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Current event harper

  1. 1. By Harper
  2. 2.  Long before the devastating earthquake smashed Haiti last January Tom Stehl was saving the lives of many starving Haitian children as the coordanator for medicine and food for kids. For a long time scientists have been trying to solve poor childrens hunger. Recently a man named Tom Stehl found out how to use a substance called peanut butter (Medika Mamba) medicine to solve the hunger problem.
  3. 3.  A liquid matter that contains; peanuts, milk powder, vegetable oil, sugar and vitamin/mineral compounds.
  4. 4.  They say that the stomach of a 1 year old or less child is not big enough to just hold a bunch of thick filling food such as bread, oatmeal, beans, or rice. That’s why Tom Stehl introduced the special peanut butter medicine to the society. Peanut butter medicine contains some kind of half solid half liquid compound that fill the stomach up. Depending on the age is how much of the medicine you should take. Or depending on the problem or hunger.
  5. 5.  as/10/11/cnnheroes.haiti.children/?hpt=wo_t 4
  6. 6.  As in the video this medicine gained at least 2 to 3 puond in a week. The medicine also helped the child to be more active and more conscious, I basically mean that they learn to use there brain better. Kids all around the world may need this menicine to help ensure the kids grow up heathy and strong so that civilization will never end. AWE
  7. 7.  This lets us or the world now that there is a way to solve these kinds of problems it teaches them that nothing is impossible, and nothing cant be over come. “There is still plenty of hope.” I say The world will never have to fear or be worried about themselves their family or their children anymore if the company meds and food for kids makes a link to their company in every main capital company in the world which was said possible my the head president of this company
  8. 8.  Tom Stehl spent alot of time in Haiti with more than 20 trips to the country in the last two years. “Part of my heart is in Haiti.” he says The 32 year old Tom Stehl graduated from Des Moiness Hoover high school and Drake university works for meds and food for kids, a St luis nonprofit founded by a professor of clinical solutions at washington university school of medicine.
  9. 9.  ArtisansHaiti- 40952.html?gclid=CKqp7rTT5qsCFSdNpgody wf5Jw XMGIpI4E/b.6151435/k.B1C9/Haiti.htm?mso urce=wexggint0911&gclid=CIu6ucLT5qsCFc2C pAodiFB4Iw
  10. 10.  as/10/11/cnnheroes.haiti.children/index.html ?hpt=wo_t5