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The first case study in Marketing. Our team did a presentation which we were very proud of.

The first case study in Marketing. Our team did a presentation which we were very proud of.



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RIM Vs. Apple Presentation RIM Vs. Apple Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • VS
    A Battle of Brand Dominance
  • Presented By
    Briana Cowan
    Mike Luo
    “Munny” Berar
    Sarah Henderson
    Susan Kelly
    Mosaic Marketing Corp.
  • Outline of the Research
    The Problem
    Market Identification
    SWOT Analysis
    Key findings from Research
  • Outline of the Solution
    Alternative 1
    Alternative 2
    Alternative 3
    Solution and Implementation Plan
    Course Concepts
  • The Problem at Hand
    How can RIM reassert themselves as the greatest innovator ?
    Problem at hand goes far beyond blackberry versus iPhone products.
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strengths
    Blackberry brand and reputation
    2. Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)
    3. Innovative and strong foundation of technological assets
    Dominance in the business Sector
    RIM has its own wireless transmission network/equipment
  • Weakness
    Limited Product breadth
    Market Target is limited
    Network is not as strong as competitors
  • Opportunity
    Develop new target market (eg. Younger generation)
    Globalization the target markets
    Develop new products to deepen the market penetration
    Possibility to establish RIM’s own Mobile wireless network (like AT&T)
  • Threats
    RIM’s encrypted email system may be banned in certain countries
    Apple offering business-look cell phones can result in significant reduced sales of Blackberry
    Competitors developing similar application/interface that takes away RIM’s software advantages.
    Competitors reverse engineering RIM’s innovative products.
  • Current Target Market
    segment break down
    Men and women with high incomes
    Tech savvy individuals
    Organized individuals
    Time constraints
    Age: Early 20s – Late 40s
  • Numbers and Details of Research
    Apple vs. rim
    Smartphone Market Share
  • Other Findings and Research
  • Facts on sales
    Blackberry Curve overtook Apple’s iPhone
    RIM’s share of smartphone market boosted from 15% to nearly 50% in the first quarter of 2009 (May 2009)
  • RIM’s current mission statement:
    Create a digital community to serve the needs of small business professionals, giving them the insight they need to maximize the benefits of Smartphones.
  • Alternative Solution
    Number One
  • Build up RIM’s Brand image
    Re-design/ improve the Logo
    Physical Expansion
    Improve Company Website
  • Advantages
    More logos and slogan helps brand recognition
    Employs more skilled and innovated workers
    Attracts more Generation Y and Tweens to the website
  • Disadvantages
    May confuse existing customers
    May cause unrest to the brand loyalty
    Increased in administrative cost
  • Alternative Solution
    Number Two
  • Target New Market
    Create Blackberry that suits various segment groups
    Increasing brand awareness
    Environmental friendly
    Website renovation
    Expand App store
    Focus on Media such as Facebook/GPS
  • Campaign for Brand Awareness
    Design contest
    RIM website promotes a event for helping Blackberry with a new design from participants.
    With incentives
    Pros and cons
    Drifted away Professional outfit
    Developing customized product could be risky
    Possible threat of competitive retaliation (reverse engineering)
    Increased Brand Awareness
    Word of Mouth advertisement
    Increased Target market
  • The Chosen Solution
    Alternative Three:
    Increasing the Breadth of RIM’s Strategic Product Lines
    Developing a new RIM laptop
    Blackberry - Work
  • Blackberry Work
  • Diversifying of RIM’s Strategic Product lines
    Create hype for the product and company
    boost the sales of blackberry
    Captures new market and increase brand awareness
    Reduced introduction stage of product life cycle
  • Disadvantages
    Initial investment can be costly
    Takes time to develop a completely new product
    Can be risky when it’s launched against an established competitor.
  • Target Segment
    Existing Blackberry users
    Business professionals
    Mainly Generation X and portion generation Ys
    Help saturating the entire business market which Blackberry smartphones had unable to monopolize
    Underdeveloped Market
    Other technology reliance individuals (eg. Students)
    Most of the Generation Ys and Tweens
    Targeting the market which the Professional images of Blackberry has not penetrated to.
  • Implementation Plan
  • Step-by-Step Implementation
    Announce Blackberry Laptop to Public
    Begin Concept Testing through Surveys and other Media.
    Use this information to begin long development process
    Hype Begins to Build
    (implement Alternative 2 solution to capture new markets)
    Begin test marketing in select cities with limited supply.
    Use feedback and Launch Blackberry Work to the public
  • Financials and Pricing
    Creating a new department and employee expense = 22million
    Human resource 17 million
    Equipment and material cost 5million
    Marketing material expense = 5.5 million
    Overhead expenses = 1.2million
    Research cost to develop new Software for the laptop = 4 million
    Total Cost 32.7 million for 2 years
    Price will be in the high-end range in the initial stage of launching with limited supply and distribution (comparable to Macbooks)
    May reduce its price as it reaches maturity and when new products come out
  • Major Course Concepts
    • Developing market strategies
    • Segmentation, targeting and positioning
    • Market mix
  • Works Cited
    Cnet news. Lance Whitney. BlackBerry Curve outsells the iPhone 3G. Last viewed October 21, 2009
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  • Thank you for listening
    Any Questions?