Business App Bootcamp: London


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The enterprise app revolution is here and presents a huge opportunity for ISVs, developers and entrepreneurs. With a great idea and the right go-to-market strategy, you can build a revenue generating business in record time.

Hear from industry experts about the trends they are seeing in the market and key steps for building the next big app for the enterprise. Join us for an action packed day of content and walk away with the tools you need to transform your idea into big business in the cloud.

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Business App Bootcamp: London

  1. 1. #appbootcampTHE ENTERPRISE OPPORTUNITYMelissa Di DonatoVP, EMEA Partners
  2. 2. Safe Harbor#appbootcampSafe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995:This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any suchuncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ materiallyfrom the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements ofhistorical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of product or service availability, subscriber growth,earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for futureoperations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developmentsand customer contracts or use of our services.The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and deliveringnew functionality for our service, new products and services, our new business model, our past operating losses, possiblefluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our securitymeasures, the outcome of intellectual property and other litigation, risks associated with possible mergers and acquisitions,the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivateour employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited historyreselling products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information onpotential factors that could affect the financial results of, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-Q forthe most recent fiscal quarter ended July 31, 2012. This documents and others containing important disclosures are availableon the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site.Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other presentations, press releases or public statements are notcurrently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make thepurchase decisions based upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and doesnot intend to update these forward-looking statements.
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  7. 7. #appbootcamp
  8. 8. #appbootcamp
  9. 9. 2:20 :40#appbootcamp
  10. 10. Innovative Companies are Adopting Apps60%of Fast Company’s50 Most InnovativeCompanies are Using theAppExchange#appbootcamp
  11. 11. Industry Leaders are Adopting Apps70%of the Fortune 100 HaveInstalled anAppExchange App#appbootcamp
  12. 12. The UK is Adopting Apps101%YOY Growth - Partner Revenue#appbootcamp
  13. 13. Partners Large and Small areBuilding Big Businesses#appbootcamp
  14. 14. 4 of the Top TenMost Popular Apps ComeFrom Companies with Lessthan 25 Employees#appbootcamp
  15. 15. The #1 Installed App= 12 Employees#appbootcamp
  16. 16. #appbootcamp
  17. 17. #appbootcamp
  18. 18. #appbootcamp
  19. 19. Top AppExchange Search Terms#appbootcamp
  20. 20. Top Customer Requested Apps#appbootcamp
  21. 21. Francis PindarTechnical Consultant#appbootcamp
  22. 22. What is today about?#appbootcamp
  23. 23. #appbootcampWHY DESIGN MEANS EVERYTHING:APPS VS. APPLICATIONSWes NolteDirector of Innovation, Tquila
  24. 24. #appbootcamp
  25. 25. Wes Nolte• Director of Innovation• MVP• Author and blogger• @wesnolte#appbootcamp
  26. 26. Design is a Broad Term#appbootcamp
  27. 27. “Design” is not a new concept.Why is it suddenly so important?#appbootcamp
  28. 28. The Design Revolution#appbootcamp
  29. 29. Tools Aren’t the Only Driver#appbootcampA long timeagoComputerscreatedComic SanscreatedModerncomputingCost of TechTech CapabilitiesAvg User Proficiency
  30. 30. Consumerisation of IT#appbootcamp
  31. 31. It Makes You More Money!#appbootcamp
  32. 32. It Makes You More Money!#appbootcamp
  33. 33. It Makes You More Money!01020304050607080No. of ConversionsWithoutPuppyWith Puppy#appbootcamp
  34. 34. So why does designmean everything?#appbootcamp
  35. 35. #appbootcampTHE FASTEST PATH FROM IDEA TO APPSarah WhitlockDirector, Technical Evangelism
  36. 36. #appbootcamp
  37. 37. MobilityCollaborationSocial UXNetwork EffectsInteroperabilityInnovation#appbootcamp
  38. 38. #appbootcamp
  39. 39. #appbootcamp
  40. 40. Tablestakes#appbootcamp
  41. 41. Global Data centers60+ BillionTransactions per qtrTrue multi-tenancy#appbootcamp
  42. 42. Declarative Tools or...Write in any LanguageAPIsSearchIdentitySecurity & Sharing#appbootcamp
  43. 43. TablestakesLeverageINFRASTRUCTURE application mobileSOCIAL BUSINESS#appbootcamp
  44. 44. ProfilesFeedsStatus UpdatesGroupsFile SharingApprovals#appbootcamp
  45. 45. Hybrid or HTML5SDKsEnterprise ContainerTouch#appbootcamp
  46. 46. MarketplaceTurn-key TrialsLicense ManagementBillingUpgrades#appbootcamp
  47. 47. X#appbootcamp
  48. 48. #appbootcamp
  49. 49. CRMExtensionsServiceMarketingIT & AdminCollaborationOther#appbootcamp
  50. 50. #appbootcamp
  51. 51. #appbootcamp
  52. 52. #appbootcamp
  53. 53. #appbootcamp
  54. 54. #appbootcamp
  55. 55. #appbootcamp
  56. 56. #appbootcampFROM GARAGE TO GLORYMODERATOR:Leslie TomVP, Partner MarketingKirk KrappeCEOApttusNic ScottCEOFairsailMark RobinsonCCOKimbleStacey EpsteinVP of MarketingServiceMax
  57. 57. #appbootcamp
  58. 58. Today’s Partner PanelMODERATOR:Leslie TomVP, Partner MarketingKirk KrappeCEOApttusNic ScottCEOFairsailMark RobinsonCCOKimbleStacey EpsteinVP of MarketingServiceMax#appbootcamp
  59. 59. #appbootcamp5 SECRETS:BECOME AN OVERNIGHT APP SENSATIONLeyla SekaVP, AppExchange
  60. 60. #appbootcamp
  61. 61. #appbootcamp
  62. 62. #appbootcamp
  63. 63. #appbootcamp
  64. 64. #appbootcamp
  65. 65. #appbootcamp
  66. 66. #appbootcamp
  67. 67. Soft Launch Free Pilots Act on Feedback#appbootcamp
  68. 68. Identify Influencers Encourage Reviews Seed the Community#appbootcamp
  69. 69. Clean Value Prop Crisp Demo Killer Content#appbootcamp
  70. 70. Be Responsive Frictionless Trials Over -Communicate#appbootcamp
  71. 71. User Groups Events DeveloperForce#appbootcamp
  72. 72. #appbootcamp
  73. 73. #appbootcamp#ENTERPRISE APPS:VC TREND REPORTMODERATOR:JP RangaswamiChief ScientistMichiel KottingPrincipalAccel PartnersMartn MignotPrincipalIndex VenturesJon CokerDirectorMMCChris TottmanPartnerNotion Capital
  74. 74. #appbootcamp
  75. 75. Today’s VC PanelMODERATOR:JP RangaswamiChief ScientistMichiel KottingPrincipalAccel PartnersMartin MignotPrincipalIndex VenturesJon CokerDirectorMMCChrisTottmanPartnerNotion Capital#appbootcamp
  76. 76. #appbootcampPlan forSuccessMay 2013John RichterSr. Manager, ISV Success@partnerforcein/johnfrichter
  77. 77. Partner Success = Customer Success#appbootcamp
  78. 78. Build Distribute SupportSellPlanToday: Five Phases of Your App#appbootcamp
  79. 79. Continue the
  80. 80. #appbootcampApplifecycle
  81. 81. Pass SecurityReviewLaunch AppBuild Distribute SupportSellPlanSuccessful TestingRenewalsClosed-WonOpportunitiesAPP Partner Lifecycle Milestones#appbootcampSigned PartnerAgreementTechnical Review
  82. 82. Planning Takes Vision & Resources#appbootcamp
  83. 83. Account Executive (AE)Technical Enablement (TE)Know Your ISV Team• Validate Your Planned Approach• Layout Your Partnership Options• Develop Your Go-to-Market Plan• Technical Review#appbootcamp
  84. 84. HEREJust change the background layer(right-click > arrange)Partner Portal Is Your Key to Success#appbootcamp
  85. 85. the APP Academy• Free training for ISVpartners• Best practices by role• Videos, Checklists,FAQ’s• Train-the-trainer#appbootcamp
  86. 86. Knowledge Is Power#appbootcamp
  87. 87. Key ISVforce Online
  88. 88. Just Remember 2 Things…#appbootcampresources relationships
  89. 89. Build Distribute SupportSellPlanLet’s Get
  90. 90. #appbootcampBuildfor SuccessMay 2013Sarah WhitlockDirector, Partner Technical Evangelism
  91. 91. Decision Points for Successful Design#appbootcamp
  92. 92. Who Are You Selling To?#appbootcampNew Users?Existing Salesforce Users?• Beneficial to CRM users• Typically across many industries• No dependence on CRM• Often targets vertical market
  93. 93. What Are You Building?#appbootcamp• eSignature, Email Marketing, etc.• Extend Salesforce CRM• Standard + Custom Objects• Accounting, Supply Chain, etc.• No reliance on Salesforce CRM• Custom Objects Only
  94. 94. #appbootcampArchitecture models
  95. 95. Two Fundamental Architectures#appbootcampnative hybrid
  96. 96. Why Would I Choose Native?#appbootcamp• Simplicity• No infrastructureto manage• Focus100% on your app• Multi-tenancybakedin• Built-in distributionservices• Seamlessintegration withSalesforceandAppExchangeapps• Not suitablefor all use casesupside downside
  97. 97. When Is Hybrid Best?• Phased approach to re-platform on• Specialized service not a good fit for• Large, complex/long-running calculations• Storage-intensive solution• Specialized integration with on-premisesystems#appbootcamp
  98. 98. Are There Tradeoffs To Hybrid?#appbootcamp• Flexibility• Re-useexistingIP• Leverageexistingdeveloperskillsand tool sets• Complexity• You have to maintaininfrastructure• Multi-tenancynotguaranteed• Distributionservicesare yourresponsibility• Trial experiencemorechallengingupside downside
  99. 99. #appbootcampLicenses& editions
  100. 100. License Types for Internal Users#appbootcampWhatObjectsdoes your appneedaccessto?Doyou need crmfunctionality?Example:Campaign,caseor opportunitymanagement?
  101. 101. License Types for External Users#appbootcampWillyour customer’scustomers needaccess to your app?Whatkind of sharing is neededinternallyand externally?Howmany externalusers are expected?
  102. 102. How Do I Decide Which SalesforceEdition to Support?#appbootcampFewer features & objects thanEnterprise & UnlimitedWhich meansNO:Workflow,RecordTypes,CustomLayouts,Custom Profiles,API,etc.Workflow, Page Layouts,Record Types, API are availableGroup & professional Enterprise& unlimited
  103. 103. How Do I Support Multiple Editions?#appbootcampGroup &Professional EditionEnterprise &Unlimited EditionAnswer: Base Package + Extension Package
  104. 104. Remember Your CoreResource Online
  105. 105. #appbootcampSecurityreview
  106. 106. Why Is There a Security Review?#appbootcamp• Mandatory• Enterprise grade• Application focusedTrustis priority#1
  107. 107. What’s in Scope?#appbootcampClient andMobile AppsWebApplications
  108. 108.• SecureCodingGuidelines• SecureCodingLibrary• SecuritySelf-Assessment• Partner securityofficehours• Force.comSecurityCodeScanner• ISV program partnersreceivea freeweb application scanningtoollicenseSecure Cloud Development Resources#appbootcamp
  109. 109. Need More Help?#appbootcamp• discussion boards••• @SecureCloudDev• ISV Office hours (book online)•
  110. 110. #appbootcampDistributefor SuccessMay 2013Reid CarlbergPrincipal Developer Evangelist@ReidCarlberg
  111. 111. Distribute Like Salesforce#appbootcamp• AppExchange• Free trials• Your branding
  112. 112. The Power of the Platform: Metadata#appbootcampObjectsMetadata forCustom ObjectsFieldsMetadata forCustom FieldsDataStorage for CustomObject records
  113. 113. Package: Your Solution & Metadata#appbootcampYour data model (objects, fields, etc.)Your classes, triggers, and pagesManaged Packages• IP protection• Licensemanagement• Trials• Branding• Upgrades• SupportTools
  114. 114. Distribution with Packages#appbootcampObjectsFieldsData
  115. 115. #appbootcampDemoPackaging& appexchange
  116. 116. Remember Packaging Best Practices#appbootcamp Understand what can be packaged and upgraded Most components are automatically addedDon’tforgetto includethose that aren’t! Use package install scriptsAutomatetheinstallation process Complete your AppExchange listingThisis your brand!
  117. 117. 2 Great Ways to Distribute Your App#appbootcampYour Company Website
  118. 118. Customers Love Free Trials#appbootcampTrialforceTemplateCustomerYour CompanyWebsiteYourLogo
  119. 119. Remember Free Trial Best Practices#appbootcamp Create multiple trial experiencesOne for each vertical, industry, etc. Relevant sample data Brand the trial experience Use trials for demos and testing
  120. 120. #appbootcampSell& Market forSuccessMay 2013Sara Varni BrightSr. Director, AppExchange
  121. 121. #appbootcampMarket& sell forSuccessMay 2013Sara Varni BrightSr. Director, AppExchange
  122. 122. Marketing Drives Demand• AppExchange• Events• Public Relations• Social Media• Customer StoriesGet Expert Advice DuringOffice Hours with Partner Marketing#appbootcamp
  123. 123. Our Sales Playbook Is Open#appbootcamp
  124. 124. Cloud Sales Strategies#appbootcampNew SchoolInternet Sales ProfessionalsOld SchoolProspect, Sell, CloseOld School Cloud SellingProspect, Sell, Close Dedicated Teams (SR, EBR, AE)Chase All Leads Lead QualificationCold Calling Referral Selling, Email MktgAll or Nothing Seed & GrowPaid Pilot Free TrialsFBS (Feature Based Selling) Million Member Sales TeamHit and Run Customer Success
  125. 125. Selling… Customer Success#appbootcampEBR(Outbound)SalesQualified Leads& OpportunitiesCustomer SuccessNewCustomersOrganic &Marketing Leads(Inbound)Leads
  126. 126. Our Sales Coverage Model#appbootcamp< 100 Employees100 - ~3,500 employeesTop2000 AccountFamiliesSMBESBDesk & DoEnterpriseSalesCommercial – NamedCommercial – GEOMid-Market
  127. 127. SUCCESS MethodologySUsersSell for YouUStart with DiscoveryC CompellingDemosC Connectthe DotsE ExperienceEventsSShowThem the MoneySSell High and Through
  128. 128. SStart with Discovery#appbootcampIs The Deal Real? What business problem are we solving? How are they thinking about thesolution? What are the expected benefits? And all the standard stuff: Budget,Decision maker, need, timing, etc.Talk Less, Listen More!
  129. 129. Users Sell for You#appbootcampU
  130. 130. 1. Demo often but not early2. Customize all the time:… No “out of the box” demos3. Showcase flexibility4. Bring requirements to life5. Show the power of the platformDemosCanBe Your KeyDifferentiatorCreate & Deliver Compelling Demos#appbootcampC
  131. 131. Connect the Dots – Never Cold Call#appbootcampCsalesforce.comExecutives&PartnersYourCustomerToolsYou
  132. 132. Events Drive Engagement#appbootcamp$Pipeline$Closed ACV5XAvg. Deal Size4.45Sat. RatingDreamforcesignificantlyexceededour expectations.From the qualityofleadsto the ability to connectwith a wide and qualifiedaudience,theresno doubt that Dreamforceis time and moneywell spent.“”E
  133. 133. Sell High and ThroughWalk the HallsIf You’re Not Talking to C-Level Execs…#appbootcamp• Your Competitors Are There• C-level’sKnow Where Your Deal Sits• They Are Not Buying From YouS
  134. 134. Show Them the Money#appbootcamp• Quantify the challenges• Build a model• Focus on ROI and TCO• Document the numbers• Validate the assumptions• IterateBuild Your Business CaseS
  135. 135. Key Sales Resources#appbootcamp• Your ISV AE• ISV Business Org (CRM)• Behind The Cloud – Marc Benioff (2009)• Partner Portal: Sales• Aaron Ross on “Selling The Salesforce Way”
  136. 136. #appbootcampRememberRelationshipsnot Transactions
  137. 137. #appbootcampSupportfor SuccessMay 2013Sarah WhitlockDirector, Partner Technical Evangelism
  138. 138. #appbootcampUnderstand the Formula for SuccessRelease/support strategy+ isvforce TechnologyCustomersuccess
  139. 139. Be “In the Loop” with our Release• All release information is in the Partner Portal (login)• Know your Release Dates• Don’t overlap Salesforce releases• Test, test, test!• Listen to your customers#appbootcamp
  140. 140. Org with Your PackageSandbox Testing Is Essential#appbootcampVanilla OrgCurrent Release Partner Enterprise / Platform Edition Org1monthbeforeSalesforceReleasePre-releasetest
  141. 141. Major Updates Deserve a Push• Push major versions directly to any subscriber, notjust in patches– Solves for subscribers being on multiple versions• No separate patch org!#appbootcampVery Powerful, Exercise Caution!
  142. 142. Support Tools & ProgramsSubscriber Support Console• Login as a Subscriber• Real Time Visibility ToolsApex & Visualforce Tools• Subscriber-side debugging• Send email on unhandled Apex errorsPartner Support Resources• Cases via Partner Portal (@Partnerforce)• Optional designated support analyst• Per-incident based support option#appbootcamp
  143. 143. #appbootcampDemoSupport
  144. 144. If You Only Remember 3 Things…#appbootcamp Communicate Support Policies onyour AppExchange listing Stay “in the loop” on our releases Take advantage of our supporttools
  145. 145. #appbootcampTodaywecovered theapplifecycle
  146. 146. Pass SecurityReviewLaunch AppBuild Distribute SupportSellPlanSigned PartnerAgreementSuccessful TestingRenewalsClosed-WonOpportunitiesAPP Partner Lifecycle Milestones#appbootcampTechnical Review
  147. 147. Continue the
  148. 148. Build Distribute SupportSellPlanJoin Us: Let’s Get
  149. 149. #appbootcampThank You