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Cloud bees toolkit_for_eclipse

  1. 1. !!Seamless integration with sourcerepositories hosted on CloudBeesEvery CloudBees account comes with optionalsource repositories like SVN and Git. Thus CloudBeesdevelopers can have one integrated development todeployment environment. Developers can also pluginto external repositories that are not hosted byCloudBees.The CloudBees Toolkit for Eclipse builds on top ofSubversive and Subclipse plug-ins that connectEclipse users to source repositories hosted onCloudBees. Developers can easily connect to andwork with source repositories on the CloudBeesforge. The toolkit automatically connects to the SVNrepositories hosted on CloudBees during theaccount validation process – a user just chooses theright repositories that should be managed in a drop-down window.Create and monitor jobs on Jenkinsto enhance developer productivityIn the Cloud and On-PremiseCloudBees’ DEV@cloud service provides thecontinuous integration capabilities of Jenkins as aService in the cloud today. The toolkit connectsDEV@cloud directly to Eclipse, so developers cancreate and monitor Jenkins jobs running onCloudBees without ever leaving the Eclipse IDE.In addition to monitoring Jenkins on CloudBees,developers can use this toolkit to connect to theirexisting on-premise Jenkins jobs.Now, developers don’t need to open a browser toview the status of their builds. They just build code,push it to Jenkins and observe the status rightthrough their IDE. Productivity improves, and sodoes software quality.Deploy applications to the cloudfrom within the IDEToday, CloudBees provides the most advancedJava Platform as a Service (PaaS) on the market,RUN@cloud. Developers can now connect toRUN@cloud from within Eclipse and directly deploytheir applications to the cloud.The toolkit provides two modes:! Run in a local environment: The CloudBees SDKprovides a local mode wherein developers candeploy to a local appserver instance that mimics aproduction environment on a local machine.Developers can use this mode from within Eclipseto test their applications locally – this is as easy assaying “run as” on a local instance.! Deploy to the CloudBees RUN@cloud PaaS:Once developers have tested their applicationsand are ready to push them out into the cloud,they can through a simple push of a buttondeploy their applications to the CloudBeesRUN@cloud service. This is as easy as saying “runas” on CloudBees. The underlying SDKtransparently deploys the application to theirCloudBees account. Only the modified files areKEY FEATURES& BENEFITSUse Eclipse to take entiredevelopment-build-developmentcycle to the cloud to enhanceproductivity. Work directly withinEclipse to manage Jenkins as aService , then deploy apps to thecloud with a single click!!FEATURESUse Eclipse to:! Connect to source repositorieson CloudBees! Monitor on-premise Jenkins! Monitor Jenkins in the cloudon CloudBees’ DEV@cloud! Deploy to CloudBees’Platform-as-a-Service(RUN@cloud platform)!BENEFITS! Easily access the benefits of thecloud – resources are instantlyavailable with no configurationhassle! Improved software quality:directly integrating quality-enhancing processes makesthem easier to do – and morelikely to be done! Faster time to market:Streamlined development anddeployment processes yieldgreater productivityRELATED DEVELOPERTOOLS! Jenkins! Git! SVN! TomcatRELATED CLOUDBEESPRODUCTS! DEV@cloud! RUN@cloudCloudBees Toolkit for EclipseTurbo-charge Java application development, build and deployment in thecloud… with Eclipse! With the CloudBees Toolkit for Eclipse, developers canwork directly within their Eclipse environment to create and monitor buildjobs on CloudBees DEV@cloud (Jenkins-as-a-Service++) and easily deploythose applications on the CloudBees RUN@cloud Platform as a Service.
  2. 2. !!CloudBees, Inc.16192 Coastal HwyLewes, DE 19958USAcloudbees.cominfo@cloudbees.comuploaded, greatly improving redeployment speedsand often reducing redeployment times to seconds.Continuous deployment throughEclipse to turbo-charge productivityAs developers become more and more productiveusing Eclipse with CloudBees, they can move to thenext level of sophistication: continuous deployment.Like continuous integration, this best practice is alsoeasy to achieve with the CloudBees platform. Inmost cases, developers just set up their forge, set upJenkins jobs, and modify the Jenkins jobs to use theCloudBees deployer plug-in, which automaticallydeploys applications to the RUN@cloud PaaS. Onceset up, the developer just checks in the code.DEV@cloud runs the builds and on success, deploysthem to the cloud.CloudBees View in EclipseTry the CloudBees Platform Free! the CloudBees Toolkit for Eclipse:Point to from within EclipseLearn MoreSee the toolkit in action:Full toolkit - Clip - Watch the DEV@cloud service and on-premise Jenkins monitoring of toolkit in action Toolkit How To Guide: Training: Videos, Webinars, White papers:!Developers who want tospeed their applicationdevelopment anddeployment can downloadthis toolkit to set up sourcerepositories on CloudBees,build their applications onDEV@cloud, and deploy toRUN@cloud without everleaving Eclipse. Enjoyenhanced productivity andan improved process forsoftware quality.CloudBeesis free foropen source!