Ryan current event la nina weather phenomenon
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Ryan current event la nina weather phenomenon






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    Ryan current event la nina weather phenomenon Ryan current event la nina weather phenomenon Presentation Transcript

    • 2011 La Niña Weather Phenomenon
      By Ryan
    • What Happened?
      • Recently there has been drastic weather changes around the world.
      • This has been blamed all on the La Niña weather phenomenon.
      La Niña weather phenomenon events from1950 to 2011
    • What is La Niña
      La Niña is a combined ocean-atmosphere phenomenon that is the counterpart of El Niño as part of the broader El Niño-Southern Oscillation climate pattern. During a period of La Niña, the sea surface temperature across the equatorial Eastern Central Pacific Ocean will be lower than normal by 3–5 °C. In the United States, an episode of La Niña is defined as a period of at least 5 months of La Niña (drastic and unusual) weather conditions.
    • Effects
      • There have been many effects around the world but some of the most major effects have been:
      - Water Shortage in the South Pacific
      - Horn of Africa drought
      -Typhoons and abnormal amount of rain fall in the Philippines
    • Horn of Africa Drought
      Area of Drought
    • Horn of Africa Drought
    • South Pacific Water Shortage
      Fresh Water Shortage
    • South Pacific Water Shortage
    • Abnormal amount of Rainfall in the Asia-Pacific Region
      Back to Back Typhoons
    • Abnormal amount of Rainfall in the Asia-Pacific Region
    • Here is a short clip which shows the heating and cooling during La Niña and El Nino:
    • Why is this important?
      This is important because it helps us understand when phenomena’s like La Niña and El Nino will happen and what we can do to prepare for it ,as we have learned from the past that these events can turn out to be very horrific and life threatening to people all around the world.
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