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Ricardo parro-from-research-to-entrepreneurship
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Ricardo parro-from-research-to-entrepreneurship


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • hallo... Ask if everybody is a techie . How many of them code 5 days a week. How many 6 days a week.
  • We've studied and worked together in Lisbon How many of you are developers? And how many of you are looking for a job on the next 6 months? Are you already decided in taking the startup career path. Pleasure to be here in a middle of amazing enterperneurs
  • New areas, you probably are the first guy exploring that new area. Anyone that works or starts a new business need to be prepared to hit brick walls along the way.  As long as you take those learnings and try to improve it Learning and ensuring that the failure is not the end of the story. Take the learnings and re-approach the problem.   talk about Wonga and the 1st fraud case.
  • (HOW AND WHY) Anyone can 'talk'. Very few people can show that they've done something... How many of you have a side project on the go. Spend more time doing it than talking about what would you like to do it . Podemos dar o nosso exemplo de quando no inicio tinhamos uma lista enorme .  Focus on the problem that you are trying to solve. Why less talk more action ?  Because seeing things appearing from your hard work is motivating. Why : To learn and apply a "To Do" Action Attitude
  • (Why) When I started in Wonga, to be honest, I didn't believe in the idea. Maybe I didn't had the vision that my CEO had. By be perseverence Think positive all the way. Positive thinking will be good for all you life. You need to think positive all the way and that makes you a better professional . Keep going everyday to your work. Believe in your idea Persevere and have faith 
  • How To bootstrap your idea you don't need money. You need time.  To prove the concept you don't need a truck full of money.  To bootstrap you need to get you act together
  • The problem comes first the solution after USP.  Mash your ideas - try to solve a world's problem. Inovate People sometimes need something that you wouln't even imagine
  • As a techie this is crucial as you should not try to be a business person if you really like technology and all of that side of technology. I can give here example of meeting Florian and Mate co-founders of Printi
  • How to find entrepeneurs business guys Exposicao ao mundo exterior. Contactos que vem do LinkedIn, twitter, etc If you create your own projects, startups will come to you Having your ideas is good!!
  • 1th month of Wonga CEO asked me what I was thinking about marketing 'We didn't have a product' The marketing manager Startup enables you to be a decision maker You end up learning a lot about a business side. Flat hierarchy Your job title doesn't mean anything. There is a thin line to other aspects of the company etc
  • You learn faster You are more exposed to the real world You learn how to interact and how to think Even if the startup fails!!!
  • It is not only about a startup. It is about what you become when you are on a startup!  You will become a better professional and a better person You need to think positive, collaborate efficiently with your colliagues. You need to innovate  think outside the box You are more exposed It is a risk
  • Talk about how we came about with the idea. What has been the work. Where we want to be.
  • Moving to Sao Paulo
  • Feel free to grab a card from me!
  • Transcript

    • 1. From research to entrepreneurship Ricardo Parro @ricardoparro Hackney House - 7th of September 2012
    • 2. Who am I?Ricardo Parro• Graduated in Computer Science Engineering 2007 - Lisbon• Founding team dev in 2007-2009• Co-founded TechQ (Lead generator) in 2010• Co-founded (deal aggregator) in 2011• Helped several startups as a freelancer (2009 – 2012)• Launched in Aug 2012 (online printing – Brazil)
    • 3. My top 10 findingsfrom research to entrepreneurship
    • 4. #1 Fail. Learn. Improve. Fail again.
    • 5. #2 Less talk. More action
    • 6. #3 Stay Positive.
    • 7. #4 Maybe you dont even need money to start
    • 8. #5 Always look for problems to solve
    • 9. #6 Find your business partners
    • 10. #7 Exposure. Exposure. Exposure
    • 11. #8 Your ideas are welcome in a startup
    • 12. #9 You will become a valuable resource
    • 13. #10 It is not only about a startup.It is about what you become when you are on a startup!
    • 14. Printi –• Launched in Aug 2012• Aims to disrupt the Brazilian online printing industry• Seed funding 1.2 million : • Greenoaks Capital investment ( Coupang – Korean eccomerce) • Joe Lonsdale, cofounder Palantir, team founding dev at paypal • Constantin Bisanz, Angel Investor • Brazilian Angels : Fabrice Grinda, Jose Marin, Florian Otto, Kai Schoppen, and Google executive Peter Fernandez.• Featured in Techcrunch, Forbes and Inc• Started in a living room in central London
    • 15. 15th of September – São Paulo
    • 16. Questions?
    • 17. THANK YOU!Ricardo