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Spring gsm 2011 grand finale

Spring gsm 2011 grand finale



So. Cal GSM

So. Cal GSM



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  • Add case card, necker, display
  • -Original Stags’ Leap Winery / Pioneering winery in the SLD / Est. 1893 / District was named after our winery – not the other way around. Founding Chase family named their country estate Stags’ Leap (native Wappo legend of a stag eluding a generation of hunters, always leaping and vanishing at the last moment). Mountains behind the property came to be called the Stags Leap Palisades. Erosion from the palisades is the source of SLD’s volcanic soil, a contributing factor to the modern reputation of Cabernet in the Stags Leap District Wine grapes have grown on property continuously since the 1880’s; beautiful site full of historic buildings and lively history. Other Stags Leap (SLWC) was not established until 1970s. After a decade long trademark dispute, the courts granted both wineries the ability to use the name (1985), difference being placement of the apostrophe (SLW is plural possessive / SLWC is singular possessive) -SLW is synonymous with Petite Sirah - foremost producer of NV Petite Sirah; developed quite a following for this wine. But we are also stewards of one of the most magnificent pieces of land in NV, one of the world’s great producers of Cabernet. We make elegant, balanced Cabernet with purity, depth and signature soft tannins of the SLD. Important to note the consumer loyalty to these wines! -New winemaker brings old world inspiration to Stags’ Leap. Raised in Sauternes region of Bordeaux, Christophe practices traditional winemaking, focused on pure expression of the land. He produces estates grown and terroir driven wines that showcase the fruit, not the winemakers hand. When Christophe talks about his winemaking style – he says he makes wine the way he learned in France, to pick at just the right moment to capture the best of the fruit and to then showcase the fruit so the wine tells an authentic story of the land on which it was grown.

Spring gsm 2011 grand finale Spring gsm 2011 grand finale Presentation Transcript

  • And the WINNERS are.... 2010 November December Creative Contests Beringer & Buble and Beringer Founders Estates
    • 5 th Ryan Graham $250
    • 5 th Seth Masters $250
    • 5 th Steven Ruiz Ivory $250
    • 5 th Kevin Koch $250
    • 5 th Jeff Hirschmann $250
    • 5 th Ellyn Caprara $250
    • 5 th Jennie Marlborough $250
    • 5 th Josh Wasserman $250
    • 5 th Mike Rimmer $250
    • 4 th Richard Livingston $500
    • 3 rd Kevin Akery $750
    • 3 rd Tracy Ley $750
    • 2 nd Jessica Montoya $1000
  • 5th Natalie Shaw $250 5th Donny Bellows $250 5th Tara Williams $250 5th Chris Mikhail $250 5th Stephen Irwin $250 5th Natalie Shaw $250 5th Rachel Roberts $250 5th Ross Land $250 4th Toni Hanks $500 4th Holly Gibson $500 3rd Toni Hanks $750 3rd Eduardo Ramirez $750 2nd Jenna Walton $1000
  • 2011 Spring Training GSM Rona Watson Tom Smallhorn Chris McFerran Kevin Gorgen Emma Hadfield Joe Montoya Gina Olague John Parker Ronson Stermer
  • Agenda 1.Introduction – Emma Hadfield 2. Treasury Wine Estates Priorities – Emma Hadfield 3. Marketing / Point of Sale – Rona Watson 5. Emma Pearl Launch - Tom Smallhorn 4. Priority Recap – Joe Montoya 5. Incentives – Ronson Stermer 6. TWE Team of OND 2010- Ronson Stermer
  • Brand Priorities
  • Beringer Founders Estates Founders to the Floor! 4-7-2 #1 Priority
  • 4 – 7 – 2 Beringer Founder’s Estate
    • What is 4 – 7 – 2 ?
    This is how TWE wants to position its priority brands in the market 4 – “Four to the Floor” four varietals on the floor in every display 7 – “Seven on the Shelf is Heaven” seven varietals on the shelf 2 – “Two in the Box Rocks” two varietals of BFE in every cold box
  • Beringer Blush & Moscato Blitz Blush… Muscle Moscato! # 2 Priority
  • Explosive growth in Moscato
  • Chateau St. Jean The Three Pillars of St. Jean Every display should have all 3 pillars- Sonoma Chard, CA Cab, CA Merlot # 3 Priority “ Get Mean with the Queen of Sonoma”
  • Penfold’s Paint the town (RED)! # 4 Priority
  • Beringer # 2 Muscle MOSCATO Blitz BLUSH
    • Beringer Founders’ = Four Varietals to the floor.
    • Beringer 50% Blush and 50% Moscato
    • Ch. St. Jean Three Pillars on display Sonoma Chardonnay, CA Cabernet, CA Merlot
    • Penfolds Koonunga Hill to the floor
    • Beringer Napa Valleys, Souverain, Matua, Gabbiano, Cellar #8, Lindeman’s, Rosemount
    • Foundation Resurgence led by Beringer
    • Grow Nielsen Share in $8+
    • Accelerate Emerging & Innovation
    • Improve Mix & Profit
    Driving the strategic platform will drive profitable results for TWE and SWS. Priorities Beringer Founder’s # 1 7 is heaven 4 to the floor 2 in the box rocks Penfolds # 4 Paint the town RED Chateau St. Jean # 3 Get mean with the Queen of Sonoma Displays
    • Founders’ Chardonnay
    • Founder’s Pinot Grigio or SB
    • CA Collection White Zinfandel
    • CA Collection Moscato
    • Napa Chardonnay
    • CA Collection White Merlot
    • CA Collection Pinot Grigio
    • CA Collection Chenin Blanc
    • CA Collection Sauvignon Blanc
    • Private Reserve Chardonnay
    • Sparkling White Zinfandel
    Shelf Management Priorities
    • Cal Collection adjacent to Sutter Home
    • Founders’ adjacent to Robert Mondavi PS
    • Napa Chardonnay adjacent to La Crema
    • CHATEAU ST JEAN - Adjacent to Kendall Jackson
    • SOUVERAIN - Adjacent to Rodney Strong
    • SANTA BARABARA COLLECTION - Adjacent to Cambria
    • MERIDIAN - Adjacent to Barefoot
    • STAGS’ LEAP WINERY - Adjacent to Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars
    • CELLAR #8 - Adjacent to Rex Goliath
    • LINDEMAN’S - Adjacent to Yellow TaiL
    • MATUA - Adjacent to Kim Crawford
    • GABBIANO - Adjacent to Ecco Domani
    • ROSEMOUNT - Adjacent to Yellow Tail Reserve
    • COLORES DEL SOL - Adjacent to Gascon
    • PENFOLDS - Adjacent to McWilliams
    Cold Box
    • 1.5’s
    • Beringer White Zinfandel
    • Beringer Moscato
    • Beringer White Merlot
    • Beringer Chenin Blanc
    • Beringer Pinot Grigio
    • Stone Cellars Chardonnay
    Any opportunity to double face and lift products of the deck should be taken advantage of!
    • 750ml
    • Chat. St. Jean Sonoma Chardonnay
    • Matua Sauvignon Blanc (Alby’s/Ralphs)
    • 2. Ch. St. Jean Fume Blanc (Vons)
    • 3. Lindemans Chardonnay
    • 4. Meridian Chardonnay
    • 5. Stags’ Leap Winery Chardonnay
    • 5. Nine Points Chardonnay (Vons)
    • 6. Lindeman’s Moscato
    • 7. Lindeman’s Pinot Grigio
    • 8. Santa Barbara Collection
    • 9. Souverain Chardonnay
    • 10. Gabbiano Pinot Grigio
    • 11. Meridian Pinot Grigio
  • Spring
    • Spring Point of Sale
    • Rona Watson
    • Activation Manager CA
    Beringer and Buble Spring 2011 Promotion: Beringer & Bubl é , Hitting all the Right Notes Timing: March 1 – April 30, 2011 Focus Brands: Beringer Blush, Light & Refreshing and Beringer Founders’ Estate Program Summary: Free music download offer to millions of loyal fans through in store displays. www.beringer.com/Bublé
  • Buble Social Media Campaign Michael Bublé will be telling his fans about the Spring promotion first hand! 2M fans on Facebook! >100K followers on Twitter! Significant social media activity planned to support the Spring promotions and drive fans to stores!
  • Beringer and Buble Banner Display Life Size Standee Case Wrap Case Card White Zinfandel Shipper All Other Shipper Display - Mass $6 IRC Music download- Rhapsody ESCALATING REFUND NECKER $6
  • Beringer and Michelob Ultra
    • Why Michelob ULTRA – Why Beringer Wine?
    • Both Michelob ULTRA and Beringer are official sponsors of PGA Golf
    • The Michelob ULTRA consumer and the wine consumer are very similar
    • Beringer Wine is the the #2 wine brand in the US and has a 125 index vs the consumer demographics of Michelob ULTRA
  • MICHELOB ULTRA – BERINGER FOUNDERS ESTATE VOLUME DRIVING PROGRAM Dates: March 1 – May 15 Supports Easter Selling Season Execution Recommendation Primary Location: High Traffic, Lobby or Perimeter Location Consumer Offer: Save $2.00 Instantly on the purchase of one (1) bottle Beringer Founders Estate 750ml bottle or larger with the purchase of one (1)Michelob ULTRA 12-Pack or larger, or (2) 6-packs
  • Beringer PGA 1. 7 out of 10 PGA fans drink wine 2. PGA tour fans are 3X times more likely to purchase a product associated with the PGA Tour mark 3. +73% average dollar sales lift in stores that executed the Beringer PGA promotion Top 3 Reasons to Activate the Beringer PGA Program
  • Beringer Luxury Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve Chardonnay Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Merlot
    • Focus on Beringer Luxury to drive value
    • Leverage new labels to grow Nielsen share in $8+
  • Beringer PGA Mass Display Golf Bag Rack Case Wrap Case Card Divot Tool Necker Escalating IRC ESCALATING MIR NECKER
  • The Great Steak Challenge
    • #1 Steak Recipe and Wine Pairing Contest in the U.S.
    • Nationally Televised Finale Hosted by the Deen Brothers
    • National PR support utilizing the Dean Brothers
    • High Impact, Furniture Quality In-store POS
    • Big Name National Tie-In-Partners
    2 nd Annual May – Dec 2011
  • Spring POS HOT Easter IRC! Beringer Market Cart Beringer Hot Air Balloon
  • Chateau St. Jean – Set the Spring Table Floral Rack Case Card Save up to $5 IRC Display Mass
  • Penfold’s
    • Takes the power of consumer spending and transforms it into a way to help those in need
    • Since its launch in 2006, (RED) has contributed over $150M to the Global Fund, and over 5M people have been impacted by programs by these contributions
    What is (RED)?
  • How (RED) Works 15% of its profit during the promotional period are donated to help buy and distribute antiretroviral medicine to those living with HIV in Africa (RED) is that simple. And that powerful. π π March/April 2011 July/Aug 2011 Nov/Dec 2011 National Merchandising / Promotions
    • 79% of consumers say they would be likely to switch from one brand to another, when price and quality are about equal, if the other brand is associated with a good cause (compared to 66% in 1993)
  • Merchandising—Mar/Apr Promotion Premium Rack Case Card Case Wrap Necker Escalating MIR Recipe Take One Shipper We are joining the best of Global Brands
  • Lindeman’s- Great Finds Consumers are seeking value: Lindeman’s offers Smart Value without Compromise The Great Finds program consists of year round activity, along with themed “surge promotion” periods that feature displays & partnerships Spring Theme “ Spruce Up Your Life” New Look and Feel
  • Meridian
    • # 2 Chard in the domestic $6-8
    • Greater lift on promotion vs the category (52% vs 33%)
    • Quality is validated by 15 years of the Best Buy accolades and over 100 medals
    • Large, loyal consumer base and trade confidence that Meridian is the best value
    Consistency: A dedicated winemaker for the past 20 years Lee Miyamura Winemaker
  • Accelerate Innovation and Emerging Brands Colores del Sol - To be the lifestyle leader from Argentina in $8-10 - Malbec continues to grow at double digit rates Matua -The Pioneers of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc -To be the leading New Zealand super-premium Sauvignon Blanc Cellar No. 8 - Increase the brand’s visibility - Cellar No. 8 will be the #1 lifestyle brand and top 5 by volume in DM $8-$10
    • Gabbiano
      • #1 Chianti in CA Gabbiano DOCG
      • #2 Chianti in CAGabbiano Chianti Classico
      • Win in the cold box with Pinot Grigio
    Santa Barbara Collection - Official wine of SB Film Festival - To be the preeminent wine brand of Santa Barbara & Central Coast Souverain - New lower price strategy positioned for growth - Quality and value: It’s in the bottle!
  • 3 Things You Need to Know About Stags’ Leap
      • Pioneering winery in the famed Stags Leap District (Est. 1893)
      • Foremost producer of Napa Valley Petite Sirah and one of the leading Napa Valley Cabernets
      • Winemaker Christophe Paubert embraces an old world style of crafting estate grown and terroir-driven wines that are a pure expression of the land
  • The Concept Brand Strategy Overview and Supporting Consumer Research
  • Executive Summary
    • Situation
      • More women are wine drinkers; 39% of all women drink wine versus 29% of men.*
      • Wine consumption also indexes higher among consumers over 35 years old, with higher incomes.*
      • However, many of the wines targeting women reflect lack of insights and play at the lower end of the market.
    • Solution
      • Introducing Emma Pearl, a Central Coast Chardonnay and Merlot made in a smooth, rich, indulgent style by female winemaker Nova Cadamatre.
      • Emma Pearl is a perfect choice for women who want a wine with all the luxury quality cues at a fraction of the cost of luxury wine brands.
    • When/Where?
      • Emma Pearl has been approved for distribution at Albertson’s beginning in April/May endcap program, with initial distribution in March in top cluster stores.
    * Source: Mintel, October 2010
  • We all know an Emma Pearl. We may be married to her, we may work for her, we may be her: she’s smart, she’s sophisticated and she’s super-busy. She knows that life is about seizing the day, and that means making the most of her passion for her work, her friends and her family. Like Emma Pearl, her wine has both style and substance. It cascades over the tongue with a perfect richness that captures these moments of relaxation and respite. A sip of Emma Pearl Chardonnay or Merlot is a timeless treat that transforms an ordinary moment into a sumptuous experience. Its packaging is sophisticated and simple, with luxurious touches that evoke the elegance and warmth of pearls. The indulgent taste and classic look of Emma Pearl Chardonnay and Merlot make them the perfect reward for a busy life’s rich moments. SMART. FEMININE. TIMELESS. E MMA P EARL - Luscious and Indulgent Wines
  • Brand Positioning Line Priced: $16.99 SRP / $15.99 ED/ $14.99 deal Pricing Strategy Target Consumer Demographic: Female, 35 - 44 yrs, college grads and business professionals. Many with young children. Wine attitude: “ Appreciators”; Wine enhances lifestyle. Varietal and taste of wine play important role in choice. Occasions: “ Me time”; an affordable luxury; social occasions Frame of Reference Brands Wine: La Crema; Santa Margherita; Rombauer; Sophia Classic Style with Mass appeal: Kate Spade; Clinique; Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, HGTV Ownable Benefit makes ordinary luxurious Reasons to Believe indulgently smooth wine style timeless and elegant packaging with the warmth of pearls Essence SMART. FEMININE. TIMELESS.
  • Consumers Confirm Packaging Delivers Desirable Benefits How much do you agree or disagree that the following statements describe this package. This wine would be... Top 2 Box – Strongly/Somewhat Agree A CLEAR CONSUMER PROPOSITION To smart, sophisticated and super-busy women (Consumer Target) Who are looking for an easy to drink wine for special moments (function) Emma Pearl is a classic and elegant choice (identity) that makes them feel confident they will enjoy this well earned treat. (emotion) Note: Top scoring benefits shown. Top 2 Box scores ranged from 28% to 78%, with Emma Pearl concept also registering high in A Treat (60%), high quality (58%), and Rewarded (55%)
  • Wine Maker: Nova Cadamatre
    • For Nova, winemaking is a labor of love – a unique opportunity to capture and express nature’s beauty. A winemaker with a green thumb, Cadamatre’s deep understanding of plant cultivation and appreciation of the role of the vineyard drives her vineyard-centric approach to winemaking.
    • Originally from Greer, South Carolina, Nova Cadamatre’s path to California’s wine country began in New York while pursuing studies in Horticulture. What began as a research paper on grapevine disease, turned into a love affair with wines and vines that would shape her career.
    • In the Finger Lakes region of New York she refined her winemaking skills, both as Winemaker’s Assistant at the Thirsty Owl Wine Company and as a Viticulture student at Cornell University. After becoming one of the first graduates of Cornell’s Viticulture and Enology program, she moved to California to assume several winemaking roles gaining diverse experiences in both table and sparkling wines. 
    • Joining the winemaking team at Emma Pearl in July 2009, Cadamatre ushered in the very first harvest for Emma Pearl – shepherding the debut vintage Chardonnay and Merlot from vineyard to bottle. Her careful attention to detail and deep understanding of the vineyards ensures the purest expression of the fruit is captured.
  • 360 Marketing Support
    • Launch Plans
    • Substantial in-store demos and tastings program complete with gift wrapping for bottle and case purchases
    • Distributor and store tour with winemaker Nova Cadamatre
    • Promotional/Sampling program with the Junior League in key markets
    • PR program with outreach to over 100 local & national, print & online publications
    • Website featuring Emma’s tasting and entertaining tips/blog and comprehensive social media outreach
    • In-Store POS
    • Elegant rack displays 6-pack shippers to encourage sales by-the-case
    • Case cards also available for smaller displays
    • Gift wrapping at all tastings:
    • Custom Gift bags
    • Gift tag neckers
    • Branded tissue paper
    • Ribbon and handles for case sales
    • Actual bag hold 2 bottles
  • Take Away
    • TWE Brand Priorities
    • # 1 Beringer Founders Estate
    • (Founders to the Floor)
    • 4 – 7 – 2
    • 4 to the floor
    • 7 is heaven
    • 2 in the box rocks
    • # 2 Beringer Blush and Moscato
    • (Blitz Blush & Muscle Moscato)
    • # 3 Chateau St. Jean
    • (Three Pillars of St. Jean)
    • # 4 Penfolds
    • (Paint the town Red)
  • Incentive – March/April
  • Top Team for OND 2010 Paradiso 75 foot Luxury Yacht