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  1. 1. Creativity Comes Naturally Page 1 of 34 Page 3 of 34 A Little Talent HelpsTwo phases: Creation Delivery Vincent Van Gogh, age 9 Page 2 of 34 Page 4 of 34
  2. 2. How innovative? Long term vs. short term Research vs. advanced development Understand the Actors, Leap vs. step and their Motivations. Directly determine how broad the net Page 5 of 34 Page 7 of 34Have a Vision Beyond the edge Design for today => instantly obsolete unrealistic Start with todays read sci-fi exotic: tomorrows watch movies standard philosophy Xerox Alto dream Moores Law Invention then customer product problem Selling futures crushes the present and the future direction The Osborne Effect Page 6 of 34 Page 8 of 34
  3. 3. Taking Risks Or Inspired? Demand failure Insufficient failure => insufficient innovation Success through diversity IBM: 1-5% of projects enter products Sun: 10-20% Page 9 of 34 Page 11 of 34 Reckless? Even failures are useful Dont get upset, Learn! Page 10 of 34 Page 12 of 34
  4. 4. Serendipity Discovery by accident The color purple Penicillin Isolation Inspiration happens when it Away from the old ways happens Away from the narrow Manufacturing Luck Being in the right place at the right time vision Have a gut feeling (vision) that theres Away from the infighting something there What they call in the stock market "a diverse portfolio" Page 13 of 34 Page 15 of 34 Start Small Big groups are expensive Perspective bureaucratic Overall view Inflexible Small groups are Investigate the opposition inexpensive Investigate tangents creative eg Java & CE flexible limited in power Page 14 of 34 Page 16 of 34
  5. 5. Craziness Creative people are crazy When youve finally got Feed the craziness Let the train jump the something... What do you do with it? tracks But there are limits... Page 17 of 34 Page 19 of 34Design & Implementation Inseparable No such thing as an "architect" Dont confuse: The Devil is in the Details Hacking together a demo Iterate up and down the Engineering a product levels of abstraction Throw everything out at least three times Page 18 of 34 Page 20 of 34
  6. 6. Politics - Internal Organizations develop Obsolete yourself antibodies If you can invent it, Bend new things to look someone else can like the old e.g.. 68K => SPARC Territoriality Close-mindedness Page 21 of 34 Page 23 of 34Technology Transfer Dont fight the Genetic Create new and let the old Code die out Organizations do what Infect the old they do and transform Small steps work into the new Large ones dont eg. Xerox - a copier company Page 22 of 34 Page 24 of 34
  7. 7. Politics - External The usual competitive pressures Extreme forms in software Launch Consortiums - NeWS Motivate! Free software - Emacs Explain why its interesting Economies of scale - Microsoft Engineering: large; Unit Cost: tiny in 10 seconds at a deep level Page 25 of 34 Page 27 of 34Wanting Too Much Continuity of passion Big piece of a small pie The People must follow vs Small piece of a big pie through Researchers cant just do Or no pie at all NeWS research Beta Papers It is easy to be seduced by ideas only re-develop to incorporate tales of riches OK for very long term/abstract Page 26 of 34 Page 28 of 34
  8. 8. After success... Standard Failure Modes Cope with growth Cool, but who cares? Morale Not a big enough leap Overwork Too big a leap Creating a community Boring Its not a small communal Killed company affair anymore competition Page 29 of 34 Page 31 of 34 As Time Passes Project size &Summary cost increase Innovation is (relatively) Uncertainty easy decreases Transfer to a product is Risk transforms: hard tech to business Page 30 of 34 Page 32 of 34
  9. 9. Few solid rules Many failures Success is rare Every success unique But success is sweet! Page 33 of 34 Page 34 of 34