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Ib chapter3
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Ib chapter3


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Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. 3-1 Culture Around the World 3-2 Culture and Social Organizations 3-3 Communication Across Cultures 3-4 Values Around the World International Business Chapter 3 Cultural Influences on Global Business [P.57-83]
  • 2. East vs West
  • 3.
    • Describe influences of culture on global business activities.
    • Explain the role of subcultures.
    International Business Chapter 3-1 Culture Around the world Goals
  • 4. International Business A culture is a system of learned, shared, unifying, and interrelated beliefs, values, and assumptions. Culture Around the world Concept Chapter 3-1
  • 5. The Subcultures within a society International Business Chapter 2-1
    • Influences of cultures and subcultures
    • Subculture of U.S. business
    • Variations in business subcultures worldwide
  • 6. La Habana
  • 7. Montreal
  • 8. Lima
  • 9. Londres
  • 10. Sto. Domingo
  • 11. China
  • 12. International Business Chapter 3-1 Influences of Culture & Subculture Explained (Arepa)
  • 13. International Business Chapter 3-1 Subcultres of US Business Explained Import - Export More brands Similar product
  • 14. International Business Chapter 3-2 Culture and Social Organizations
    • Describe how family relationships can affect culture.
    • Explain the role of societal influences on culture.
  • 15. International Business Chapter 3-2 Society’s Institutions
    • Education
    • Gender roles
    • Mobility
    • Class system
  • 16. International Business Chapter 3-3 Communication Across Cultures
    • Understand the importance of knowing another language for global business success.
    • Compare direct and indirect communication.
    • Describe the influence of nonverbal communication.
  • 17. HOW THEY DO IT?
  • 18.
    • Consider learning language of dominant trading partners.
    • Learning a country’s language helps you understand the culture.
    International Business Chapter 3-3 Learning a Second Language
  • 19.
    • Contexting refers to how direct or indirect communication is.
    • A low-context culture is one that communicates very directly.
    • A high-context culture is one that communicates indirectly.
    International Business Chapter 3-3 Direct and Indirect Communication
  • 20. International Business Chapter 3-3 Direct and Indirect Communication High-context culture Low-context culture Less words more gesture Value of single word is not as important as how it is said Few words can communicate a complex message high context culture, many things are left unsaid, letting the culture explain More explicit The value of the word is not as important as the whole message lower context culture demands more independence, and expects many relationships, but fewer intimate ones.
  • 21.
    • Body language
    • Appearance
    • Eye contact
    • Touching
    • Personal space
    • Color
    • Numbers
    • Emblems
    • Smells
    International Business Chapter 3-3 Nonverbal Communication
  • 22. International Business Chapter 3-4 Values Around the World
    • Identify and explain five major types of values that vary from culture to culture.
    • Describe the two major reactions to cultural differences.
  • 23.
    • Individualism and collectivism
    • Technology
    • Leadership, power, and authority
    • Religion
    • Time
    International Business Chapter 3-4 Values Vary Among Cultures
  • 24.
    • Ethnocentrism
    • Reactions to cultural differences
      • Culture shock
      • Reverse culture shock
    International Business Chapter 3-4 Adjusting to Cultural Differences
  • 25. Culture shock  is the difficulty people have adjusting to a new culture that differs markedly from their own.
  • 26. Have you ever wonder why latinos come to live in Miami?
  • 27. Now you know...
  • 28. Homework DEFINE and explain with EXAMPLES Individualism Collectivism Ethnocentrism Culture Shock