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Around The World In 80 Minutes Quiz Part III - Islands Edition 2014
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Around The World In 80 Minutes Quiz Part III - Islands Edition 2014


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Quiz themed on islands. …

Quiz themed on islands.
Geography, People, Wildlife, Culture, Lifestyle, History, Trivia etc.

Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Rules • Clock wise Round – 24 questions • Anti-Clockwise Rounds - 24 questions • All questions are open on pounce. • Quiz Masters decision is final.
  • 2. Pounce – for Newbies If you know the answer, raise your hand Do not shout out the answers !!! Write the answer on the given sheet of paper If it is correct +15 If it is wrong - 5 You wont get a turn during normal round.
  • 3. Bounce If I answer the question correct Next question comes to me directly
  • 4. Clockwise Round 24 QUESTIONS
  • 5. 1. Identify the narrator • South Pacific is a 6 part BBC documentary series that explored the South Pacific and the wonderful wildlife that lives there. <<Video>>
  • 6. Benedict Cumberbatch
  • 7. 2. What‘s the significance of this title? • Hawaii Five-O is an American police procedural drama series produced by CBS Productions and Leonard Freeman. Set in Hawaii, the show originally aired for 12 seasons from 1968 to 1980. • The phrase "Five-O" (or any variation, such as "5- 0", "5-o", and "five O", all usually pronounced "five oh") has come from this TV series which refers to the police in the United States. • In 2010, the remake of this series was done under the name Hawaii Five-0 (The title of the new show uses a zero instead of the letter "O" in the original title)
  • 8. Hawaii - 50th State of USA • The Five-O in the series' title pertains to Hawaii's rank as being the 50th state to enter the union (August 21, 1959).
  • 9. 3. This Museum in Tahiti consists of paintings of a famous artist who was responsible for catapulting the Tahiti‘s fame and nature through his paintings. Also a cruise ship which travels to Tahiti is named in his honour. Who?
  • 10. 4. Identify the island from this famous coast • Ahu Tongariki in 1914 (Ahu is a stone platform)
  • 11. Easter Islands Its moai were toppled during the island's civil wars and substantially restored in the 1990s.
  • 12. 5. a) Identify the animal b) What did they inspire
  • 13. a) Iguana b) Zilla – Godzilla (1998)
  • 14. 6. Identify the song ? • San Pedro is an island town in Belize which was famously referred in a song by Madonna. • Later the song title become the nickname of this town. • The lyrics of the song tell about a beautiful island and was a tribute to the beauty of the Latin people according to Madonna. • It is the first Madonna song to have a Latino influence in it, with arrangements of Cuban drums and Spanish guitar, maracas, harmonicas and a mix of synthesized and real drumming.
  • 15. La Isla Bonita
  • 16. 7. Identify the place (Y) and French explorer (X) • In 1972, famed Frenchmen X descended to the very bottom in his research vessel, The Calypso, shedding light and fame on the deepest mysteries of the Y. He declared it one of the top ten scuba diving sites in the world. • There have been rumors that he used dynamite to blast through part of the coral around the Y in order to navigate his boat, but these are fairly unsubstantiated, although X has admitted to employing explosives in other areas of Belize. • In the years following X‘s exploration, the Belizean government established the site as a National Monument and UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site, ensuring its preservation for generations to come. • In 2012, Discovery Channel ranked the Y as number one on its list of "The 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth"
  • 17. X - Jacques Cousteau Y - Great Blue Hole “The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” - Jacques–Yves Cousteau
  • 18. 8. Identify this cocktail ? This cocktail drink, a mix of coke, lime and rum is supposed to have invented during the War of Independence in X(country) and was named after the battle cry that inspired the soldiers. In some parts of X, it is otherwise known as Mentirita meaning ―little lie‖ declaring that there is no ―freedom‖ for X when it is under control of the dictator.
  • 19. 9. • Known previously as ‗Boscobel Aerodrome’, a limited service airport facility was upgraded into 3rd International Airport of Jamaica in 2011. • What is the new name given to the airport which created controversy among locals ?
  • 20. 10. In Haiti, majority of the people follow a religion in which they worship not a particular God but spirits and mysterious forces in return for "health, protection and favour." What term related to "black magic" and "rituals involving spirits" comes from the name of this official religion of Haiti ?
  • 21. Voodoo from Haitian Vodou
  • 22. 11. Why flight timings are displayed in a beach resort ? • Maho Beach is famous beach on the Dutch side (St. Maarten) of the Caribbean islands, St. Martin. • In most bars and restaurants on the beach the daily arrival and departure timetables of airlines are displayed on board. • The Sunset Bar and Grill has a speaker on its outside deck that broadcasts the radio transmissions between pilots and the airport's control tower. • Why did they display such information's or what is the famous activity (dangerous) which attracts people here ? Clue: Next Slide
  • 23. Clue
  • 24. Known for all the low-flying airliners, which fly so closely above the beach that people can actually be blown into the water because of the jet blast
  • 25. 12. Identify the music style • <<Video>
  • 26. Calypso Vivy is the name Cricket is the game Brother I don‘t know How he could play cricket so But his batting Bowling, fielding Catching is breathtaking Sometimes I does wonder if it is another Sobers In the making That man Richard Could really bat Is to see him plundering bowler after bowler It‘s remarkable How he does dictate the game CHORUS No bowler holds a terror for Vivian Richards Not Thompson or Lillee Nor Bedi nor Chandrasakar Perfect co-ordination of body and mind that brother is really dynamite pace or spin He don‘t give a France What you bowling to him fast or slowly
  • 27. 13. Tourism promotion of which country ? • <<Video>>
  • 28. Barbados Tourism - Rihanna
  • 29. 14. FITB • Little Tobago Island is one of the most important seabird sanctuaries in the Caribbean. • In 1909 the island was purchased by Sir William Ingram who introduced 26 pairs of ________, in an attempt to save the species. Hence its also known as _________ Island. • These birds were imported from New Guinea where a thriving plume trade threatened them with extinction. • The island was presented to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in 1924 after Sir William's death by his heirs on the condition that it be maintained as a bird sanctuary. • A number of factors, including the hurricane of 1963, caused the __________ to become extinct on the island. However, it remains a sanctuary for numerous other species.
  • 30. Greater Birds of Paradise • The birds survived on the island until at least 1958 when they were filmed by a National Geographic crew. There are no reliable records after 1963 when Hurricane Flora hit the island and the population is presumed to be extinct.
  • 31. 15. _____Olympic Team
  • 32. Bermuda @ Sochi Olympics • It is tradition for Bermuda to march in the Opening Ceremony in Bermuda shorts, regardless of the summer or winter Olympic celebration.
  • 33. 16 • Ellis Island now a museum is a part of the Liberty Island. What is the significance of this Island to American history? Pic: Next Slide
  • 34. Immigration Island
  • 35. 17. • The Thousand Islands constitute an archipelago of 1,864 islands that straddles the Canada-U.S. border in the Saint Lawrence River . The Canadian islands are in the province of Ontario, the U.S. islands in the state of New York. • Zavikon Island is part of Thousand Islands archipelago and consists a pair of tiny islands connected by footbridge, which attracts lot of tourists. • What popular belief attracts the tourists ? Pic: Next Slide
  • 36. Shortest international bridge in the world
  • 37. 18. What's unique about their old license plate ? • Nunavut is the largest, northernmost and newest territory of Canada. It was separated officially from the Northwest Territories on April 1, 1999 and comprises the most of Canadian Arctic Archipelago (36,563 islands ). • Nunavut used to be part of the Northwest Territories (N.W.T.), and it adopted the same license plate design (unique shape) that has been used there. • But the N.W.T. government, which holds the copyright to the design, is "making some changes" to that territory's license plates, according to a Nunavut government release. Since the copyright included Nunavut, the eastern Arctic territory must change its plate design as well. • The Nunavut government launched a contest in 2011 for a new license plate design and finally selected the design shown in the next slide. Pic: Next Slide
  • 38. New License Plate
  • 39. Polar Bear shaped license plates
  • 40. 19. i) Flag of ______ ii) How its different from any other Nordic flag ? Ice and Snow Sun Ice bergs and the pack ice Ocean
  • 41. Greenland Only Nordic country/territory to have flag without Nordic Cross Finland Iceland Norway Sweden Denmark
  • 42. 20. Identify the memorial and country ? Additional points for Person.
  • 43. Imagine Peace Tower, Iceland Dedicated to John Lennon
  • 44. 21. Fair Isle is famous for ? Fair Isle, also known as Far-off isle or sheep isle, is an island near Scotland. It has given its namesake to its primary export. Fair Isle Pattern
  • 45. Fair Isle sweaters
  • 46. 22. What Guinness record does this island hold ? • Bishop Rock is one of South West England's most dramatic and most remote locations imaginable. • Bishop Lighthouse is often referred to as “King of the lighthouses” and it is indeed a very impressive structure. • Set off the tip of the Isles of Scilly near Cornwall, England, the lighthouse stands on a rock ledge that measures 46 m long, 16 m wide and stands 49 m high. Before the lighthouse was installed, many a ship was shred to bits by the jagged rocks hiding underwater, killing thousands of seamen. Construction on the first tower started in 1847, but it was swept away before the lantern could be installed. It was finally completed in 1858. • Bishop Rock is also the eastern end of the North Atlantic shipping route used by ocean liners in the first half of the 20th century; the western end being the entrance to Lower New York Bay. This was the route that these ocean liners took when competing for the Transatlantic speed record, awarded the "Blue Riband." Pic: Next Slide
  • 47. World's Smallest Island with a building
  • 48. 23 Ile de la cite (aka City Site) is one of the two natural islands located in Paris. It is surrounded by River Seine on all sides. This island is home to a) A very famous landmark. Identify b) A marker on the Place du parvis located near the landmark. What is the significance of this marker? Pic: Next Slide
  • 49. a) Notre Dame Cathedral b) Point Zero – all the road distances in France are calculated from this point
  • 50. 24. i) Identify the reserve (X) ii) Famous activity (Y) iii) Archipelago (Z) • ‗X Reserve‘ is a site where a commitment to defend the night sky quality. Its main function will be to preserve the quality of the night sky and its associate values, whether they are cultural, scientific, astronomical, natural, or landscape-related. • ‗X Reserve‘ concept was a result of declaration at UNESCO‘s X Conference, held on the island of La Palma in April 2007. • Tenerife Island is named one of the best places for tourists to go for Y. Teide National Park, Tenerife was awarded the title of ‗X Reserve‘ in 2013 thanks to its clear skies, high altitude and proximity to the Equator - a long way from tropical storms. • A law is in place on the island to control contamination levels and even flight paths in order to protect the perfect Y conditions. • Both La Palma and Tenerife Islands belongs to Z archipelago.
  • 51. Starlight Reserve Star-gazing Canary Islands
  • 52. Anti-Clockwise Round 24 QUESTIONS
  • 53. 25 Until 1942 Malta flag was represented only by vertical bicolour of white and red. From 1943 a particular addition was made to the flag exhibiting the recognition it got from England in 1942. a) What is featured in the canton of the flag? b) And what is the reason behind this recognition? Pic: Next Slide
  • 54. Top Left : (1091- 1943) Top Right: (1943 – 1964) Bottom Left: (1964 – present)
  • 55. a) George Cross b) It was awarded by George VI to the whole civilian population of Malta for their bravery while under attack by German forces in WW II. George Cross has usually been given to individuals. This is one of the two instances where it was awarded collectively.
  • 56. 26. Which Italian food ? Recently three scientists in Sicily launched a space program in which they attached a plastic model of the country‘s iconic food item to a helium filled balloon and a GPS tracker. Identify this hand rolled pastry dessert also been referenced in a 1972 movie in which a character quotes ―Leave the gun and take the _____‖. <<Video>>
  • 57. Cannolo/Cannoli (Sicilian for ―tube‖)
  • 58. 27. What was added to dictionary ? • This is a pic of Blue Grotto in Mediterranean Island of Capri. What was the inclusion that was made to the English Language in 1920 because of the striking feature of this Grotto? Pic: Next Slide
  • 59. Capri Blue
  • 60. 28. What is the major export of Murano? This island Murano near Venice once a totally isolated island became a major commercial hub after a law passed in 1291 that the furnaces used for making a particular commodity in Venice should be moved to this island to avoid the risk of fire onto the wooden structures of Venice. But the real reason behind this shift was to protect the trade secrets of this most sought after commodity that Venice produced and thereby relocating the craftsmen to this isolated location. This put Murano on the map and ever since this island is the major exporter of this prized commodity. Clue: Next Slide
  • 61. Clue
  • 62. Venetian Glass
  • 63. 29. In 1759, as a result of France economic crisis because of Seven Years War, the then French finance minister imposed severe economic demands upon French people. His name became synonymous with anything done cheap because of his nature of unwilling to spend money during his time. More famously he gave his name to: a) an island in Seychelles. b) outline portraits which was seen as an inexpensive alternative to painting or sculptures.
  • 64. Clue
  • 65. Silhouette
  • 66. 30. Famously known as ? • The capital city of Seychelles Islands was named after Queen Victoria of England. • The main attraction of Victoria is a clock tower (LORLOZ) which was constructed to mark the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897.
  • 67. It was modelled on ‗Little Ben‘ • Situated at the intersection of Vauxhall Bridge Road and Victoria Street in London. • It mimics the famous clock tower colloquially known as Big Ben at the Palace of Westminster, found at the other end of Victoria Street.
  • 68. 31. Identify X • Sideroxylon grandiflorum, known as tambalacoque or X tree, is a long-lived tree in the family Sapotaceae, endemic to Mauritius. It is valued for its timber. • In 1973, it was thought that this species was dying out. There were supposedly only 13 specimens left, all estimated to be about 300 years old. The true age could not be determined because tambalacoque has no growth rings. • Stanley Temple, an American biologist hypothesized that the X, ate tambalacoque fruits, and only by passing through the digestive tract of the X could the seeds germinate. Although this theory is contested by other scientists. • To aid the seed in germination, botanists now use turkeys and gem polishers to erode the endocarp to allow germination. Pic: Next Slide
  • 69. 32. What's the special purpose of the long middle finger ? • ___ ___ can be found only on the island of Madagascar. • It is the world‘s largest nocturnal primate and it has a long thin middle finger which helps them in finding their food (tree grubs/Larvae). • Many people native to Madagascar consider the ___ ___ an omen of ill luck. For this reason they often have been killed on sight. Such hunting, coupled with habitat destruction, have made them critically endangered.
  • 70. Aye-aye Only primates thought to use echolocation to find prey. • <<Video>>
  • 71. 33. Why is this Island a most visited tourist attraction ? Robben Island is situated near the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. It was designated in 1999 as a world heritage site mainly because of its historical significance. Pic: Next Slide
  • 72. Served as the prison during Apartheid. Also where Mandela was incarcerated.
  • 73. 34. Identify the country and funda
  • 74. Maldives, Underwater cabinet meeting • To attract international attention to the dangers of global warming and sea level rise . • In 2007, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that a rise in sea levels of seven to 24 inches by 2100 would be enough to make the country virtually uninhabitable.
  • 75. 35. Identify the place and the record • The ______ _____ lighthouse (established in 1972) is an important landmark for ships bound to or from the Strait of Malacca. • This place was earlier known by different names (Parsons, Pygmalion) but currently named after a famous person who visited this place. • This place also holds a geographical record which was usually associated with another place. Pic: Next Slide
  • 76. Birds eye view
  • 77. Indira Point – Southern most point of India • It was renamed Indira Point after then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi made a visit to the light station. • Note: Kanyakumari is the southern most point of mainland India.
  • 78. 36. Why was this in news last year? • This is a seafood restaurant near Lake Toba in Indonesia which was closed in 1997. Pic: Next Slide
  • 79. 37. Whose memorial in Philippines ?
  • 80. Magellan
  • 81. 38. Why there was height restriction ? How merger of these islands solved the problem ? • Even though lack of space is a major problem for Hong Kong (HK), strict height restrictions were in force for the buildings of Kowloon. • As a solution to this, Two small islands - Chek Lap Kok and Lam Chau – were leveled and merged via land reclamation. In 1993, the two islands became one – some 10,000 years after they had been separated by the rise of the oceans. • Even though the merger of this two islands only increased the total area of HK by 1%, the height restrictions have been lifted by 1998. • This led to the raise of many skyscrapers in Kowloon area, notably the International Commerce Center, tallest building in HK.
  • 82. Hong Kong International Airport • Kai Tak Airport was located in Kowloon area and due to that Kowloon had strict height restrictions. • In 1998, when it was closed and replaced by the new Hong Kong International Airport the height restriction was lifted.
  • 83. 40. Which iconic building are we talking about ? When the architects planned to design this building they went for a more traditional look and the resultant design was the combination of two of the elements that symbolizes China's cultural heritage. 1. Pagoda 2. Tall Bamboo stem - symbol of growth and learning
  • 84. Taipei 101
  • 85. 41. Bento is a Japanese packed meal that holds different varieties of traditional Japanese food in a box shaped container. The ―simple, practical and place for everything‖ concept of this Bento box served as the inspiration for a famous technology company to design its flagship product in 1992. Identify the company and the product. Pic: Next Slide
  • 86. IBM Thinkpad
  • 87. 42. Encrusted by ruby and diamond, the Nepal King‘s royal crown is made of birds feathers from which island nation ?
  • 88. Birds of Paradise • According to historian Percival Landon the bird-of- paradise feathers were first introduced in the Nepalese crowns by Mathbar Singh Thapa after he was recalled from the court of Maharajah Ranjit Singh of the Punjab by Queen Rajya Laxmi and was asked to lead the Nepalese government as prime minister in 1843 A.D. Mathbar had fallen afoul of the Nepalese court after the fall of his uncle Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa and his eventual suicide in captivity. He had chosen to seek asylum in the court of the Punjab. It was in the Punjab that Mathbar must have been introduced to the millinery traders catering to the ladies of the British Raj.
  • 89. 43. What are we talking about ? • _______ is one of the major issue in south pacific region. • Reasons for this issue include mining operations that have left not much arable land; as a result, much of the local diet is of processed, imported food such as Spam or corned beef, rather than fresh fish, fruit and vegetables. • The epidemic levels of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the Pacific region are closely linked to the progressive substitution of traditional foods with cheap, energy-dense and nutrient-poor imported foods — i.e., processed ―junk.‖ • In a list of the world's 10 most ______ countries, eight are in the South Pacific and Nauru holds the world record for this. • The same problem must have been the reason for Samoa Air‘s controversial policy change last year which they say is fair.
  • 90. Obesity South Pacific is the world's most overweight region. • Nauru is the world's smallest island country and world's Fattest Country • Obesity has grown as a result of the importation of Western foods paid for with proceeds from phosphate mining. The problem is leading to increased levels of illness, including diabetes and heart diseases. • Samoa Air - The world's first airline to charge passengers by their weight rather than per seat says the policy has helped to raise obesity awareness and improve public health.
  • 91. 44. Identify the author (X) and the bird (Y) • Last Chance to See is a 1989 BBC radio documentary series and its accompanying book, written and presented by X and Mark Carwardine. In the series, X and Carwardine travel to various locations in the hope of encountering species on the brink of extinction. • In 2009, the BBC broadcast a television follow-up series of the same name, with Stephen Fry replacing the late X. • X is best known as the author of a famous book, which originated in 1978 as a BBC radio comedy. • ―We put a big map of the world on a wall, X stuck a pin in everywhere he fancied going, I stuck a pin in where all the endangered animals were, and we made a journey out of every place that had two pins.‖ - Mark Carwardine Audio: Next Slide
  • 92. Clue
  • 93. X - Douglas Adams Y – Kakapo (Only flightless Parrot)
  • 94. 45. Identify X and Y • FutureBrand Australia was selected by X as its lead design partner to assist the with rebranding its identity and experience, as it transforms to ‗Y‘ in mid-2013. • When tasked to search for a new visual language for ‗Y‘. The FutureBrand team was sent to Fiji‘s Mamanuca outer islands. The team saw first-hand the respect that Fiji has for tradition and its traditional Masi art – an ancient art that embodies the spirit and stories of Fijian culture. • FutureBrand partnered with X and locally renowned Masi artist Makereta Matemosi to create the identity for ‗Y‘. Pic: Next Slide
  • 95. 46. What was message displayed by while buying the .tv domain ?
  • 96. .tv is the toplevel domain of Tuvalu • If Tuvalu ceases to exist, current ICANN policy dictates that the .tv domain name will be phased out. • Kim Davies, Manager of Root Zone Services for Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, wrote in an email to Domain Name Wire: “The simple answer is if a country ceases to exist, under existing policy the domain will need to be retired. ICANN will permit a reasonable transition period so the affected parties can transition to other domains. In the most recent case, .YU (replaced with .RS and .ME), there was a 3 year transition period assigned by the ICANN Board”
  • 97. 47. i) Identify the place (X) ii) Original movie (Y) in which this song is featured • Israel Kamakawiwoʻole (known as Iz), was a famous musician from X. • His voice became famous outside X when his album Facing Future was released in 1993. His medley of ―Z" was subsequently featured in several films, television programs, and television advertisement commercials. Featured in the movies like, • K-Pax, • Meet Joe Black, • Finding Forrester, • 50 First Dates, • Men With Guns (Hombres Armados), • Fred Claus, • IMAX: Hubble 3D and in several TV series. Video: Next Slide
  • 98. • <<Video>>
  • 99. X – Hawaii Y – The Wizard of Oz • "Over the Rainbow" - Judy Garland
  • 100. 48. a) Give these islands famous nicknames (X & Y) b) Person (Z) • The Diomede Islands are located in the middle of the Bering Strait between mainland Alaska and Siberia. • Little Diomede – USA • Big Diomede - Russia • The islands are sometimes called X Island (Big Diomede) and Y Isle (Little Diomede) because they are separated by the International Date Line, thus Big Diomede is 23 hours ahead of Little Diomede. • "They're our next-door neighbours, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.― – Z • The above quote is said by famous personality which is often misquoted and become famous.
  • 101. X – Tomorrow, Y – Yesterday Z – Sarah Palin
  • 102. The End