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The Online Photo Software business is booming and this your opportunity to capitalize on it as an online publisher.

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  1. 1. Try it at www.picturelyperfect.com
  2. 2. Digital Photo Expression Personal Mugs, Photo Books, Calendars and more
  3. 3. Industry History Digital Photo Expression business started 9 years ago  Online model based on “real life” picture development  Fill out form (sign-up/register)  Drop off (upload) personal pictures  Wait  Finally make photo book RocketLife changed the paradigm No initial login/registration required Fast download of software Instantly make photo book Only upload when the product is complete Easy. Fast. Fun.
  4. 4. Online Universe Photo Publishing industry  2006: 73 billion photos taken worldwide annually on camera phones alone Projected growth to 130 billion photos by 2009 – ITwire.com  2007: U.S. digital camera market grew by 23 percent to 37.7 million units (not including cell phone cameras) – IDC  2007: Number of US homes with multiple digital cameras increased from 31% in 2005 to 40% in 2007 -InfoTrends  2008: Specialty Photo Printing Market (books, calendars, trading cards, school yearbooks, etc.) growing 24.5% annually – InfoTrends  2010: Specialty Photo Printing Market to reach $800 million in revenues – InfoTrends  2010: U.S. consumer digital camera penetration to reach 81% U.S. consumer camera phone penetration to reach 86% – InfoTrends/CAP Ventures
  5. 5. Online Universe Current Monthly Website Traffic 3.7 Million 6.2 Million 6.7 Million Figures obtained from
  6. 6. Comparison RocketLife was tested by objective consumers and compared to Kodak Easy Share Gallery, Shutterfly, and Snapfish. RocketLife outscored the other platforms on all eight of the evaluated attributes. Focus group panelists were:  4.7 times more likely to use RocketLife again in relation to Shutterfly or Snapfish  3.9 times more likely to recommend RocketLife than Snapfish  2.6 times more likely to recommend RocketLife than Shutterfly  Over 11 times more likely to recommend RocketLife than Kodak Gallery 2008 commissioned InfoTrends Study
  7. 7. Comparison
  8. 8. Rich User Experience RocketLife Digital Photo Self-Expression Software RocketLife is lightning fast, saves time and makes better products.  Simple software download  Versioned themed to reseller site  Uses photos on users hard drive – no initial upload required  Choose product, arrange photos, click to buy
  9. 9. Rich User Experience RocketLife Digital Photo Self-Expression Software Smart Arrangement technology – Amazing! Powerful Rich Emotive & Beautiful Intelligent Themes Image Processing built into Themes Robust Sharing with Monetization as the Target Instant Gratification/Reward Stepped Depth (user can always do more as they learn) Beautiful 3D placeable graphics
  10. 10. Software Bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside Unified User Interface (GUI) across all platforms Online version Kiosk version Desktop version  Shared image libraries  Store front – allows users to post finished products for others to purchase  RocketLife Express™ – iPhone application to create postcards, etc. on-the-fly
  11. 11. Behind the Curtain  One design; Many products (Make 1 buy many)  Color Correction (for pro’s that want their extras)  Aspect correction (always looks proper)  Drag and drop across all interfaces  In-Place Image Replacement using Exclusive Image wheel  Can be used as a High Powered Quick Production layout tool.  Book ready for users to populate  Book ready for mass production  Same tool for can be used to create Fixed/Variable content masters  Collaborative work sessions
  12. 12. RocketLife Creation System Create one theme for all products and sizes Resolution and Aspect independent Lightweight (not a bitmap) Includes user-placeable graphic elements Powerful image processing controls
  13. 13. What’s Next  Spending in major photo categories - digital cameras, digital printing, photo books, calendars, greeting cards, posters and other custom items,  Total photo categories spending grew from $9.9 billion in 2005 to $11 billion in 2006.  The best performing digital category – in terms of growth - in 2006 Custom photo products and services.  Demand grew almost 51 percent, from $461 m in 2005 to $694 m in 2006.
  14. 14. Try it at www.picturelyperfect.com Publishers Please Contact BusDev@parmamagoo.com To Learn More