, others) Lead to pipe ratio Pipe to close ratio Primary source of leads are successful   partner has a defined customer education program         ISVForce PARTNER - Aware of end customers SFDC start and end dates Documented product development plan & roadmap; Architecture/marketechure diagram Certified trained technical resources on staff or using a PDO TE has reviewed partner solution (1)   Product or product roadmap addresses the 6 critical elements of connected apps           TE has monthly cadence calls with partner techincal lead TE has understanding of ISV roadmap SFDC has presented roadmap to ISV TE has documented technical plan for adopting new SFDC technology Address and resolve any outstanding architecture issues identified   ISV has formal pre-release testing process for both new releases of the ISV app and for SFDC         Security Review did not have major issues that need to be addressed Clear, succinct value proposition for SFDC AEs (list in discussion notes) Clear, succinct value proposition for customers (list in discussion notes) Solution is visionary, innovative, and/or disruptive   Dedicated/designated partner sales team   PR - Strong PR activities that drive partner and app   Solution solves a critical business challenge in their target market   De-brief on won/lost deals; understand why deals are stalled/lost   PR - Key placements in trade publications and other key media sources   Significant market opportunity with target % of market share identified   External Chatter group with active partner manager   AR - Key placement in Analyst reports and or quadrants   Documented target market and economic buyer documented (list in discussion notes)         Ongoing sales enablement (training, campaigns, badges, motivation) Experienced, established sales team with field and inside AEs SEs aligned with the sales team Lead-to-close-to-implementation rates are appropriate for the app and industry type         AR - Regular connections with key analyst organizations SFDC EVENTS - Participation in CCT events SFDC EVENTS - Participation in Dreamforce SFDC EVENTS - Participation in other events (SKO, ad hoc events)         Market-competitive and clearly differentiated from others in the market Competitive pricing/pricing thresholds based on avg. deal size END CUSTOMERS: partners pricing structure is easy to understand Pricing is logical and related discounts are justified   Accelerating revenue   PARTNER EVENTS - user conferences that highlight partner app   Regular cadence with engaged partner exec team   Exploring additional programs within Salesforce (Chatter, Heroku, Chatter Communities) to help partner sell   PARTNER EVENTS - in-person customer events (regional, sporting, etc)   Strong SFDC exec visbility, support, engagement   Partner is obtaining and managing leads on their own   PARTNER EVENTS - webinars to new oppys and/or existing customers   Appropriate partner budget for this initiative   Partner is obtaining and managing leads from Salesforce (AppExchange and AEs)   INDUSTRY EVENTS - strong presence of partner app at Industry events   Documented marketing and awareness plan aligned to the sales strategy/target market; Dedicated marketing team   PARTNER AE - Training plan for partner sales teams   Listed publicly on AppExchange   PARTNER AE - Internal awareness activities for partner sales teams   Regular SFDC cadence calls that include success plan and detailed pipeline review   Cadence call agenda; detailed mtg notes sent after each call with mgmt copied   ISV PARTNER - partner is transacting on the channel order application   Customized, well managed trial experience; branded TrialForce w/ automated email upon registration   PARTNER SE - Technical/demo training (demo org, scripts, platform training)   ISV PARTNER - no issues with placing orders in a timely manner   Collateral (website, datasheets, first call deck, etc.) reviewed and GTM ready   SFDC AE - Ongoing SFDC AE training   ISV PARTNER - submitting cancellations or reduction orders at the appropriately time   Clear voice that connects with Salesforce audiences   Vertical-specific messaging *optional*   WEBSITE - presence on company homepage   SFDC SE - Ongoing SFDC SE training (demo training, demo org)   Sales Tools - Getting started guides, FAQ, other tools   Documented customer success stories for each won deal   END CUSTOMERS - solution is easy to buy from the partner   END CUSTOMERS - the sales cycle is simple and clear to end customers   partner schedules no more than '5' calls a month   WEBSITE - product-specific page   Detailed, clear, impactful customer success plan; no (or few) red accounts   the partner's support issues have been resolved in a timely manner   WEBSITE - campaign landing page   partner has completed Call1 and Call 2 with their POM   the most common issues have been resolved (no ongoing issues)   VIDEOS - Demo video   partner has no red accounts   Partner works with AE on successful deal structure   VIDEOS - Company overview   a team exists to support red accounts and big customer issues   Ensuring all licensing aligns with the technical requirements of the Partner's solution   VIDEOS - Customer success stories   partner has clearly defined implementation/onboarding plan   Economics of any deal generate an equitable share of return for both parties   COLLATERAL - Data sheet   current implemenation experience is seamless and timely   Partner has defined MSA/SLAs   Partner is communicating a need for a one-time discount in a timely manner
    26. 26. The framework is summarized in 8 key drivers Idea Market Opportunity Marketing Sales & Distribution Customer Success Management Team Technology Price
    27. 27. Today, we’ve focused on 4 areas to drive success Idea Market Opportunity Marketing Sales & Distribution Customer Success Management Team Technology Price
    28. 28. We’ve covered a handful of these items today Idea   Build clear value proposition Market Opportunity Marketing Sales & Distribution   Identify target market   Create lead gen. strategy   Hire a closer and build sales team   Fill the white space   Arm your sales team   Understand sales process/cycle/cost
    29. 29. Gain input on value props for every customer type Idea  For (target customer)   Input on value prop and target market  Who (statement of needs)  The (product) is a (category)  That (state key benefits)  Unlike (competitors)  Our product (differentiators)
    30. 30. Help with customer discovery and market validation Market Opportunity   Market validation   Customer validation Customer Discovery And Validation Identify Your Target Market Convert Existing Customer Base Differentiate Yourself Against the Competition
    31. 31. Go-to-market best practices and lead gen. feedback Marketing Digital   PR     Newsletters   Collateral review Events     Co-marketing Social  Media   Partnerships   Website   Integrated     Campaign   Strategy   Adver;sing   White  Papers  
    32. 32. Framework for incentive compensation and training Sales & Distribution   Sales incentives   Customer Chatter Group   Introductions
    33. 33. Next steps during Dreamforce
    34. 34. What to do when you walk out that door Meet partners at Dreamforce – head to the AppExchange Partner Zone! Log into the Partner Portal Join the Accelerator Program: contact your ISV AE or mpaitich@salesforce.com
    35. 35. Michelle Paitich Scott Berg John Stewart Bob Smith Senior Manager, Partner Success, @michellepaitich VP of Sales @scottbergmail CEO @CloudbiltApps CEO @_Channelinsight
    36. 36. More Information about Partner Resources at Dreamforce
    37. 37. Partner Portal   News   Alerts!   APP Academy   Topics (A-Z)   Links   FAQ http://p.force.com/ISV
    38. 38. Follow Us on Social Media Twitter.com/partnerforce Slideshare.net/partnerforce Facebook.com/ Salesforcepartners youtube.com/partnerforce http://p.force.com/socialmedia
    39. 39. Check out The Business App Blog   How To’s   Thought Leadership   Technical Best Practices   Industry Trends   Sales Tips   Recommendations   Marketing Insights   Program Updates http://p.force.com/blog
    40. 40. AppExchange Partner Zone Visit the Partner Team in Moscone West - 3rd Floor Get Inspired Mobile Showcase Get Tools Cloud Alliance Zone Build Your Network Expert Bar & Community Lounge Photobooth
    41. 41. ISV Success Track Plan Build Distribute Sell Support Ready to Partner with Salesforce.com? APP Academy: Getting Started as an ISV Support Your Customers Architect & Design Your Commercial App Distribute & License Your App ISV Roadmap Design Patterns: ISV Recipes for Success Manage Your Business. . . Connected Apps: Design Options Interoperability: Combine Forces Mobile for ISV’s (Part 1): Strategy AppExchange Marketing Playbook: Build Your Brand Avoid Growing Pains: Scale Your App Emerging Technology: - Heroku - Salesforce Communities - Service Cloud -  Social & Collaboration Mobile for ISV s (Part 2): Develop Next Generation UX for Commercial App An Insider s Guide to Security Review AppExchange Marketing Playbook: Generate Demand Driving Sales Success as an ISV Partner Meet the Power Brokers: VC Panel Get the Guide! http://p.force.com/df13sessions Follow sessions and join the Partner Success Group on
    42. 42. Don’t Miss AppBash 2013! **7pm-9pm is the Partner Appreciation Party Must have Partner or Sponsor Badge to get in