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  1. 1. December 8, 2013 10:45 a.m. SERMON NOTES Pastor Rob Renberg December 8, 2013 His incarnation fulfilled the promises of Old Testament Prophecies. Compare these Old Testament verses with their New Testament counterparts: Genesis 3:15 & Galatians 4:4 Isaiah 7:14 & Luke 1:31 Genesis 12:3; 13:15 & Matthew 1:1 Genesis 17:19 & Luke 3:34 Genesis 28:14 & Matthew 1:2 Genesis 49:10 & Matthew 1:2 Isaiah 9:7 & Luke 1:32 Micah 5:2 & Luke 2:4-7 Dr. Rob Renberg, Pastor “The Promise of the Incarnation” Assorted Scriptures 14461 James Street, Holland, MI 49424 616-399-4410 parksidebible@sbcglobal.net (e-mail) www.parksidebiblechurch.com (website) Our Mission: Learning from God’s Word… Growing in God’s Grace…Reaching with God’s Love! MINISTRY TEAM: Pastor: Rob Renberg - 738-7840 (pastorrobjr@sbcglobal.net) Youth Pastor: Matt Amundsen - 786-2699 (pmparkside@sbcglobal.net) Worship Arts Director: Chad Lippincott - 251-554-9955 (parksidechad@sbcglobal.net) Church Secretary: Judy Timmer - 399-4410 (parksidejudy@sbcglobal.net) Elder of the Week: Jay Riemersma - 616-217-6631 Deacon of the Week: A.J. VanKampen - 886-4876
  2. 2. Information For Your First Time At Parkside Bible… 1. WE ARE HAPPY TO HAVE YOU WITH US TODAY. PLEASE FILL OUT A WELCOME CARD LOCATED IN THE PEW. RETURN YOUR COMPLETED CARD TO THE WELCOME CENTER TO RECEIVE YOUR GIFT & WELCOME PACKET. For prayer requests or decisions, please check the appropriate box on the back. 2. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO USE OUR NURSERY & CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES. Our children’s programs provide a warm, nurturing & well-supervised program for your child. Your child will be much happier with our trained volunteers than in the worship service and sermon presentation. Lessons are taught at an age appropriate level utilizing music, games, drama & multimedia & other methods. 3. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE OFFERING. The offering is for regular attendees who consider Parkside Bible their church home. As our guest, we only ask that you turn in your welcome card, or bring it to the Welcome Center behind the fireplace for a gift. ASSISTING IN WORSHIP THIS MORNING USHERS GREETERS Paul & Lois Ash (Front Door) Vaughn & Dawn VandenBrink (Welcome Center) (Usher Training 9:30 am) Jay Riemersma Barry Dekker Alex Cooke Noah Dekker Sub: Bill Raby SUNDAY SCHOOL NURSERY INFANT NURSERY (10:45 am Linda Furbush Age birth– Age 2) Cindi & Kinsey Arendsen Phyllis Mars CHILDREN’S CHURCH LIBRARY (Dismissed from Service-Age 3-Kindergarten) Tammy Grabiel Michelle & Megan Postma Jill Welch FINANCIAL TEAM Jay Riemersma-Elder A.J. VanKampen-Deacon Dirk Bronsink Mike Cooke This Week Tonight 5:00 pm B.I.G. Class Tonight 6:15 pm Senior High Youth Group Tonight 6:30 pm Christmas Caroling at Freedom Village Tues. 6:00 pm Parkside Runners/Walkers Wed. 6:30 am Men’s Morning Group Wed. 6:00 pm Women’s Coord. Dinner Wed. 6:30 pm Jr. High Youth Group Wed. 6:30 pm NO Pioneer Clubs Wed. 7:30 pm Adult Choir Practice Sat. 9:00 am SS Program Rehearsal Coming Up Dec. 15 9:30 am Sunday School (all ages) Dec. 15 10:45 am Sunday School Program Dec. 16 7:00 pm Board Meeting Dec. 22 10:45 am Special Christmas Guest Dec. 29:30 am No Sunday School 12/8 Marcia Mason 12/8 Dieter Klemm 12/9 Grace Stone 12/9 Trip Riemersma 12/11 Mary Carmichael 12/11 Erin Wolters 12/12 Nick Dekker 12/12 Heather Moore 12/12 Melissa Fairchild 12/13 Tabatha Sampson ASSISTING IN WORSHIP NEXT SUNDAY USHERS GREETERS (Usher Training 9:30 am) Dennis Klemm Paul Wolters Mike TenHarmsel Don DeJonge Sub: Don Lawton Dirk & Sara Bronsink (Front Door) Barry & Lisa Dekker (Welcome Center) SUNDAY SCHOOL NURSERY INFANT NURSERY Linda Furbush Amy & Alex Cooke Dawn VandenBrink CHILDREN’S CHURCH (Dismissed from Service-Age 3-Kindergarten) No Children‟s Church due to Sunday School Christmas Play FINANCIAL TEAM Ryan VanderHaar-Elder John Preikszas-Deacon Rex DeBoer Doug Dibkey 10:45 am Age birth– Age 2) LIBRARY Fay Griffin
  3. 3. New Prayer Requests: t Pray for healing for Angie Rees who had major surgery last Sunday evening for a bowel obstruction and was in ICU most of the week. Also pray for a correct diagnosis and treatment plan for Larry Rees’ brother-in-law, Jack Schmeir, who has been sick for a couple months. t Pray for treatment options for Al Tennant’s glaucoma and for successful hand surgery this Thursday for trigger finger and tendonitis. t Pray for the family of Frank Archer as Frank passed away last Sunday from liver cancer. (Frank frequently played basketball with the Parkside men and his twin daughters were friends of many in the church.) t Pray for Laurie Luke’s dad, Albert Van Beek, who has MRSA, an antibiotic resistant staph infection. t Praise the Lord that Dave Timmer’s tumor on his back continues to shrink. He will have a CT Scan in January to see if the cancer spots are shrinking inside his body. Continued Prayer Requests: t For all who have had recent illnesses or surgeries; t For the homebound: Mary Carmichael, Judy Blauwkamp, Kay Everett, and Nelvie VanKampen; t For all marriages in the church - that those that are strained may be restored and that the healthy marriages may grow even stronger. Church Families of the Week: ♥ Steve & Jan Van Dyke ♥ Ade & Sharon Van Houten ♥ Candace Van Houten & Giovanni ♥ Tony & Deb Van Houten & Becky ♥ A.J. & Elise Van Kampen ♥ Nelvie Van Kampen ♥ Duane & Lynn Van Kampen, Brooke & Anna GGF Sister Church of the Week: † Grace Bible Church in Midland, Pastor John Records Missionaries of the Week: ♦ Dan & Mary Sue Reed, Missionaries in Bolivia upcoming events! WELCOME THIS MORNING SPECIAL GUEST SIMON MWANAMOYA FROM ZAMBIA AS HE SHARES WITH US A “MISSION MOMENT.” ADULT CHOIR PRACTICE Parkside‟s Adult Choir will be practicing this Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in preparation for their performance during the service next Sunday. SUNDAY SCHOOL CHRISTMAS MUSICAL Be sure to join us next Sunday when the Sunday School children will be presenting the musical “Bed, Bethlehem and Beyond” during the worship service and our adult choir will be performing. Attention: Parents of Sunday School Children - Dress rehearsal for the musical will be held this Saturday, December 14, from 9:00-11:00 a.m. MEN’S BREAKFAST Mark your calendar for Saturday, January 11, for a Men‟s Breakfast! Steve Hofman from Man in the Mirror Ministries is our special guest and Heartland will be providing free blood pressure readings as we begin “Heart Health” for 2014 in our Ironman Ministries! More details soon! LADIES EVENING BIBLE STUDY The Ladies Evening Bible Study will resume on Thursday, January 16, at 6:30 p.m. at the church. Newcomers are always welcome! Questions, contact Amy Renberg. PIONEER CLUBS Pioneer Clubs will be taking a Christmas break and will resume on Wednesday, January 8, at 6:30 p.m. CHRISTMAS CAROLING TONIGHT! Meet at Freedom Village’s Copper Harbor Building at 6:30 p.m. tonight or meet at the church (NORTH ENTRANCE) at 6:15 p.m. to car pool over to Freedom Village for an hour of caroling and visiting with the residents. ADULTS, YOUTH & CHILDREN ARE ALL WELCOME!
  4. 4. TOYS FOR TOTS AND FOR OUR CHURCH FAMILY! JR. HIGH YOUTH GROUP WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 6:30 PM This Wednesday - Join us for Joseph, Part 2 “Rags to Riches” plus games, food and fun! Invite your friends! SR. HIGH YOUTH GROUP SUNDAY NIGHT AT 6:30 PM Tonight - Meet at the church (North Entrance) at 6:15 p.m. to go caroling at Freedom Village. We’ll carol and visit for about an hour then come back to the church for snacks. We’ll be done by 8:15 p.m. Plan to join us for a rewarding experience. HOLIDAY SCHEDULE There will be no Jr. High Youth Group on 12/25 and 1/1 and no Sr. High Youth Group on 12/29. Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends! JR. HIGH CHRISTMAS PARTY @ DE FRELL’S (4772 Old Silo Drive, Holland MI 49423) DECEMBER 18 6-8 :30 PM SR. HIGH CHRISTMAS PARTY @ THE CHURCH DECEMBER 22 6-8 PM Both Parties - Bring a $5.00 gift for exchange. Sign up at the Youth Counter. Dress “nice!” This year we are again participating in the Toys For Tots Drive as well as our own drive to help some of our church family. Gifts for teens and babies are very much in demand. If you would like to donate, please place your unwrapped toys in the Toys For Tots box by December 18. The Holland Sentinel is donating Sunday newspapers to the church in support of youth outreach. If you would like to support this cause by making a donation for the paper, the newspaper rack is located in the front entranceway. Thank you! The Parkside Runners/Walkers meet downtown Holland in front of the Knickerbocker Theater on 8th Street at 6:00 p.m. every Tuesday. Join them as they run downtown on the snow-melt system on 8th Street and enjoy some warmth at JP‟s coffee after the run/walk. Questions...Contact Tony Van Houten at 616-218-0205. OUTSIDE OPPORTUNITIES BARNABAS MINISTRIES GIFT OF HOPE This Christmas season Barnabas Ministries is giving a full-sized Bible, reading and study material and a personal message for youth across Michigan who are incarcerated or away from their families this Christmas. For every $25 donated, they will be able to place a gift of hope into the hands of a youth. Please make checks payable and mail to Barnabas Ministries, Inc. at 10500 Chicago Dr. #40, Zeeland, MI 49464 or you can donate online at www.barnabasmin.org and click on the „donate now‟ button. If you have further questions, please email emily@barnabasmin.org call the Barnabas office at 748-8435.
  5. 5. We are collecting food items for Christmas baskets to be given to meet some needs. Please drop off your donation to the church by December 22 so the baskets can be distributed by Christmas. (We will store perishable items in the fridge!) Choices for spiritual growth and fellowship… Mixed Adults: “The Gospel of John” Ch. 9 - 21 Men’s Class: “The Man in the Mirror” Women’s Class: “Gideon” Make Sunday School a part of your life! SUNDAYS from 9:30 to 10:25 a.m. WORKING ON A NEW ONE! I If you checked out a sign for our Craft Fair to put in your yard or neighborhood, please return it to the church ASAP. Thanks! If you are new to the church and haven’t had your family picture taken yet, please be sure to contact Judy at 399-4410 or stop by the church office so you can be included in our next directory. If your family has grown or changed, please see Judy for an updated picture. SAVE THE DATE! 2014 VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL! If you are planning to purchase a new laptop for Christmas and wonder what you will do with your old one, consider donating it to the church to be used in our Christian Educational Wing. We could use a couple workable laptops capable of running basic programs such as Word and Power Point. We don‟t require a lot of RAM memory as it will not be used for games. Thanks! J JUNE 16-20 IN THE MORNING FOR K - 6TH GRADE VOLUNTEERS OF ALL AGES WANTED! Coordinators: Ria Nieboer, Hannah Hodgson & Angi Fogerty