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Objective English
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Objective English


Objective English

Objective English

Published in Education , Technology , Business
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  • 1. OBJECTIVE ENGLISHPrepared & Presented byParth Bhatt
  • 2. DIRECTIONS: CHOOSE THE WORD WHICH IS SIMILAR OR MOST NEARLY SIMILAR INMEANING IN THE WORD GIVEN IN BOLD AND MARK YOUR ANSWER.3. Abbreviatea. Concludeb. Abridgec. Extendd. Thwart (frustrate)1. Sagacious (showing good judgment and understanding)a. Obstinate (rigid)b. Strongc. Cleverd. Ridiculous2. Curtlya. Franklyb. Rudelyc. Sadlyd. Happily
  • 3. DIRECTIONS: CHOOSE THE WORD WHICH IS OPPOSITE IN MEANING IN THE WORDGIVEN IN BOLD AND MARK YOUR ANSWER.1. Indifference (Lack of interest, feelingor reaction)a. Neutralityb. Differentc. Responsivenessd. Sophistication2. Exceptionala. Normalb. Formalc. Neutrald. Traditional1. Tragica. Lightb. Funnyc. Humorousd. Comic
  • 4. FILL IN THE BLANK WITH CORRECT PREPOSITION.1. He invited all his friend _______ Tea.a. Tob. Onc. Ford. In2. Rita drove ______ a red light.a. Fromb. Inc. Throughd. Among
  • 5. FILL IN THE BLANK WITH CORRECT PREPOSITION.3. Distribute the sweets equally ……four childrena. Betweenb. Amongc. Ind. Through
  • 7. IDENTIFY THE ADVERB FROM THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE.1. He spoke well at the meeting last night.a. Wellb. Last nightc. Meetingd. All of these
  • 8. IDENTIFY WHICH IS NOT ADVERB FROM THE FOLLOWING UNDERLINEDWORDS IN THE GIVEN SENTENCES.1. She sings pretty well. I do my workcarefully. He is wise enough tounderstand the trick. The flowersmells sweet.a. Prettyb. Carefullyc. Enoughd. Sweet
  • 9. DIRECTIONS: IN THIS SECTION EACH SENTENCE HAS THREE PARTS INDICATED BY (A), (B)AND (C), INDICATE YOUR RESPONSE BY BLACKENING THE LETTER RELATED TO THATPART IN THE OMR SHEET PROVIDED. IF A SENTENCE HAS NO ERROR, INDICATE THIS BYBLACKENING ‘D’ WHICH STANDS FOR NO ERROR. ERRORS MAY BELONG TOGRAMMAR, USAGE.1. Some men are born great. (A)/ some achieve greatness (B)/and some had greatness thrust on them (C)/ No error (D)2. Seldom we have been treated (A)/ in such a rude manner (B)/by the police personnel (C) / no error (D).
  • 10. 1. Identify the nouns used both for singular and plural form:a. Axisb. Wolfc. Sheepd. GoatDIRECTION: Fill the correct article.2. Ramesh’s father is … M.P. and Suresh’s father is …. Member oflegislative Assembly.a. A, Anb. An, Ac. An, And. An, The
  • 11. DIRECTION: COMPLETE THE SENTENCE CORRECTLY.1. Ram is so proud of his position that he …..his subordinates.a. Looks down uponb. Looks intoc. Looks ford. Looks after