Three Transformational Projects in Atlanta's Proctor Creek - SF


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2014 Park Pride Parks and Greenspace Conference
Presenter is Stacy Funderburke

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Three Transformational Projects in Atlanta's Proctor Creek - SF

  1. 1. Community Driven - Site Scale Green Infrastructure Lindsay Street Park
  2. 2. Expanding Atlanta’s Park System 2003-2014 •22 Parks •36 Projects •201 acres •$15.9 million FMV Parcel by parcel
  3. 3. Milwaukee: Community Trip
  4. 4. Milwaukee: Community Trip
  5. 5. Philadelphia: Peer Exchange Green Infrastructure
  6. 6. Philadelphia: Peer Exchange Green Infrastructure
  7. 7. •40% population decline in a decade •Highest vacancy rates in Atlanta •40% foreclosure rate •Highest poverty & crime rates in the city •Average household income $22,474 for family of four The Proctor Creek Communities: Vine City and English Avenue The Economic Problems
  8. 8. Resourceful Communities Investing in People 1991-2014 •Invested more than $2.2 million in triple-bottom-line projects •Trained more than 5,000 community leaders •Helped to create more than 425 jobs.
  9. 9. Resourceful Communities
  10. 10. Triple Bottom Line • Economic Benefits • Social Justice Benefits • Environmental Benefits Social Justice
  11. 11. Lindsay Street Properties
  12. 12. Parks with Purpose The Community Vision Strengthening Communities •Create the first park for English Avenue •Provide Triple Bottom Line benefits •Engage community and build capacity •Involve community in designing and building park •Provide environmental education opportunities •Provide direct economic impact and jobs •Utilize green infrastructure for stormwater management Lindsay Street Park Vision Plan •First park for English Avenue • Triple Bottom Line benefits Environmental Social Economic
  13. 13. Parks with Purpose Lindsay Street Park
  14. 14. Environmental Benefits Green Infrastructure to Reduce Stormwater Flooding
  15. 15. Social Justice Benefits Increasing Community Capacity & Access to Resources
  16. 16. Economic Benefits Workforce Training and Certifications
  17. 17. •Elevate Triple Bottom Line •Strengthen partnerships Park Impacts •Create sustainable communities •Build local capacity
  18. 18. Partners Funding Partners The Waterfall Foundation The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Park Pride UPS (in-kind) Community Partners American Rivers Atlanta Community Mapping & Research Project Atlanta Food & Farm Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Community Improvement Association English Avenue Neighborhood Association EcoAction Greater Vine City Opportunities Program Historic Westside Gardens West Atlanta Watershed Alliance
  19. 19. Parks with Purpose Lindsay Street Park – Coming Summer 2014
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