Partnerships for Greening Atlanta - SF, DQ, CO


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2014 Park Pride Parks and Greenspace Conference
Presenters are Denise Quarles, Stacy Funderburke and Catherine Owens

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Partnerships for Greening Atlanta - SF, DQ, CO

  1. 1. Atlanta BeltLine Key Project Elements: • 22 miles of modern streetcar transit • 33 miles of multi-use trails • 1,300 acres of parks • 5,600 units of affordable housing • 1,100 acres of brownfield remediation • Public Art • Historic Preservation • Economic Development
  2. 2. Full Corridor Build-Out • Transit • Trail • Utility Duct Bank • Green Infrastructure • Connectivity to Existing Rights-of-Way
  3. 3. Historic Fourth Ward Park and Skatepark • 17 acres • Opened June 2011 • 2-acre lake that doubles as stormwater capacity relief • Outdoor amphitheater • Modern playground with splashpad • Open, passive lawns • Elegant walkways
  4. 4. Atlanta BeltLine Investments $362 million: Total funds invested to date • $157 million: Atlanta BeltLine Tax Allocation District (TAD) • $121 million: City of Atlanta bond funds (Watershed, Parks, Public Works) • $22 million: Federal (transit and trail) • $21 million: Federal (streets and streetscapes within the TAD) • $41 million: Private philanthropic Awards and Accomplishments • Livable Centers Initiative Grant ($4 million) (2012) • Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Grant ($1.47 million) (2012) • Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) “Development of Excellence Award” for Historic Fourth Ward Park (2012) • Atlanta Business Chronicle’s “Land Deal of the Year” for the Eastside Trail (2012) • Environmental Communications Award Grand Prize (2013) • Atlanta Urban Design Commission “Adaptive Reuse Award” for the Eastside Trail (2013) • Great Places in Georgia “Public Spaces” Award for D. H. Stanton Park (2011) • Atlanta Urban Design Commission Award for Historic Fourth Ward Park (2011) and D. H. Stanton Park (2012) • GAASLA Merit Award For D. H. Stanton Park (2011) and Historic Fourth Ward Park (2012) • ULI Project of the Year (2013)
  5. 5. Environmental remediation: • 73 acres of brownfields remediated • Environmental Justice Policy adopted by Board of Directors (August 2012) Master Planning • All ten subarea master plans adopted by Atlanta City Council (April 2012)
  6. 6. Eastside Trail • 2.25 miles • Opened October 2012 • First trail segment built in old railroad corridor • Connects five intown neighborhoods, three major parks, and bike paths • Corridor preserved for transit • Over 600 large trees planted
  7. 7. Atlanta BeltLine SW Trail: • Next significant partnership project • COA, FHWA, ARC, GDOT, EPA, EPD, ABI • 2.5 Miles of New Trail, similar to Eastside Trail • Project Includes • Remediation • Compliance with COA Post Development Ordinance • Significant Landscaping • Construction Begins Fall 2014
  8. 8. Expanding Atlanta’s Greenspace Land Acquisition
  9. 9. Facilitating Green Infrastructure Best Practices Philadelphia Peer Exchange City of Atlanta Green Infrastructure Task Force Conservation Leadership Network
  10. 10. Engaging Communities in Green Infrastructure
  11. 11. Seeing Multiple Benefits of a Green Infrastructure Approach Community Leaders Trip - Milwaukee
  12. 12. Proctor North Ave Vision Demonstration Project Lindsay Street Park
  13. 13. Citywide Sustainability Initiatives Achievement, Momentum & The Next Four Years Presented by Denise Quarles March 2014
  14. 14. Impact Requires Citywide Collaboration Today, Atlanta is advancing in sustainability through the actions of hundreds of local organizations representing government, business, academics, non-profits and citizens. Each and every time we share our achievements and passions, we inspire more change. • Agreement on benchmarks, measurements & indicators • Initiatives measured as a collective to show impact • Action as One City, One Plan And we have… 400+ contributed to the updated CoA sustainability plan, Power to Change
  15. 15. Citywide Action….Green Infrastructure for the Urban Community Academia Nonprofit Atlantan Spelman College Water Efficient Landscaping • 59.52% reduction in the use of potable water for landscaping. • 39,950 gallons savings of potable water annually; avoiding $1,469 a year in water costs. Residential Potable Water System • First installed under rainwater ordinance. • 49,400 gallon/50 inches rainfall potential Southface Energy Institute Green Roof • Entire building’s water savings are an 84% overall reduction in potable water consumption compared to a baseline commercial building of the same size, saving 112,781 gallons/year.
  16. 16. Citywide Action….Green Infrastructure for the Urban Community Business Business Home Depot Rainwater Holding Tank • 500,000 gallon tank • Landscape irrigation retro- fits saving water too Epsten Group Green roof system • 91% of sites stormwater captured, treated and infiltrated on site • LEED Platinum facility Government Fire Station #16 Rain Garden • Sized to capture the first 1.2” of runoff from stations downspouts
  17. 17. What Acts Have Changed Atlanta In just four years… Partial Listing of Citywide Acts of Change (2010-2013) Imagine what we can do together tomorrow – one city, one plan Municipal Actions Community Actions • 67,000,000 sq ft, commercial building committed to BBC • 15% decrease, commercial natural gas consumption • 83% decrease, potable water use by Epsten Group Offices • 1 – 56% savings, water use by 18 BBC participants • 1 – 48% savings, energy use by 48 BBC participants • Greenest LEED Platinum Building, in U.S is P+W Bldg in ATL • 82,305 participants, in an Atlanta Streets Alive event • 1,286 units, added to Certified Earthcraft database • 2,000+ free, Residential energy audits completed • 4,874 rain barrels, distributed by CRK (3.4M gal water) • 1,000+ trees, planted by the South Fork Conservancy • 375,000 lbs of waste, diverted by the LBC • 100% single stream recycling, participation in APS • 37% at GWCC, either carpool, vanpool or take MARTA • 1500+ Weatherization Professionals, SWEET Ctr trained • 4,364,500 lbs of pollution avoided, clean commutes • 2M gallons, water saved annually by Manheim • 73 acres Remediated brownfields along the Atlanta Beltline • 60 acres greenspace, added to Atlanta Beltline • 14.9 miles, bicycle lanes, cycle tracks & shared paths added • 50% to 64%, is the increase in residents ½ mile walk of park • 47%/36% energy savings, South/North Parking Deck • 39% increase, employee clean commutes smog challenge • 37% energy savings, over 2009 baseline at Civic Center • 21.9% decrease, commercial natural gas consumption • 1 solar installation, at a city park • 100+ streetscape enhancements & improvements • 54 CNG vehicles, added to alternative fuel portfolio • 9,100 seedlings, planted in public spaces • 8,100 trees, planted in public spaces • 50 M gallons water savings/yr, WaterSense efficiencies • 340,953 lbs of pollution avoided, from clean commutes • 7 white cool roofs, added to building portfolio • 10,000 hours, for city run volunteer sustainability efforts • 2,000 volunteers, for city run cleanup efforts • $200,000/year, being saved at the Civic Center from conservation • 60,000 recycle carts, distributed to residents
  18. 18. What Policy & Action has Changed Atlanta? In just four years… Partial Listing of Citywide Acts of Change (2010-2013) Imagine what we can do together tomorrow – one city, one plan Municipal Actions Community Actions • CLEANUPS, drawing over 30,000 citizens • 7,000+ people trained, by CRK on water conservation • Winning Vote, to extend sales tax for sewer system retro • 2,536 annual, clean commute loggers • 219 +, Blocks revitalized through Love Your Block • 39,990 pounds, of litter removed • 23,000 trees, planted citywide • OPENED, cities first biodiesel fueling station • DROPPED OUT, of the top 25 most ozone polluted cities • $200+ bicycle racks , installed in Midtown • 10+ rainwater harvesting systems, installed by Park Pride • 3,341 participants, residential energy efficiency w/GA Power • 3,000 gallon, cistern installed to irrigate Midtown landscape • Launch of $1B Green Challenge, joined by GA Tech • INSTALLED 1st, residential potable rainwater harvesting system • 20% Savings, on annual energy cost w/solar Ted’s Montana • 13.5% reduction in GHG emissions at Spelman • PASSED, Rainwater Harvesting Ordinance • PASSED, Revised Post-Development Stormwater Management Ordinance • PASSED, Ordinance to allocate $2.47M in bonds to fund bicycle projects • PASSED, Green revolving loan fund ordinance • DEVELOPED, six internal new green policies • UPDATED, Connect Atlanta Plan • COMPLETED, Southeastern EV Readiness Workbook • RATED Highest Airport, B+ U.S. Global Reporting Initiative • COMPLETED First Climate Action Plan, for City of Atlanta • CERTIFIED, 1 LEED Gold/2 LEED Silver facilities • REVISED, HOME/CDBG to incentive green projects • OFFERED, Green Grant Program for Housing Developers • Formed, Atlanta’s Green Infrastructure Task Force • PILOT, Brownfield Area-wide Planning Pilot Program • RESTORED 12, ball field lighting at 12 parks • REDUCED Collections, from 7 to 1 with bigbelly solar
  19. 19. Faith Based Sustainability Actions St Luke’s Episcopal Church • MVP award in the better buildings challenge • $9000 grant from GIPL to upgrade lighting (2014) • Projected to save $4k a year….on top of the $47k Young Israel of Toco Hills • Building a new building and they have a goal of becoming the first EarthCraft certified synagogue in the country • Planning to install solar & permeable pavers, All Saints • Hosted the first zero waste and 100 mile parish picnic. • Majority of the food at the event came from Atlanta, nothing they served came from farther than 100 miles. Benefit to citywide efforts • Clean tech jobs • Reduction in carbon emissions • Renewable energy • Zero waste • Green building certifications • Leadership position
  20. 20. Solar Energy Quietly Transforming The Landscape • LARGEST full service solar integrator in the Southeast, Hannah Solar • HEADQUARTERED in Atlanta • FIRST solar energy tree structure in the state of Georgia • NET ZERO operated facility National Leverage Benefit to citywide efforts • 2 EV chargers • 3 EV’s in fleet • 23 Clean tech jobs • 254 Solar rooftop modules • Georgia is the fastest growing solar market in the US • Georgia ranks 7th nationally in solar electric capacity
  21. 21. What Grows Momentum in the Next Four Years? • Triple alternative fuel infrastructure …. by adding more EV chargers, CNG stations etc. • Double bike lanes and trials … by investing in more infrastructure. • Improve surface water quality….by increased green stormwater management • Reduce 1M llbs in CO2 from CNG fleet … by collective fleet enhancements • Improve residential diversion rate….by better informing our residents • Expand zero waste zones…by more businesses signing up for the challenge • Grow our community garden network …by passing Urban Ag legislation • Increase our clean tech portfolio…by attracting new businesses • And much more…. Four More Years of Green… Acting as one city, under one plan. What we will achieve … by acting together
  22. 22.