Is Social Media Really for Your Small Business?


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Is Social Media Really for Your Small Business?

  1. 1. Is Social Media Really for Your Small Business? Keith Parnell JASE Group LLC | @JASEgroup
  2. 2. CREATIVE Creative for most people is an adjective. According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, creative is defined as, "having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas." For JASE, creative is a way of life. It is our philosophy. COMMUNICATIONS Communication channels in the 21st century business world are borderless. The methods and mediums that facilitate our daily communications are ever changing. Gone is the day of just a note, phone call or memo. Today's communication is filled with emails, tweets, texts, posts, video chats and more. Figuring out which is the best way to communicate with your audience has become no easy task. TECHNOLOGY In the late 90's and early 00's we were designing websites, building content management systems, complex eCommerce applications, financial toolsets and intranets. Life was good. Then, we had an epiphany. We could see the unavoidable collision of the internet and marketing and we knew that if JASE were to have a sustainable business model well into the future, we would have to capitalize on the inevitable. What we didn't know was that our foray into marketing would make us a better technology company.
  3. 3. A Look Inside
  4. 4. Who Looks Inside? Facebook 1.3 billion monthly active users 680 million monthly active mobile users stats courtesy
  5. 5. Who Looks Inside? Twitter 115 million monthly active users 49 million monthly active mobile users stats courtesy
  6. 6. Who Looks Inside? Google 180 billion monthly active searches Bing 45 billion monthly active searches stats courtesy
  7. 7. Where to Play Blogging Facebook Twitter
  8. 8. What About? LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest
  9. 9. What If? Blogging > Facebook > Twitter
  10. 10. The Results of What If Blogging > Facebook > Twitter Blog (Google & Bing) audience: 225 billion Facebook audience: 1.3 billion Twitter audience: 115 million stats courtesy
  11. 11. Social Automation Tools
  12. 12. Larger Target Market Blogging > Facebook > Twitter > etc.
  13. 13. Social Engagement
  14. 14. Another Look Inside With A New Perspective A Social Media Strategy
  15. 15. Keith Parnell, JASE Group, LLC @parnellk63 (Michael) Keith Parnell, MSE has been the Chief Executive Officer of JASE Group LLC, an innovative Creative Advertising & Public Relations Agency, since 1997. JASE is based in Norfolk, VA. Keith currently serves on the Board of Directors of Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance. In the past, Keith served as Chief Information Officer for Stratum Marketing, Manager of Software & Data Services for FSAP, and Deputy Chief Technology Officer for The AUTOMARK Group. Keith is an author & blogger at and speaker & trainer at JASE University. He frequently performs interactive talks and how-to sessions for companies, non-profit organizations, conferences and seminars. He is a knowledgeable and passionate speaker on a variety of topics including creative advertising, communications, marketing, social media, brand management solutions, and successful advertising techniques paired with inbound marketing tactics. Technology, inbound marketing and social media are among Keith's daily passions. He has a vast online presence and personal network in the social media world with c. 49,000 daily followers and subscribers from his blogs, Twitter, JASEzone, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social communities. Keith studied at Christopher Newport University and Kansas State University. He is a member of the Norfolk Cosmopolitan Club, Virginia Opera Guild, Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance, Entrepreneurs Forum of Hampton Roads, Chesapeake Economic Development Advisory Committee, Hampton Roads Internet Marketing & Technology Group, Williamsburg Internet Marketing Group, Charlotte SEO & Search Engine Marketing Group, Hampton Roads for Rail, and Virginians for High Speed Rail. Keith video blogs at Keith is married to Nicole, has two daughters, one son-in-law, and one granddaughter. He enjoys golf, baseball, and football. Keith lives in Norfolk, VA.
  16. 16. Is Social Media Really for Your Small Business? Keith Parnell JASE Group LLC | @JASEgroup