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Introduction to agriculture handout



Agriculture literacy presentation notes for agriculture orientation class.

Agriculture literacy presentation notes for agriculture orientation class.



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Introduction to agriculture handout Introduction to agriculture handout Presentation Transcript

  • What is Agriculture?
    All the products and services
    associated with the food and
    fiber system.
  • Why is Agriculture Important?
    Agriculture is important because it provides us with a reliable source of food, clothing, and shelter.
  • Quality of Life
    Having adequate supplies of the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter
    The ag industry provides the food and fiber required by people
    Agriculture allows people to enjoy a higher quality of life
  • Quality of Life
    Americans spend 11% of their total income on food
    People spend 70% in some other countries
    Agriculture allows Americans to spend more money on clothing shelter, and entertainment
  • International Trade
    American agriculture helps provide food and fiber for many people in other countries
    International trade is the buying and selling of commodities by two or more nations
  • Exports
    Exports are goods sold to another country
    Corn, soybeans, and wheat are examples of important American agriculture exports
    The success of American agriculture is largely dependent on its exports
  • Imports
    Commodities bought from other countries are called imports
    Major American imports are bananas, coffee, shrimp, and vanilla
  • Good jobs help people enjoy a better quality of life as well
    The American agriculture industry provides jobs for about 16 out of every 100 people.
    This is higher than any other industry in the country
  • What Role Does Agriculture Play In Basic Human Nutrition?
    Today, one American farmer feeds over 140 people
    Consumers have a year-round, wide variety of inexpensive, quality foods to choose from
    We don’t always make nutritious choices
  • What are the areas of Agriculture?
  • Environmental
    Forestry, Conservation, Wildlife Management, Outdoor Recreation
    Nutrition, Reproduction, Genetics, Veterinary Medicine
    Plant breeding, Pest management, Genetics, Soil Conservation, Fertilizer Development
    Greenhouse Management, Floriculture, Nursery, Landscape, Turf
    Sales, Finance, Customer Service, Public Relations
    Engines, Electricity, Surveying, Carpentry, Welding, Hydraulics, Plumbing
    Farmer, Rancher, Grower
  • What is Environmental Science?
  • Environmental Science is…
    The study of the environment and humans’ impact on it.
    Forestry: wood, paper, recreation, asthetics
    Wildlife: Recreation, natural balance, food/clothing, reserch
    Ecology: healthy planet, good water supply, clean air
    Natural Resource Management: supply minerals and fuels (coal, oil, etc)
  • Careers in Environmental Science include…
    Conservation officer
    Park Ranger
    Wildlife Biologist
    Environmental Engineer
    Game Warden
    Oil/Coal/Mineral Miner
  • What is Animal Science?
  • Animal Science is…
    The study of animals for their meat, hair/fur, products, or labor.
    Pigs, cows, chickens raised for meat.
    Sheep, goats, llamas/alpacas raise for hair.
    Cows and chickens raised for milk and eggs.
    Race horses raised for their labor/work.
    New area of companion animal
    Raising animals as pets and/or service
  • Animal Science is…
    Focused on getting the highest production from the animals by improving…
  • Careers in animal science include
    Veterinary Technician
    Veterinary assistant
    Animal care fields
    Animal trainer
    Reproduction Specialist
    Cellular Biologist
  • What is Agronomy?
  • Agronomy is…
    The study of crops and soils to produce food and fiber.
    Broken down into
    Plant/Crop Science
    Improve the crop’s production
    Improve the crops’ resistance to disease and pests
    Improve the crop’s resistance to weather
    Soil Science
    Conserve soil
    Improve soil condition and fertility
  • Careers in Agronomy include…
    Soil Conservationist
    Soil Scientist
    Crop Scientist
    Pest Management Specialist
    Pesticide Researcher/Chemist
    Plant Breeder
  • What is Horticulture?
  • Horticulture is…
    The study and culture of plants for foodand beauty.
    Many areas
    Floriculture: Growing cut flowers and potted plants for beauty
    Landscape Horticulture: Growing, installing, and maintaining plants in the landscape for beauty
    Turf: Growing, installing, and maintaining turf grass
    Olericulture: Growing and processing vegetables and small fruits for food
    Pomology: Growing and processing fruit and nut trees for food
    Research: Growing plants in a greenhouse for research
  • Careers in Horticulture include…
    • Fruit/vegetable producer
    • Fruit/nut growing
    • Nursery Producer
    • Nursery worker
    • Geneticist
    • Biologist
    Plant breeder
    Greenhouse manager
    Greenhouse worker
    Landscape designer
    Landscape installer
    Landscape maintenance
    Greens keeper
    Sod Producer
  • What is Agribusiness?
  • Agriculture Business is…
    The financial and service side of the industry that supports the production of food and fiber.
    Areas include:
    Agriculture Finance: lends and manages money
    Agriculture Sales: sells products
    Agriculture Service: sells services
    Customer Service: deals with helping the customer
    Public Relations: deals with creating a better image
  • Careers in Agribusiness include…
    Sales clerk
    Sales manager
    Telephone operator
    Lending agent
    Crop insurance agent
    Customer service representative
    Public relations consultant
    • Agricultural Economist
    • Commodities Trader
  • What is Agriculture Mechanics?
  • Agriculture Mechanics is…
    Anything dealing with the mechanized and construction side of agriculture.
    Many areas
    Ag Power: Gas and Diesel engines
    Carpentry: wood working and construction
    Welding: metal working and fabrication
    Surveying: measuring and leveling land
    Electricity: Wiring barns and buildings
  • Careers in Agriculture Mechanics include…
    Small engine repair
    Gas/Diesel mechanic
    General Contractor
    Large Machine Operator
    • Agricultural Engineer
  • What is Agriculture Production?
  • Agriculture Production is…
    The growing of plants or raising of animals for food, fiber, and shelter.
    Types of production
    Crop: cereal grains, oil crops, fiber crops, other
    Animal: cattle, swine, poultry, horses, sheep, goats, llamas, fish, etc.
  • Agriculture in Illinois
  • Farmland
    About 75% of the land in Illinois is used for agriculture.
    Of that 90% is for crops
    8000,000 acres of corn
    5000,000 acres of soybeans
    (2005 statistics)
  • Illinois Agriculture Production
    1st in pumpkins and horseradish
    2nd in corn and soybeans
    3rd in popcorn
    4th in snap beans and pork
    7th in winter wheat and sorghum
    8th in peaches
    11th in oats
  • Illinois Agriculture
    Home of
    Libby (canned pumpkin)
    Chicago Stock exchange (commodities trading)
    DeKalb Genetics (Seed developer and distributor)
    McDonalds (world’s largest fast food chain)
    Dairy Queen
    Abe Lincoln
    Ronald Regan