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Satsoft brochure

  1. 1.  v 2.7 Satellite Antenna Design and Systems Engineering SoftwareSATSOFT speeds the process of planning, de- user interface enables users with even a basicsigning, and marketing communication satellite knowledge of antennas to use the software pro-payloads. Quickly assess antenna coverage ductively. Advanced tools will appeal to the an-and gain, conduct antenna trade studies, de- tenna specialist. If you need software to modelvelop shaped beam and multi-beam antenna satellite antennas for GEO, LEO or MEO con-designs and complete many other tasks re- stellations, SATSOFT was written for you. Freequired for payload design and regulatory filings. 30 day evaluations available at www.satsoft.SATSOFT was written for the systems engineer com. See for yourself what SATSOFT can doas well as the antenna specialist. Its graphical for you. Please visit for the latest information SATSOFT Composite View aggregates all objects in the scenario.
  2. 2. SATSOFT Highlights Analyze Your Current System & Plan Your Next SATSOFT provides essential tools for analyzing your current satellite communications system and planning your next one. Many tools are provided for designing and analyzing space- based communications antenna systems. Basic features include map and contour plotting, coordinate system conver- sions, file import/export, boresight rotation, pointing boxes, visibility contours, performance tables, and other features. Context-sensitive help is available for dialog boxes, toolbarPerformance tables of gain, EIRP, G/T and other parameters buttons, menus and views.can be prepared for cities and synthesis stations. SATSOFT Complements Your Other Software Windows clipboard support and extensive file import and export capabilities lets you do more with SATSOFT. Copy graphics to the clipboard for use with Microsoft Office pro- grams. Import antenna patterns from other modeling programs such as GRASP and POS. Load patterns from the ITU data- base. File antenna patterns electronically with the ITU. Simplified Antenna Pattern Synthesis Complex algorithms simplify antenna beam-shaping exercises. Select an antenna model and specify its parameters. Create a coverage definition with the polygon editing tools and fill it with component beams and synthesis stations using the automatedShaped patterns can be synthesized using the integrated an- tools provided. A single click of the mouse optimizes, com-tenna models or imported component beam sets. putes and displays the pattern. Results are obtained in sec- onds on Pentium II class hardware, even when high fidelity models are being used, such as the optional SATSOFT/PO, a physical optics reflector model. Contour Plots of EIRP, G/T, C/I, and More A fast contouring engine within SATSOFT produces plots quickly and accurately. Intelligent auto-ranging and zoom-in/ zoom-out functions make it easy to view a desired range of data. You can also create plots at a precise scale for overlay- ing or for use when digitizing coverage areas and contours. Conversion from directivity or gain to other parameters is accomplished by specifying a dB offset. By applying slant- range path-loss compensation, flux density contours can be computed. SATSOFT will also plot copol/crosspol ratios forSpecification of antenna model parameters is simplified by vector antenna dialog boxes that provide instant performance feedback. Maps From Any Altitude or Viewpoint SATSOFT transforms antenna contours, geopolitical maps, coverage polygons, cities, and other features into any of nine different display coordinate systems, simply by making the desired choice. The four most commonly used antenna coordinate systems are provided for pattern import and display. Azimuth-Equidistant and Equirectangular (rectangular lat, long) projections are also provided. The earth is modeled as an oblate spheroid. Interactive Antenna Boresight Rotation Click and drag the antenna pattern to change its boresight, or specify the boresight angles directly. Antenna boresight mayContour type, levels, polarization, path-loss and other proper- also be pointed at a fixed position on the map.ties can be specified quickly and easily.
  3. 3. SATSOFT FeaturesAutomated Antenna Pattern Synthesis Performance TablesPerform antenna trade studies using single beam, multi-beam, and Prepare tables of antenna performance at city and station locations.shaped beam designs. Directivity, gain, EIRP, G/T, flux density, and other parameters canSynthesize shaped patterns from one or more coverage polygons in be tabulated in spreadsheet format.minutes. Single-click shaped pattern synthesis. Copy and paste tables into Excel and other applications, print, andAutomatic creation of component beam and synthesis station grids export to file.from coverage polygons.Full suite of graphical editing tools to add, delete, move, or change File Import and Export Capabilitiesparameters of beamlets and stations. Import CPLAN work files.Mini-max optimizer works with all antenna models and importedcomponent beam sets. Export performance tables in tab delimited format (for spreadsheet import) via file or clipboard.Show component and/or composite contours with a single click. Export vector graphics in Windows enhanced metafile (EMF) format.Create and edit tables of beamlet positions and polygon vertices. Import scalar and vector antenna patterns defined in (u,v), (θ,φ),Quickly trade performance with different antenna models, e.g.,phased array vs. reflector (antenna models are optional). az/el, and el/az coordinate grids. Import and export SATSOFT (CPLAN), GRASP, ACP4, Eutelsat, and stk antenna pattern files. Regular & irregular grids (measuredContour Plotting patterns) can be imported.Plot contours of directivity, EIRP, G/T, C/I, & other parameters. Export synthesis station grids in SATSOFT (CPLAN) or TICRAsPlot contours of copol/crosspol ratios for vector antenna patterns. POS4 formats.Full control over which beams in a multi-beam design are plotted. Import and export antenna contours in SATSOFT, stk, shapefile, andSpecify and plot component and composite contours independently. ITU Graphics Exchange (GXT) format.Specify contour levels, line styles, colors, font, etc. Fill contours. Export reflector geometry in TICRAs GRASP7 format.Slant-range path-loss compensation enables computation of flux Import and export coverage polygons and map data in SATSOFTdensity and carrier to thermal noise contours. (CPLAN), stk, shapefile, TICRA .pol and GXT formats.Intelligent auto-ranging and zoom-in/zoom-out functions.Create plots at a precise scale for overlaying or as an aid in digitizing Windows Clipboard Supportcontours and polygons. Copy vector graphics to clipboard for import to Microsoft Office andWhittaker/Shannon interpolation/reconstruction of antenna patterns other applications.saves a significant amount of computer time and disk space by ena- Copy & paste antenna and polygon objects, city lists, performancebling the use of coarse pattern grids. Reduces computation time of tables, beamlet locations, polygon vertices, and feed excitations.high fidelity antenna models by an order of magnitude. MiscellaneousCoordinate Systems and Maps GUI conforms to standard Windows user interface guidelines.(u,v), (θ,φ), az/el, el/az, azimuth equidistant, orthographic, azimuth Context sensitive help for dialog boxes, toolbar buttons and menus.equal-area, and equirectangular coordinate systems. Tree view shows hierarchy of satellites, antennas, polygons, andThe earth is modeled as an oblate spheroid consistent with the facilitates copying & moving of these objects.WGS84 geoid. DCW World map and city databases are provided. Drag and drop work files, pattern files, coverage polygon, contour,City database (MS Access format) of over 1600 of the largest cities and GXT files from Windows the world connected via standard Windows ODBC drivers. Dynamic memory throughout, so the number and size of antennaPlot pointing box, city name and/or designator at each city location. patterns, contours, polygons, satellites, beamlets, and stations isElliptical and rectangular pointing boxes computed from spacecraft limited only by available memory and disk space.roll, pitch, and yaw errors. Customizable toolbars.Interactive boresight rotation. Click and drag the antenna pattern tochange its boresight.Specify boresight in (az, el), (lon, lat), or in terms of 3 Euler angles. Antenna ModelsPlot meridians and parallels. Consistent interface to all antenna models. Beam layout, optimization, contouring, interpolation, etc, works the same for allMouse Coordinates Pane displays coordinates of the mouse in user models.selectable coordinate system. A Gaussian Beam model is provided for modeling circular andPlot a sin space unit circle in any coordinate system. elliptical beams.Plot a boresight marker.Plot visibility (elevation) contours with control of thickness, line style,color, and labeling. SATSOFT Professional (SATSOFT/PRO) Plot Edge of Coverage (EOC) contours for a specified polygon.Polygon Creation & Editing Tools Expand & contract polygons by the satellite pointing error. Automatically expand coverage polygons by the satellite pointingA full suite of editing functions is provided. error during synthesis station generation.Create and edit polygons with the mouse or any Windows compati- Resample antenna patterns for a specified resolution & coordinateble digitizing tablet. system, for example, (u,v), (az,el), (lat,lon)Create and edit polygons from a table of coordinates. Create shaped beams designed to service a coverage area fromMove, copy, rotate, delete, undelete, split, join, downsample func- multiple orbital slots.tions. Change line style, color, label, thickness, etc. Fill polygons. Prepare performance tables with pointing error degradation, patternCompute the solid angle subtended by the polygon and correspond- slope, crosspol C/I, and axial maximum directivity, and polygon centroid. Draw pointing error ellipse at polygon vertices.Create grids of polygons with the grid creation tool.Digitize existing antenna contours with any Windows compatible Multiple shaped beams can be synthesized simultaneously usingtablet. any antenna model or imported component beam file.
  4. 4. SATSOFT Options SATSOFT/AR Analytic model of an offset reflector. Directivity deter- SATSOFT/PO Vector reflector modeling program using the physical mined by PO integration of an on-focus feed. Scan aberration and optics method. Accurate far-field predictions of directivity and crosspol are neglected. All components beams are identical. Compu- crosspol. Linear or circular polarization. Single and dual-mode feed tation is extremely fast. Useful for preliminary design work. models. Purchase of PO option includes use of the AR model. SATSOFT/PAM Analytic model of a rectangular array fed by a Butler SATSOFT/DMO Dual-mode optimizer for multibeam antenna or Nolan Matrix with cosr element pattern. Rectangular and triangular designs which must accommodate a non-contiguous output element lattices supported. Computation is extremely fast. multiplexer. Feed excitations are constrained to be orthogonal, which SATSOFT/PL Produces optimized sets of coverage polygons for is necessary for lossless network realization. creating constant flux multibeam antenna designs.Component beam and synthesis station grids can begenerated automatically for any set of coverage polygons. Downlink adjacent beam C/I contours can be computed with SATSOFT/IAM. Secondary beams spaced 1.7 beamwidths apart were used in the analysis. SATSOFT/PO used to compute the beams. Antenna Models A Gaussian beam model is provided with SATSOFT for generating simple elliptical and circular beams. Several optional antenna models are available including an analytical reflector model, a high fidelity physical optics reflector model, and an analytic phased array model. Support An annual support and upgrades (ASU) contract provides technical support and version upgrades at a significantly lower cost than purchasing individual upgrades.SATSOFT/PRO gives you single-click polygon expansion. Requirements SATSOFT is supported on Windows 98, NT4, 2000 & XP. A Pentium II class machine or better with 128 MB or more of RAM is recommended. Free 30 day evaluation available at www.satsoft.comShape multiple patterns with SATSOFT/PRO. Constant-flux polygon layouts are created with SATSOFT/PL.Copyright © 2000 - 2007 by Satellite Software Incorporated. All rights reserved. Specifications are relevant to software version 2.7, released Dec 2006 and are subject to change withoutnotice. Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders.