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APP Academy: Sales (Virtual Classroom) - slides

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APP Academy: Sales (Virtual Classroom) - slides

  1. 1. APP Academy Sales   @partnerforce
  2. 2. Safe harbor Safe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of product or service availability, subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services. The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and delivering new functionality for our service, new products and services, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our security measures, the outcome of intellectual property and other litigation, risks associated with possible mergers and acquisitions, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited history reselling products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10Q for the most recent fiscal quarter ended July 31, 2012. This documents and others containing important disclosures are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other presentations, press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.
  3. 3. Instructors Michelle Paitich ISV Business Development AppExchange Partner Program John Richter ISV Success Team AppExchange Partner Program
  4. 4. Virtual Classroom Success! Benefits Pre-Work Live Event Post-Work Discussion Question Panel Parking Lot Quick Polls Vote Early & Often Real-time Feedback Stay Focused Stay Engaged Stay on Time Resources APP Academy (Online) – APP Academy (Virtual Classroom) – Partner Portal (Sales Resources) –
  5. 5. Quick Poll Have you gotten to First Report? Yes No What is First Report?
  6. 6. Session Goals •  Discover your tools & optimize your ISV Business Org •  Learn insider tips for working with your ISV AE •  Build a sales team that rocks! •  Manage your business processes through automation •  Developer a powerful Sales Kit •  Understand the sales cycle and formulate your own strategy •  Align your sales and marketing teams into one SUPER-TEAM •  Plan for Customer Success and work with our direct channel •  Drive your team to First Report and beyond!
  7. 7. APP Academy: Sales (VC) Preparing for Success Driving Success Introduction (Using Your Tools) Sales Strategy Working with your ISV AE Understanding the Sales Cycle Building a Killer Sales Team Driving to First Report Sales & Marketing Alignment Getting to Yes! (Objection Handling) Building a Sales Kit Customer Success Plan Managing Leads Selling with Salesforce (Direct Channel) Break Putting It All Together
  8. 8. Introduction (Tools)
  9. 9. Introduction •  Top 5 Areas of Focus •  Leveraging Salesforce Resources • Brand •  SUCCESS Methodology •  Accelerator •  Salesforce1 •  AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP) •  Sales Resource Page (portal) •  ISV Business Org
  10. 10. Top 5 Areas of Focus – ONLY 2 #1 - What is preventing you from getting to market? #2 - What is preventing you from selling more?
  11. 11. #1 in Cloud Computing and CRM #1 World’s #1 CRM Cloud Computing Innovation 2011 2012 2013 Market Leader Enterprise, MidMarket, SMB & Sales Force Automation
  12. 12. SUCCESS methodology S Start with Discovery U Users Sell for You C Compelling Demos C Connect the Dots E Experience Events S Sell High and Through S Show Them the Money
  13. 13. The Accelerator Review helps partners grow •  Tools, resources, best practices, metrics, mentorship •  Scale faster •  Exceed revenue goals •  Greater brand awareness •  Better program alignment Because when our partners succeed, we succeed!
  14. 14. The ccelerator Program provides a success framework
  15. 15. Build, Market and Sell Next Generation Customer Apps AppExchange Apps: ISVs Dropbox ServiceMax Concur Evernote Box FinancialForce eVariant DocuSign Xactly More
  16. 16. Learn More About Salesforce1   Salesforce1 Keynote & Sessions   Developer Site   Developer Guide   Admin Guide   App Guidelines (UX)   Customer Resources
  17. 17. AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP) What is the timing on FY15Q1 AMP? •  Spring ‘14 Prospectus Now Available! •  Jan 2014: Sales start •  Feb–April 2014: Q1 Program Do you qualify for AMP? •  Revenue sharing (ISV/OEM) •  Average of 4+ star reviews •  Minimum # of reviews depends on package level Watch the replay. View the prospectus. Fill out the interest form.
  18. 18. Partner Portal – Sales Resources   Accelerate Program   Selling Like Salesforce   Deep Dive Recordings   Sales Kit Resources   Objection Handling   Strategic Tools   Sales FAQ
  19. 19. APP Lifecycle Diagram Build Plan Sell Distribute Support Partner website Developer Org(s) Sign up •  Partner Portal Access •  APP Academy •  @partnerforce •  Recording Training (LMS) •  Support (Create a Case) Test Org(s) Trialforce Management Org Packaging Org Business Review (AE) Security Review ($) Final Contract Review (AE) In the Build phase: 4. Build & Test your app 5. Upload Managed Package 6. pass Security Review In the Distribute phase: 7.Setup TMO - trials, demos, branding 8. AppExchange Listing(s) 9. Order Management Technical Review (TE) In the Plan phase: 1. Join Program 2. Access free resources 3. APP Academy (training) ISV Business Org Operations Review FREE TRIAL •  Leads •  Licenses (LMA) •  Order Management AMP ($) Accelerator Review In the Sell phase: 10. Manage Leads 11. Licenses (LMA) 12. Opportunities •  Campaigns •  Opportunities •  Support Premium Support ($) In the Support phase: 13. Manage Cases 14. Subscriber Console 15. Manage Renewals
  20. 20. APP Lifecycle Diagram Plan Build Distribute Sell Support ISV Business Org •  Leads •  Licenses (LMA) •  Order Management AMP ($) Accelerator Review In the Sell phase: 10. Manage Leads 11. Licenses (LMA) 12. Opportunities •  Campaigns •  Opportunities •  Support
  21. 21. What Is (Should Be) In Your ISV Business Org? Leads Campaigns Licenses (LMA) ISV Business Org (Sales Cloud) Orders (COA) Analytics :: Red Hot News :: Customer Stories :: DupeCatcher :: Linkforce :: Salesforce CRM Dashboards :: Service Cloud ($) :: ExactTarget Marketing Cloud ($) Cases Tip: It’s a good idea to have a Certified Administrator on your staff. Subscriber Support (LMA)
  22. 22. Optimizing Your ISV Business Org (Best Practices) •  Get Ready to Sell (setting up COA, LMA, TMO) •  Start with 2 free EE licenses •  Buying additional licenses (how does it work?) •  Who should use the ISV Biz Org (everyone!) •  Using Chatter, Reports, Dashboards •  Certified Admin can help you optimize your CRM •  Free apps (Dream Team, Lead Duping, etc.) •  Manage Your Business from your SmartPhone
  23. 23. ASK Yourself. . . 1. Are you making the most of your resources? 2. Have you been through Accelerator? 3. What’s in your ISV Business Org? 4. Do you have a Certified Admin? 5. Are you managing your business from your phone? Introduction
  24. 24. Working with your ISV AE
  25. 25. Working With Your ISV AE •  How to find your AE •  First point of contact •  How/when to engage •  Set yourself up for success •  Share your pipeline early and often •  Share status of deals •  Set up a cadence call to review business and technology initiatives
  26. 26. Working With Your ISV AE - Sales Lifecycle QUALIFY ASSESS STAGE 1 30–60 Days STAGE 2 30–60 Days   Discovery   Onboarding   Tech. Review   Pricing   Term Sheet CONTRACT STAGE 3 30–60 Days BUILD STAGE 4 0–90 Days   Deal Package   Security Review   Deal Approval   AppEx listing   Signed Contract   Final GTM Plan   GTM Plan   First Report   Accelerator Call 1 IN MARKET STAGE 5 30–60 Days   ISV Biz Org   Ops Review   First Order   Accelerator Call 2 FIRST REPORT STAGE 5 Ongoing   Sales Enablement   Roadmap   Business Dev   EBC’s
  27. 27. Engaging with your AE •  How to find your AE •  •  They find you! •  •  Register as a partner here: Log a ticket in the Partner Portal if it’s been a while How/when to engage •  The more you communicate, the more your AE can enable you •  Throughout the entire APP lifecycle •  GTM strategy •  Ongoing pipeline review •  Large deals with Salesforce customers
  28. 28. ASK Yourself. . . 1. Who is your ISV AE? 2. Have you worked on a Go-To-Market Plan? 3. When is the last time you met with your AE? 4. What introductions has your AE made for you? 5. When was/is your First Report? 6. Are my AE and I setting each other up for success? Working With Your ISV AE
  29. 29. Building a Killer Sales Team
  30. 30. Enterprise   Sales   Top  2000  Account  Families   Re la tio n sh ip coverage model r Ve CMRL  –  Named   CMRL  –  GEO   MM   100  -­‐  ~3,500  employees   tic Tra ns a cti on al al SMB   ESB   Desk  &  Do   <  100  Employees  
  31. 31. Sales – Your Core Team 1.  Marketing Lead - positioning, messaging 2.  VP of Sales - strategy, management, compensation 3.  Inside Rep - qualifies incoming leads 4.  Account Executive - closer 5.  Sales Engineer - custom demos, problem solver 6.  Enterprise Business Rep (Outside) - BD, prospecting, no cold calls 7.  Customer Success Manager - manage renewals
  32. 32. Sales Reps 1.  Inbound Reps - qualifies incoming leads 2.  Outbound Reps (EBR) - BD, prospecting, no cold calls 3.  Account Executive - pipeline mgmt., closers 4.  Customer Success Manager - manage renewals *Adapted from ‘Predictable Revenue’ by Aaron Ross &Marylou Tyler (2011). All rights reserved. : When 1 persons role includes 20% of another role, it is time to hire a new person
  33. 33. Read ‘Predictable Revenue’ by Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler   Cold Calling 2.0   Prospecting Best Practices   Sales Best Practices   Lead Generation and “Seeds, Nets, & Spears”   7 Mistakes CEOs and Sales VPs Make   Sales Machine Fundamentals   Cultivating Your Talent   Leadership & Management
  34. 34. August 28, 2009 – Founded Saber Solutions May 2012 – Hired and Built out Marketing December 1, 2011 – first App is released 2009 2010 September 2009 – Became a Reseller 2011 May 2013 –Participated in Accelerator Program 2012 September 2012 – Hired/Built out Inside Sales April 2013 – Hired EVP of Sales January 4, 2010 – Hired first employee EXAMPLE: Sept/Oct 2013 – Hired 2nd Outside Enterprise Rep July 2012Hired VP of Inside Sales 2013 2014 FY2014 – Budgeted at 45 Employees -$500K in hard Marketing $
  35. 35. ASK Yourself. . . 1.  Do you have both inbound and outbound roles? 2. Do you have clear lead conversion criteria? 3. Who is building your customer demos? 4. Is your EBR paired with your Inside Rep? 5. Do you have a license renewal call down report? Watch “Driving Sales Success” on the Partner Sales page Building a Killer Sales Team
  36. 36. Sales & Marketing Alignment
  37. 37. Create Sales & Marketing Success
  38. 38. How We Align Marketing & Sales Clear Communications About Marketing Regular Calls Shared Goals
  39. 39. Sales & Marketing Alignment •  No & Marketing Alignment Sales silos •  Marketing should attend weekly sales meetings •  Routinely review lead gen strategy with sales and modify •  Test, Test, Test •  Incorporate feedback from sales to drive higher quality leads •  Conduct targeted marketing to reach specific audiences •  Make sure sales team is aware of promotions, campaigns, etc. Watch “Mastering the Direct Sales Model” on the Partner Sales page
  40. 40. ASK Yourself. . . 1. Do your sales reps know what Campaigns are running right now? 2. Does your marketing manager attend weekly sales meetings? 3. Are you capturing feedback on the quality of incoming leads (in terms of conversion)? 4. Is Marketing making adjustments based on this feedback? Sales & Marketing Alignment
  41. 41. Building a Sales Kit
  42. 42. What goes in your Sales Kit? •  First Call Deck (including Cloud, Platform, & Product slides) •  Data Sheet (Tear Sheet) •  Overview and Demo Videos •  Email Templates •  Social Strategy and Website (lead gen form) •  Thought leadership (content curation) •  Price Sheet & competitive information •  Common objections list (cloud, platform, your product) •  FAQs
  43. 43. Quick  Poll   How good is your Sales Kit? Our Sales Team has a centralized resource system We have a few of these resources, but not all We’ve got a First Call Deck (sort of?!) We need a Sales Kit?
  44. 44. ASK Yourself. . . 1. Who is responsible your Sales Kit content? 2. You need your current First Call Deck, where is it? 3. Can your reps name every major competitor, along with strengths & weaknesses of each? 4. Could you send me a link to your video demo right now? 5. What resources position you as a thought leader? Building a Sales Kit
  45. 45. Managing Leads
  46. 46. Managing Leads (Filling the Funnel) •  Sell like Salesforce: SRs and EBRs •  LMA – Hot lead process from AppExchange •  Lead Gen Strategy •  Clear criteria for qualifying leads (queue) •  Touch points (within 24 hours, free trial expiration) •  When/how to demo (custom demo with SE) •  Lead sources (website, AppExchange, social, networking) •  Target List to share with their ISV AE
  47. 47. Sales Development at Two Roles Sales Representative (SR) Enterprise Business Rep (EBR) •  Handle inbound leads •  Aligned with Account Executives •  Qualify opportunities •  Generate net new opportunities •  Face of •  Training ground for future EBRs •  Training ground for future AEs •  Maximize what is in Salesforce
  48. 48. SR Success Begins with Investment in Human Capital Recruiting Onboarding Coaching/Training
  49. 49. ~170 SRs will follow up on over 300,000 leads this year Sales Representatives Lead Drivers   Online Marketing   Email   3rd Party Lead Gen Programs   1-800-NO-SOFTWARE Offers   Free Trial / Demo / Events Account Executives
  50. 50. Lead Distribution Leads distributed through Round Robin Lead Router •  US East and West routers •  Lead “Sprinkler” distributes Leads equitably to Reps •  Avoid territory equity issues–“Your territory is better than mine” •  Manage campaigns more effectively 50
  51. 51. “First Face to the Customer” Drives Our SR Model •  24 hour turn-around SLA on leads •  Create a lead for every response & first SR to “touch” (reach out to) a prospect owns the lead •  Five to ten activities before archiving •  Lead Statuses used to manage interactions •  Open – Working – Converted or Archived •  Once Archived, the lead continues to be touched through the Marketing Nurture drip campaign 51
  52. 52. Rules of Engagement (ROE) Are SR Law •  If existing Opportunity, pass to AE •  If AE “touch” last 30 days, pass to AE •  If EBR “touch” last 90 days, pass to EBR •  If SR “touch” last 30 days, pass to SR If none of the above apply WORK THE LEAD 52
  53. 53. SRs are “Politely Persistent” in their Follow-up Day 1 Email & Phone Call Day 3 Day 10 Day 17 Email & Phone Call Day 30+ Email & Phone Call Email & Phone Call - Thank you for your interest -  Voicemail followup -  Voicemail followup -  Voicemail follow-up -  Voicemail followup -  Voicemail followup - Initial point of contact to understand your business -  When should we connect for a call? - What is a convenient time to discuss possible cost effective ways to utilize our service? - Provide a specific time for a call - Are you still evaluating? - Unsure if we can do business; would like to discuss if our service is in-line with your business needs. - Don’t want to disturb you or fill up your inbox unnecessarily - Assume that you are no longer evaluating our services - Attempt to arrange call Email & Phone Call Day 24 Marketing Nurture - If still interested, let me know
  54. 54. SRs Use Lead Status Values to Manage Leads Is a “Lead” Not a “Lead” •  Open •  Bad Data •  Working •  Personal Interest •  Archived – No Interest •  Partner Interest •  Archived – Future Interest •  Existing Contact – Current Oppty •  Archived – Non Responsive •  Existing Contact – Recent Activity •  Qualified – 1-14 •  Existing Contact – No Opportunity •  Qualified – 15-50 •  Qualified – >50 54
  55. 55. Dashboards Help SRs Understand How they Stack Up 55
  56. 56. SR Team Managers Drive Behaviors with Dashboards 56
  57. 57. We Use Dashboards to Manage Accountability
  58. 58. Our Ultimate Deliverables – Quality Pipe and Revenue 58
  59. 59. SR Success – People, Process, Accountability Recruiting and Training: Find the right people and invest in their success Rules of Engagement: The Law that rules “SR Nation” Process: Focus on the right leads, efficient and prioritized follow-up Layered Questions: Tell me more about that … Measured Accountability: Dashboard-driven culture Co-opetition: Stack-ranked, be a good teammate, share best practices 59
  60. 60. The “EBR Machine” Defined We are the HUNTERS! •  Dedicated resource for developing territories, flooding pipeline •  110 EBRs covering North America •  EBR to AE ratios  ~1:3 to ~1:5 •  Average tenure = ~12-16 months •  Career development role “My EBR has TREMENDOUSLY contributed to my success as an AE - I achieved 148% quota for the fiscal year” - Account Executive 60
  61. 61. Effective Territory Plans Combine Information and Strategy Information Strategy Customer/Prospect Mix Identify Quota/Pipeline Gaps Top Industries Identify Target Accounts Customer Whitespace Develop Prospecting Strategy Historical Performance Drive Marketing Programs Identify Growth Industries Define Team Goals – AE / EBR Premeditated Outbound Prospecting
  62. 62. Four Habits of Highly Effective AE/EBR Teams 1.  AE identifies and communicates top accounts for EBR prospecting 2.  Schedule weekly calls to review activity and account strategy 3.  AE and EBR input all activities in the App 4.  EBRs are part of the sales team 62
  63. 63. EBR Comp – Balanced Incentives •  Revenue Quota (Quality):   Monthly revenue quota   Payout % on closed deals EBR sourced   Lift applied to emerging products Quantity vs. Quality •  Leads Quota (Quantity):   Monthly quota of qualified opportunities   Key qualification criteria must be met   AE engagement must be confirmed 63
  64. 64. Is the Key to Group Collaboration Private Chatter groups for mgrs Best practices sharing across reps Chatter groups for industries, accounts and blitzes 64
  65. 65. Success Tools – What We Use Training: Sales Central, Content, Chatter, Boot Camp, Mentors Social Networking: Chatter, Radian 6, Facebook, Twitter Data: Salesforce, Jigsaw, LinkedIn, Referrals, Interns Measured Accountability: Dashboards, Dashboards, Dashboards 65
  66. 66. ASK Yourself. . . 1. Have you enabled leads to come from the AppExchange? 2. Are you getting enough leads to meet your forecast? 3. Do you have clear inbound and outbound processes? 4. Are your tracking your leads using dashboards? 5. Have you developed tools for your team to succeed? Managing Leads
  67. 67. Sales Strategy
  68. 68. Sales Strategy •  Need a strategy •  Competitive analysis •  Go-To-Market Strategy (pricing, target market, economic buyer) •  Core messaging/value proposition •  Differentiation •  The importance of the First Report
  69. 69. Develop a Clear Sales Strategy •  Hire a Fantastic Sales Person •  Train & Incentivize Your Sales Team •  Engage Your Customers •  Create an Outbound Strategy •  Manage Your Pipeline
  70. 70. Identify Where you are in the Market Make a List of Potential Customers Identify Your Target Market Convert Existing Customer Base Differentiate Yourself Against the Competition
  71. 71. Messaging: The Right Pitch in the Right Voice Consider our Aloha voice: •  Be conversational •  Be direct •  Be concise Aloha Business-speak
  72. 72. Messaging: Value Proposition Examples Be Conversational: We enable collaboration by securely and effectively connecting people and business information systems. Collaborate in real time, from anywhere. Follow your colleagues, groups & docs. Be Direct: Oracle offers a broad portfolio of products and services to enable public, private, and hybrid clouds that enable customer choice. Cloud computing makes your business more agile. Be Concise: Microsoft is redefining how business solutions empower people for greater success, predict potential issues and opportunities, and enable organizations to expand the possibilities for competitive advantage. Supercharge your sales. Bring social intelligence into your sales process.
  73. 73. Quick Poll Simple Messaging: Could a 5th grader understand what your app does? Definitely Maybe a really smart 5th grader?! Probably not No way I don t understand the question
  74. 74.
  75. 75. Driving to First Report and Beyond •  Your first placed order with Salesforce •  You, your AE, your customer •  Sell after two onboarding calls •  Install the LMA and COA •  Scale your business
  76. 76. ASK Yourself. . . 1. When did I/will I get to First Report? 2. Have I crafted messages for my target customer? 3. Do I need to work with an SI to scale my business? 4. Have I differentiated myself against my competitors? 5. How will my sales strategy evolve as my company grows? Sales Strategy
  77. 77. Understanding the Sales Cycle
  78. 78. Understanding the Sales Cycle •  Know your audience •  Understanding the sales cycle of your prospects •  industry, number of employees, timeline, fiscal year •  Cost of a sale •  Understanding your lead to oppty to close rate (managing the funnel)
  79. 79. Test and confirm your idea with potential customers Search Customer Discovery Execute Customer Validation Pivot Customer Creation Company Building
  80. 80. ASK Yourself. . . 1. Have you identified beta customers to test your app? 2. How many touch points do you have with potential customers? 3. Do you need to focus your sales efforts on one customer type? 4. Can you automate some of the customer education conversations? Driving to First Report
  81. 81. Getting to Yes! (Objection Handling)
  82. 82. You Need an Objection Handling Document •  Cloud objections (internet, privacy, etc.) •  Platform objections (stability, security, etc.) •  Your Product objections •  Your messaging should “answer” the objections •  Train your reps: DIFFUSE > DIFFERENTIATE > DEFER •  Objection handling doc – integral part of your sales kit
  83. 83. EXAMPLE: Salesforce1 Platform - Core Differentiators Why choose the Salesforce1 Platform? Cloud Trust S1 Platform S1 Mobile Success
  84. 84. The Cloud, baby. THE CLOUD. Fast Time to Value Easy upgrades Open, portable logic Scales for people and apps ASK: How do you achieve scale today?
  85. 85. Trust: Our highest value Most secure, most reliable 100B transactions per quarter Fast page load times New documentation ASK: Does <competitor> have a trust site?
  86. 86. Salesforce1 Platform Easy to build. Fast to deploy. 1 connected Platform for everyone Simple, powerful, secure APIs Visualforce ASK: Can you run all of your apps from one place today?
  87. 87. Salesforce1 Mobile – Seamless UX. Seamless user experience ALL your apps & customizations ALL your business actions Feed first. Notifications center. All-in-1 publisher ASK: Can you run your business from your SmartPhone today?
  88. 88. Success. Can’t touch this. 100,000+ customers Subscription model 93% customer renewal Customers for Life ASK: Does <competitor> have a Customers for Life organization?
  89. 89. Every rep should know these platform differentiators Why choose Cloud Trust S1 Platform S1 Mobile Success
  90. 90. ASK Yourself. . . 1. What are your core differentiators? 2. Why do you lose deals (Top 3)? Top Objections? 3. How do you handle these objections? 5. How does your core messaging (& marketing) diffuse these objections and play to your strengths? 5. Is your Top Objections doc available in your Sales Kit? Getting to Yes!
  91. 91. Customer Success Plan
  92. 92. Customer Success Plan •  Onboarding plan •  Defined customer education and training program •  Clear implementation/onboarding plan •  Ongoing customer support •  Partner Premier Support Watch “How Salesforce Manages Its Renewals” on the Partner Sales page
  93. 93. SUCCESS RESOURCES SUCCESS RESOURCES   Self-service resources including partner portal and Help site SUPPORT •  Online case submission •  Assigned success representative* •  Success Review* •  Self-service resources including partner portal and Help site SUPPORT •  2-business day response TRAINING •  Unlimited access to complete online training catalog •  24x7 toll-free phone for all issues •  1 hour response for Sev 1 cases •  Premier developer support TRAINING •  Unlimited access to complete online training catalog Included  with  Partner  program   *With minimum annual Partner Premier Success fee. Contact your PAM or RPM for more information. $24,000  USD/year  
  94. 94. ASK Yourself. . . 1. Is my onboarding process seamless and timely? 2. How many red accounts do I have? 3. Do I ask for reviews and customer success stories after every implementation? 4. Are you using the Customer Stories app in your ISV Business Org? 5. Would an SI help my customers onboard faster? Customer Success Plan
  95. 95. Selling with Salesforce
  96. 96. Quick  Poll   What has been your experience selling with Salesforce? It’s hard to get in front of the right sales people Once I form relationships with direct sales, it’s easy I want to do more co-selling with Salesforce I don’t typically have deals with Salesforce
  97. 97. How to Sell with (Direct Channel) •  What is a Direct and why are they important? •  When a direct would start to care about your product •  What Directs will and will NOT do •  Working with Directs •  Do’s and Don’t When Working with Directs •  Make sure your Sales Kit is ready to go
  98. 98. Working With Direct: Chatter Group Active Chatter Group Salesforce Aligned Messaging Sell into Salesforce Install Base
  99. 99. ASK Yourself. . . 1. Have I already closed a few deals? 2. Are my messaging and sales kit complete? 3. Have I prioritized my target list? 4. Do I have a Salesforce marketing strategy? Selling with Salesforce
  100. 100. Putting It All Together
  101. 101. Putting It All Together •  Are you leveraging Salesforce resources? •  Do you have the right team? •  What are the next steps for you to take? •  See the Partner Sales Page (deep dive recordings) •  Set up an Accelerator Review (talk with your AE)
  102. 102. The Accelerator Review helps partners grow •  Tools, resources, best practices, metrics, mentorship •  Scale faster •  Exceed revenue goals •  Greater brand awareness •  Better program alignment Because when our partners succeed, we succeed!
  103. 103. Quick Poll Was this program helpful? Extremely Mostly Somewhat Barely Please complete by the end of this week (Friday)
  104. 104. Appendix Other Resources
  105. 105. Follow us on Twitter •  •  •  •  •  •  •           @partnerforce Announcements   Webinar  Replays   Release  Updates   Dreamforce  Alerts   Program  Changes   Partner  News   New  Resources   h"p://www.twi"  
  106. 106. Read ‘Behind the Cloud’ by Marc Benioff   Startup Inspiration   Industry Expertise   Sales Strategy   Marketing Best Practices   Technical Wisdom   Event Planning   Product Launch   Financing   Corporate Philanthropy This is an excellent resource on how to build a successful cloud computing business. We recommend you purchase this book for yourself and your team members. We will refer to this book during the session (purchase is not required).
  107. 107. Read ‘Complete B2B Online Marketing’ by Maura Ginty & Lauren Vaccarello with William Leake   Understanding B2B Online Marketing   Building a B2B Brand Online   Search Engine Optimization   Using Paid Online Media   Optimizing with Metrics   Conversion Rate Optimization & Usability   Managing Your Leads   Integrating Marketing with CRM Lauren Vaccarello is a contributor to the APP Academy. Lauren is the Senior Director of Online Marketing at where she focuses on developing cross-channel strategies that bridge the gap between awareness and demand-generation. Find the book at
  108. 108. Check out The Business App Blog   How To’s   Thought Leadership   Technical Best Practices   Industry Trends   Sales Tips   Recommendations   Marketing Insights   Program Updates
  109. 109. Follow Us on Social Media Salesforcepartners
  110. 110. Appendix SUCCESS METHODOLOGY
  111. 111. SUCCESS methodology S Start with Discovery U Users Sell for You C Compelling Demos C Connect the Dots E Experience Events S Sell High and Through S Show Them the Money
  112. 112. S Start with discovery Is The Deal Real   What business problem are we solving?   How are they thinking about the solution?   What are the expected benefits?   And then all the standard stuff: Decision maker, budget, timing, etc. Talk Less, Listen More!
  113. 113. U Users sell for you ENTERPRISE MID-MARKET SMALL BUSINESS
  114. 114. C Create & deliver compelling demos Demo s Can Be Your Differentiator: 1.  Demo often but not early 2.  Customize all the time: … No out of the box demos 3.  Showcase flexibility 4.  Bring requirements to life 5.  Show the power of the platform
  115. 115. C Connect the dots… Never cold call Your Customer Executives & Partners You Tools
  116. 116. E Experience Salesforce Events $ Pipeline $ 5X 4.45 Closed ACV Avg. Deal Size Sat. Rating Dreamforce significantly exceeded our expectations. From the quality of leads to the ability to connect with a wide and qualified audience, there's no doubt that Dreamforce is time and money well spent.
  117. 117. S Sell high and through Walk the Halls If You re Not Talking to C-Level Execs… •  Your Competitors are in There •  C-level s Know Where Your Deal Sits •  They Are Not Buying From You
  118. 118. S Show them the money •  Quantify the challenges •  Build a model •  Focus on ROI and TCO •  Document the numbers •  Validate the assumptions •  Iterate Build Your Business Case
  119. 119. Appendix ccelerator Program
  120. 120. The Accelerator Program provides a success framework  Partner and Salesforce are executing deliverables in documented Partner Success Plan in a timely manner  Defined metrics (KPIs) to measure partnership success are compelling, documented and aligned at exec level  Milestones, action items, target dates and owners are defined and reviewed regularly  Partnership has right share of mind, cadence, and engagement amongst both exec tables  Salesforce AE understands how the partners leverages the Salesforce platform and its plans for future releases  COLLATERAL - eBook and/or Whitepapers  COLLATERAL - Product brochures, others  PRESENTATIONS - First Call Deck - Customer  PRESENTATIONS - First Call Deck - SFDC AE  PRESENTATIONS - First Call Deck - Partner AE  partner has a defined customer education program  ISVForce PARTNER - Aware of end customers SFDC start and end dates  Documented product development plan & roadmap; Architecture/marketechure diagram  Certified trained technical resources on staff or using a PDO  TE has reviewed partner solution (1)  Partner and Salesforce are jointly planning partner product roadmap using Salesforce roadmap and releases  How the product should/could be sold has been discussed, refined, tested and agreed upon  Awareness of the product and generating pipeline is continuously improving  Partner is appropriately engaged without frustration or fatigue  Both sides are connected and continue to find ways to collaborate beyond the ISV sales function  Both sides executing against the partner success plan on a quarterly basis  TOOLS - ROI calculator  TOOLS - other lead generation tools  SEO  SEM  Retargeting  Analytics (Radian 6 and/or other web analytics engines)  Product or product roadmap addresses the 6 critical elements of connected apps  TE has monthly cadence calls with partner techincal lead  TE has understanding of ISV roadmap  SFDC has presented roadmap to ISV  TE has documented technical plan for adopting new SFDC technology  Address and resolve any outstanding architecture issues identified  Salesforce continues improving its ability to enable the partner to be successful in market  There are no operational roadblocks that get in the way, or the roadblocks that previously existed are waning  Tracking pipeline is accurate and/or improving  Forecasting ACV is accurate and/or improving  Documented sales plan (Target # of leads/close rates, lead mgmt for lead-2-oppty close)  YouTube/Video  Social (Facebook, Twitter, others)  Lead to pipe ratio  Pipe to close ratio  Primary source of leads are successful  ISV has formal pre-release testing process for both new releases of the ISV app and for SFDC  Security Review did not have major issues that need to be addressed  Clear, succinct value proposition for SFDC AEs (list in discussion notes)  Clear, succinct value proposition for customers (list in discussion notes)  Solution is visionary, innovative, and/or disruptive  Dedicated/designated partner sales team  De-brief on won/lost deals; understand why deals are stalled/lost  PR - Strong PR activities that drive partner and app  PR - Key placements in trade publications and other key media sources  Solution solves a critical business challenge in their target market  Significant market opportunity with target % of market share identified  External Chatter group with active partner manager  Ongoing sales enablement (training, campaigns, badges, motivation)  Experienced, established sales team with field and inside AEs  SEs aligned with the sales team  Lead-to-close-to-implementation rates are appropriate for the app and industry type  AR - Key placement in Analyst reports and or quadrants  AR - Regular connections with key analyst organizations  SFDC EVENTS - Participation in CCT events  SFDC EVENTS - Participation in Dreamforce  SFDC EVENTS - Participation in other events (SKO, ad hoc events)  Documented target market and economic buyer documented (list in discussion notes)  Market-competitive and clearly differentiated from others in the market  Competitive pricing/pricing thresholds based on avg. deal size  END CUSTOMERS: partners pricing structure is easy to understand  Pricing is logical and related discounts are justified  Accelerating revenue  Exploring additional programs within Salesforce (Chatter, Heroku, Chatter Communities) to help partner sell  PARTNER EVENTS - user conferences that highlight partner app  PARTNER EVENTS - in-person customer events (regional, sporting, etc)  Regular cadence with engaged partner exec team  Strong SFDC exec visbility, support, engagement  Partner is obtaining and managing leads on their own  Partner is obtaining and managing leads from Salesforce (AppExchange and AEs)  Documented marketing and awareness plan aligned to the sales strategy/target market; Dedicated marketing team  Listed publicly on AppExchange  PARTNER EVENTS - webinars to new oppys and/or existing customers  INDUSTRY EVENTS - strong presence of partner app at Industry events  Appropriate partner budget for this initiative  Regular SFDC cadence calls that include success plan and detailed pipeline review  PARTNER AE - Training plan for partner sales teams  Cadence call agenda; detailed mtg notes sent after each call with mgmt copied  Customized, well managed trial experience; branded TrialForce w/ automated email upon registration  PARTNER AE - Internal awareness activities for partner sales teams  PARTNER SE - Technical/demo training (demo org, scripts, platform training)  ISV PARTNER - partner is transacting on the channel order application  ISV PARTNER - no issues with placing orders in a timely manner  Collateral (website, datasheets, first call deck, etc.) reviewed and GTM ready  Clear voice that connects with Salesforce audiences  Vertical-specific messaging *optional*  WEBSITE - presence on company homepage  WEBSITE - product-specific page  SFDC AE - Ongoing SFDC AE training  SFDC SE - Ongoing SFDC SE training (demo training, demo org)  Sales Tools - Getting started guides, FAQ, other tools  Documented customer success stories for each won deal  Detailed, clear, impactful customer success plan; no (or few) red accounts  ISV PARTNER - submitting cancellations or reduction orders at the appropriately time  END CUSTOMERS - solution is easy to buy from the partner  END CUSTOMERS - the sales cycle is simple and clear to end customers  partner schedules no more than '5' calls a month  the partner's support issues have been resolved in a timely manner  WEBSITE - campaign landing page  VIDEOS - Demo video  partner has completed Call1 and Call 2 with their POM  partner has no red accounts  the most common issues have been resolved (no ongoing issues)  Partner works with AE on successful deal structure  VIDEOS - Company overview  VIDEOS - Customer success stories  a team exists to support red accounts and big customer issues  partner has clearly defined implementation/onboarding plan  Ensuring all licensing aligns with the technical requirements of the Partner's solution  Economics of any deal generate an equitable share of return for both parties  COLLATERAL - Data sheet  current implemenation experience is seamless and timely  Partner has defined MSA/SLAs  Partner is communicating a need for a one-time discount in a timely manner
  121. 121. The framework is summarized in 8 key drivers Idea Market Opportunity Marketing Sales & Distribution Customer Success Management Team Technology Price