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Warrior Presentation


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  • 1. Warrior Ventures Inc. “The Best Gold Address in Canada “
  • 2. Forward-Looking Information Certain statements herein may contain forward-looking information within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Forward-Looking information appears in a number of places and can be identified by the use of words such as “intends” or variations of such words and phrases or statements that certain actions, events or results “may”, “could”, “would”, “might” or “will” be taken , occur or be achieved. Forward-looking information includes statements regarding the Company’s exploration and development plan with respect to its properties and the estimation of mineral resources and are subject to such for- looking risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the Company’s actual results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking information. Such risks include gold price volatility, change in equity markets, the uncertainties involved in interpreting geological data, increase in costs and exchange rate fluctuations, permitting and environmental risks and other risks involved in gold exploration and development industry. There can be no assurance that forward-looking information referenced herein will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements or information. Also, many of the factors are beyond the control of Warrior Ventures Inc. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information. All forward-looking information herein are qualified by this cautionary statement. The company does not undertake to update such forward-looking information except in accordance with applicable securities laws. A feasibility study has not been completed for any projects discussed in this presentation and there is no certainty the disclosed targets will be reached nor that the proposed operations will be economically viable.
  • 3. The McNeil Gold Property “In the Heart of the Wealthiest Gold Mining Districts in Canada”
  • 4. Presentation Highlights  Warrior Ventures History  McNeil Gold Property  Prioritized Targets (within property)
  • 5. About – Warrior Ventures Inc  Warrior Ventures Inc. is a Canadian Private Corporation with a focus on gold exploration within the prolific gold mining camps of Northern Ontario.  The Companies holdings are strategically situated along the Montreal River fault 50km SE of PJV Super Pit Gold Mill in Timmins, 25 km NW of Matachewan and 60km W of Kirkland Lake Gold mining camps.  This region of Northern Ontario has produced in excess of 100 million ounces of Gold. “In the Heart of the Wealthiest Gold Mining Districts of Canada”
  • 6. Ontario Gold Region Timmins Gold Camp McNeil Gold Property Matachewan Gold Camp
  • 7. Management Team Experienced Management, Operational and Advisory Team  Led by President and CEO David Gibson with over 28 years in the Mining Industry  Qualified Person mining veteran Robert Middleton – Goliath Gold Mine, Hemlo Ontario, Cross Lake Zinc deposit near Timmins, Seagull Platinum/Palladium deposit in the Nipigon Plate Bell Creek Gold Mine in Timmins and many others  Strong board of directors and advisory team
  • 8. The McNeil Gold Property McNeil Gold Property  Consisting of 256 contiguous mining claim units totalling approximately 4100 hectares  Located along the “Montreal River Fault” within the famous “Abitibi Greenstone Belt”  7 Area’s of Interest – Isadore-MicMac, BullsEye, Weakley, Kirkham, Weekley West, Whitefish West, Whitefish Lake  4 Area’s of Focus – Isadore-MicMac, BullsEye, Weakley, Kirkham  2 Area’s of exploration for Phase 1 – Isadore-MicMac, BullsEye “New Gold Camp Potential – Strategically located”
  • 9. The McNeil Gold Property Gold was first discovered within the Mcneil township area in the early 1920’s by Isadore Longwin. Following the discovery in 1923 two shafts were sunk in the area one on the Isadore showing and one on the Eight Foot showing. Which initiated Gold exploration and in this area.
  • 10. The McNeil Gold Property
  • 11. Isadore-MicMac - Area 2km by 1km surface identified Gold Horizon within the Isadore-MicMac Area Apparent Conductance from OGS 2001 Survey Map 82-220 “Large Tonnage Super Pit Style Gold Anomaly Model”
  • 12. Isadore-MicMac – Area Isadore-Micmac Area: Is Matachewan Kirkland Lake style mineralization. The target is 2km long by 1 km wide, found in the south central portion of the property with three high-grade shafts from the 1930's and numerous historic and new gold zones. . “Within the Isadore-MicMac area over 20 new and historic Gold showings.”
  • 13. Isadore-MicMac - Area The Isadore MicMac Area contains numerous new and historic Gold showings. Historical Gold showings include: • Isadore Shaft • MicMac Showing •Forgan Showing •8ft shaft •Rogers Showing • South Carbonate • South Showing •Line 24 Prospect “3 High Grade Gold shafts from the 1920’s and 30’s”
  • 14. Isadore-MicMac – Area Since 2006 through stripping, power washing, prospecting and mapping we have discovered additional Gold showings such as: • Road Showing • TC Showing • Cabin Carbonate • Cat Showing • North and South Variolite Showings • NQV Showing • Lightening Zone “Over 12 New Gold Showings discovered within the Isadore-MicMac since 2006”
  • 15. Isadore-MicMac – Area *Isadore Shaft: In 1946 assays over 28ft were reported from channel sampling to be .045oz/ton (1.3g/ton). Channel sampling in 2006 returned 2m of 2g/ton. (Reported depth of 65ft) *8ft Shaft: Was reported to a depth of 125ft. Assays from the sinking of the two compartment shaft were reported, from 0 to 35 feet down in the shaft, .34oz/ton and from 35 to 95 feet down .14oz/ton. No assays were reported from 95ft to 125ft. * Ontario Dept of Mines 1947 Report
  • 16. Isadore-MicMac - Area MicMac Showing: Consisted of high-grade pits that were visited by L. Jensen in 2002 (OGS Report File 5931) who collected Gold samples of 17.6g/ton, 26.7g/ton and 3.2g/ton. In 2006 Warrior Ventures collected 3.5g/ton “ Ontario Gov’t Verified the Presence of Hisotical High Grade Gold”
  • 17. Isadore-MicMac - Area Lightening Showing: The most notable 2/3 oz. new discovery made in 2006 by Warrior Ventures. • A large Quartz Carbonate Alteration zone was stripped for 55 meters in length and 22 meters in width. • Channel sampling was performed along the surface of the showing at 5-meter separations with 1.5-meter sample lengths. Assays ranged from a few PPB”S to 2.2g/ton. Many of the assays were over 1 gram per ton. • The showing can be traced for over 350 meters and is open at length. • The Historical LN 24 Prospect high-grade pits are found within the “Lightening Showing”. In 2007 Warrior collected samples of 59.6g/ton
  • 18. Isadore-Micmac - Area  Multiple auriferous syenite zones can be traced trending east-west through the Isadore-MicMac Area, west of the Montreal River Fault, mapped in the 1980's, with individual zones to be over 1km in length at surface with widths of 1.5meters to 15meters trending 30degrees to 90 degrees azm,  Within the Isadore MicMac Area, there are perpendicular quartz carbonate alteration zones found in distal fractures to the syenite complexes, containing intense carbonate alteration, silicification, pyritization, and gold mineralization. “Large 2km x 1km Gold Horizon identified with over 27,000 linear feet of syenite alteration zones at surface”
  • 19. Isadore-MicMac – Area Exploration work to Date  Since 2006 Warrior Ventures has performed Geophysics, Geochemistry, Power Stripping, Drilling, Prospecting and Mapping throughout the Area.  From these efforts Warrior Ventures has been able to identify the Isadore- MicMac Area as a significant source of Gold Mineralization leading to the hypothesis that it represents a “Super Pit” style Gold zone.  With close proximity to PJV’s Super Pit Gold processing mill as well as high grade road access it is amiable for immediate development and extraction.  Warrior Ventures has secured all roads and bridges/crossings, native agreements with Matachewan First Nations, approval of lease boundary survey from the surveyor general of Ontario and completion of the 43-101 making the Isadore-MicMac ready for development.
  • 20. Bullseye - Area Initially identified from the OGS study in 2000 map #82-055 Warrior 2006 ground magnetic and gravity surveys isolated the anomaly at surface for drill testing.
  • 21. Bullseye – Area Theoretical Hydrothermal Alteration Model Bullseye Anomaly Circular Magnetic Signature
  • 22. Bullseye – Area  In fall of 2008 a 500-meter drilling program in two holes was undertaken to test the Bullseye anomaly  Each hole encountered over 200 meters of extensive alteration and mineralization with selected copper and gold values ranging from .45% Cu to 1.02% Cu and gold value from .41g/ton to 1.51g/ton.  The “Bullseye” anomaly has encountered the fringes of a VMS style Hydrothermal Alteration Pipe containing Gold and Copper Mineralization.  Based on ground magnetics and ground gravity surveys performed over the Bullseye anomaly vertical extrapolations have identified deeper coincidental features that are highly associated with VMS deposits  Note: Inspiration Mining in June of 2009 conducted reverse circulation drilling west of the northwest property boundary and discovered copper gold mineralization of over 3000 ppm copper and 521,460 ppb gold within the same geological trend.
  • 23. Weekley - Area Weekley Area Gold Trend
  • 24. Weekley – Area  The Weekley Area was discovered in the early 1980’s by Louis Weekley who continuously drilled visible gold with a small packsack drill.  The Weekley Area has been identified by Warrior Ventures Inc. Through ground geophysics, geochemistry and mapping to be 1km in length from his initial workings at the north end of Laporte Lake.  The style of gold mineralization is indicative of Timmins style gold deposits.  Gary Grabowski from the Kirkland Lake Geologists Office made a property visit in the early 1980’s and acquired a large rock sample weighing ¼ of a ton with over 20 specs of visible gold with an estimated grade of 1oz/ton. Photo of core and sample from the Weekley prospect on display at Sir Harry Oakes Mining Museum in Kirkland Lake.
  • 25. Weekley – Area In the 1980’s local prospector Louis Weekley drilled 12 feet at 82 grams at the north end of Laporte Lake.
  • 26. Kirkham - Area The vector point of the linear syenite alteration zones associated with a large magnetic low and weak EM conductors
  • 27. Kirkham – Area Kirkham Anomaly
  • 28. Kirkham – Area  Rod Kirkham with over 30 years of experience working in the mining industry and a retiree of the GSC identified and reinterpreted the previously misdiagnosed syenite “dike structures” as being, “these supposed “dykes” are in fact intense alteration zones”  The Kirkham anomaly was identified in 2003 by Rod Kirkham as the potential source for the syenite enrichment for the Isadore MicMac Area.  The linear nature of these syenite structures show a common vector point  The common vector point being a elongated magnetic low with coincidental conductors  Syenites as we know are mostly silica enriched and therefore non- magnetic hence the low  Sulfides we know are highly associated with the gold concentrations in the area which commonly appear as conductors  Within the Kirkham anomaly we see both of these geophysical features within the anomaly
  • 29. McNeil Gold Property Summary – Focus  Isadore MicMac Gold Area: Pervasive Gold mineralized zone identified by geochemistry, geophysics, lidar, mapping, stripping and prospecting. Large 2km by 1km area representing large tonnage Super Pit style Gold model.  Bullseye Gold Area: Based on ground gravity, ground magnetics and geochemistry, drilling has confirmed the presence of copper gold mineralization associated with a possible VMS deposit.
  • 30. McNeil Gold Property 43-101 Qualifying Report  Geovector Management Inc completed the most recent qualifying report November 23, 2009  Warrior Ventures has secured all roads and bridges/crossings, native agreements with Matachewan First Nations, approval of lease boundary survey from the surveyor general of Ontario and completion of the 43-101 making the McNeil Gold Region ready for development
  • 31. Contact: For more information please contact: Warrior Ventures Dave Gibson: 403-461-9325 Tim Taylor: 403-470-3937