Report on Comparison between Vibgyor and Vechtdal


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Report on Comparison between Vibgyor and Vechtdal

  1. 1. Comparison Parks and Trees
  3. 3. Our Conclusions VIBGYOR • According to our research and investigation, the parks in our region are well maintained and a pleasure to visit. • However, the citizens would like to have more parks to visit and we think that would effectively help the atmosphere of the area. • In this fast paced life, everybody needs a small break and escape into a clean and green sanctuary, which one can really use. • People are happy with the parks in the region because it gives them break into nature and an escape into an clean and healthy environment. VECHTDAL • According to the research and investigation, done by Vechtdal , their region, Ommen, appears to be nature friendly have much nature- even winning a bronze medal in the ‘ Greenest Village Competition’ . • Ommen seems to have a lot of forests which act as parks which is definitely missing in our region Goregaon West. The people there enjoy visiting the forests , which are well- maintained and blooming with nature. However the people would like to have more parks in the centre of the city and to have more facilities (benches, playgrounds etc.) so that they can get together or simply relax .
  4. 4. FIVE WAYS TO IMPROVE VECHTDAL VIBGYO VECHT VIBGYOR 1) The parks should have proper R differently DAL amenities for use by 1) In our region we have no parks in the centre of the city. That’s important because we have only buildings in the city. Plants in the centre of the city gives more variation and make people happy. abled members of society. 2) Cafes should be created in parks. 3) Duck feeding should be introduced if the park has a lake. 4) More number of benches should be built for senior citizens. 5) Shaded resting places can be built for people visiting the parks. 2) We need parks where people can come together. In our regions we have only a forest. That isn’t a place were people come together because it is big and there are a lot trees. 3) In the parks in our region aren’t a lot of benches or playgrounds there are only trees or grasses. We need to build that to get people in the parks so that there come more people. 4) We need to build parks for the people that work in the daytime and they come then to the parks to rest. 5) We need to improve parks to get a better liveability in the city and make to people happier. --- (As per Vechtdal Website )
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