10 cool things marketers can do with data


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Here are 10 ideas related to marketing data / marketing metrics that will help marketers get extra value from their investments.

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10 cool things marketers can do with data

  1. 1. @parthsm 10 COOL THINGS Marketers Can Do With Data Parth Mukherjee Senior Product Marketing Manager, Vizury
  2. 2. @parthsm THIS PRESENTATION PING ME! Provides 10 ideas Not all may be useful for you For details on implementation
  3. 3. @parthsm ONE. USER MICROSEGMENTATION Have you utilized every kind of data at your disposal to build microsegments from your target audience? User Data  Non-PII user information using tags  Behavioral data from clickstream Product Data  Product and category data from feeds  Real-time updates through tags Micro-segmentation of users
  4. 4. @parthsm TWO. IDENTIFY USERS ACROSS DEVICES If you knew the different devices being used by the same user, 2341S DR45 67PT Fingerprinting Cookie matching Device ID you could use the impressions on each device much more effectively. Product interest Ad sequencing Conversion tracking
  5. 5. @parthsm THREE. MOST VIEWEDMOST BOUGHT What is the relation between the most popular products on your site from the perspective of $ Views & Purchases and how do you use it in your marketing strategy www. CLICK HERE >>
  6. 6. @parthsm FOUR. SHARE OF VOICE From a content marketing perspective it helps to know what is your share of voice for different types of themes related to your business. HEALTH DRINK BUSINESS THEME 1: HEALTH DRINKS How can I retain my advantage ? THEME 2: GYMMING What are the other related topics? THEME 3: HIGH THRILL SPORTS What keywords are competitors using?
  7. 7. @parthsm FIVE. REALLY INTERESTED VISITOR DOMAIN Track the organization from the domain from which you receive visitors who display most interest ALL VISITS PAGE DEPTH >=10 X TIME SPENT >=10m PAGE VIEWED contains SEAMASTER REFERRING DOMAINS X X
  8. 8. SIX. LEAD QUALITY FROM REFERRAL TRAFFIC @parthsm Who gave you your most valuable leads? PARTNERS MEDIA SOCIAL ARTICLE How to continue getting useful referrals: Banner ads, article placements, partnerships Image source: http://www.newfangled.com/measuring_referral_traffic_goal_conversion_rate
  9. 9. @parthsm SEVEN. BROWSING PATH ANALYSIS How do people land on your most important page? 3rd click Direct 2nd click • What are the most common paths? • Can you improve the flow from these paths? • How much of this traffic can you get to land directly on your page?
  10. 10. EIGHT. QUALITY OF EMAIL LIST @parthsm Is your email list any good? Should you just junk it and make / buy a new one? Unsubscribe List retention per broadcast Open rate trend Click rate trend New vs. old user ratio A combination of the above metrics will tell you whether your list is worth the investment any longer.
  11. 11. @parthsm NINE. OPPTY COST OF OLD BANNER DATA So your banner displayed products or prices that were not available or not at par (respectively) on your website? $100,000 $78,000 NOT AVAILABLE BUY NOW >> $100,000 $78,000 BUY NOW >> $98,000 BUY NOW >> Does loss of business justify the cost of investing in real-time dynamic ads?
  12. 12. @parthsm TEN. VIEW THROUGH PURCHASE TIME How long do most customers need before they convert? DAYS TO 90% CONVERSIONS DAYS TO 50% CONVERSIONS And how many display ads / marketing touch points before they convert? PAID SEARCH ORGANIC SEARCH SOCIAL DIRECT EMAIL REFERRAL DIRECT DIRECT REFERRAL RETARGETING BUY BUY RETARGETING BUY
  13. 13. @parthsm IN SUMMARY The ideas pertained to four main data sets (just in case you are considering new sets or integrations) USER DATA PRODUCT DATA CHANNEL DATA SALES DATA I know the implementation of these ideas is more difficult than the idea itself. And that is what will make it ‘cool’.
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