Dry Eye Treatment - Artificial Tears and Punctal Plugs


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Dr. Emil Chynn was the 1st eye surgeon in NYC to have LASIK himself (in 1999) but switched to the safer, noncutting SafeSight procedure in 2005 to avoid the night glare and dry eyes he and his patients had after LASIK. By avoiding cutting a flap, Dr. Chynn avoids cutting the corneal nerves, which causes dry eyes--so no dry eyes after LASEK!

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Dry Eye Treatment - Artificial Tears and Punctal Plugs

  1. 1. Delighting irritated,dry feeling eyes
  2. 2. Delighting eyes everywhere As an expert in refractive eye care, Abbott Medical Optics Inc. understands the importance of protecting the tear film from drying conditions. • The tear film is the first refractive surface of the eye. It provides a natural defence against infection and is a highly effective lubricating device1 • Loss of moisture from the tear film can lead to reduced visual acuity as well as irritated, uncomfortable eyes2 • The blink eye drop range has a solution to suit most of your customer needs, from the lightly moisturising blink refreshing eye drops to the viscosity enhanced longer lasting blink intensive tears. For the contact lens wearer there is the specifically formulated blink contacts eye drops designed to keep eyes feeling fresh and comfortable.
  3. 3. blink refreshing daily eye drops • Instantly awakens tired feeling eyes • Designed for those occasions when your eyes natural moisture needs a boost - such as after late nights out or long periods of working at a computerblink contacts soothing eye drops • Specifically formulated for contact lens wearers • The visco-elastic formulation increases tear film stability for longer, comfortable contact lens wearblink intensive tears protective eye drops • For longer lasting relief from irritated, dry feeling eyes • Formulated for those experiencing more frequent feelings of irritated, dry feeling eyes
  4. 4. Long lasting relief fromirritated, dry feeling eyes blink intensive tears helps bring long lasting relief from irritated, dry feeling eyes through its triple action formula 1 The hypotonic formulation lowers the tear film osmolarity3 to help bring greater stability4 2 Contains a lubricating demulcent to soothe and protect 3 Viscosity enhanced for a longer lasting effect - can hold moisture in the eye for more than 60 minutes with less blurring4,5
  5. 5. 1 Hypotonic blink intensive tears helps to stabilise the tear film – breaking the negative cycle of ocular irritation Inflammation can result in reduced tear production so increasing tear Drying environments take film osmolarity and potential ocular moisture from the eye surface damage6 increasing tear film osmolarity7 Hypotonic blink intensive tears helps maintain the tear film osmolarity better than other eye drops3 Results in the release of inflammatory agents Cycle of ocular irritation Change in tear film osmolarity over a 30-day period3 (n = 20 per eye drop) 325 320 • An increased tear film osmolarity may 315 be linked to ocular surface damage and dry feeling eyes6,8 310mOsmol/l • blink intensive tears significantly 305 reduced the tear film osmolarity over the 30-day study period compared to 300 competitor drops3 295 290 Day 1 Day 1 Day 30 Day 30 before drop 5 minutes after before drop 5 minutes after instillation drop instillation instillation drop instillation 17411 blink intensive tears 28811 Eye drop A 31211 Eye drop B mOsmol/l mOsmol/l mOsmol/l Normal tear film 308 mOsmol/l12
  6. 6. 2 Demonstrated to soothe dry, irritated eyes • In a recent study of VDT users after 3 weeks of using blink intensive tears, a 32% reduction in OSDI score was observed. In the same study the NIBUT was seen to increase by 5 seconds during the study period.9 blink intensive tears were significantly more soothing than a competitor eye drop4 80 70 69*% of patients who ‘highly agreed’ that the 60 study eye drop was soothing 50 40 30 20 18 A significant fall in OSDI score for 10 blink intensive tears users9 40 0 blink intensive tears A competitor 35 * P = .021 eye drop 30 25 OSDI score 20 15 10 5 0 Baseline After 3 weeks
  7. 7. 3 Demonstrated to hold moisture in the eye for over 60 minutes for lasting comfort without blurring4,5 • In a further study, blink intensive tears users reported improved eye comfort over time with an initial average improvement of 20%10 • After using blink intensive tears a statistically significant reduction in visual aberrations was found11 Increasing comfort over time10 8 where 0 = poor and 10 = excellent 7 Comfort ratings 6 5 4 Start Day 7 Day 14 Day 21• After just 21 days, 48% of blink intensive users reported an improvement in vision quality10• In a comparative study, a combined 89% of those using a competitor eye drop experienced blurring compared to only 20% with blink intensive tears.4
  8. 8. blink eye drop range blink blink blink refreshing contacts blink-n-clean intensive tears daily eye drops soothing eye drops eye drops protective eye drops 10ml multi-dose 10ml multi-dose 10ml multi-dose Pack size 20 x 0.5ml 20 x 0.35ml 15ml multi-dose 20 x 0.4ml single use vials single use vials single use vials Polyvinyl Sodium Hydroxypropyl- Polyethylene glycol Lubricant alcohol hyaluronate methylcellulose (PEG 400) 1.4% 0.15% (HMPC) 0.15% 0.25% Viscosity Sodium hyaluronate - - - enhancer 0.2% Tromethamine 1.2% Cleaning agent - - - Tyloxapol 0.025% pH close to Yes Yes Yes Yes natural tears Viscosity (CP) 3.612 5.5512 - 12.212 Osmolarity 30512 26712 - 17412 (mOsmol/l) Buffer Phosphate Phosphate Phosphate Borate Preservative Chlorite/peroxy OcuPure Polyhexamethylene OcuPure (multi-dose only) compound (CPC) preservative biguanide preservative 10ml - 45 days 10ml - 45 days 10ml - 45 days Discard Vials - Immediately Vials - Immediately 60 days Vials - Immediately after use after use after useReferences:1. Craig J. Structure and function of the preocular tear film. In: Korb D, et al. Tear film: structure, function and clinical examination. Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd; 2002.p18–50. 2. Reiger G. BJO 1992; 76: 157–8. 3. Albert T, Benelli U, Posarelli C. Evaluation of the change in tear osmolarity after using different eye drops. Manufacturer’sshowcase presentation. BCLA Conference & Exhibition 2009. 4. Thomas Kislan MD. Randomized, Cross-Over Evaluation of PEG-400 based Artificial Tear (blink) versus HP-Guarbased Artificial Tear (Systane) for Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eye. Hazleton Eye Specialists, PA. USA. Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy ofOptometry, October 22-25,2008, Anaheim, CA. 5. Wavelength-Dependent Optical Interferometry Measurements of Change in Thickness of Apical Corneal Tear Film FollowingEye Drop Instillation S. Huth*, D. Tran*, C. Skotnitsky ‡, L. Lasswell‡, P. Mahmud†, T. Kim‡. *Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. (CR: E, P) ‡ Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. (CR: E)†spherion, Inc., Santa Ana, CA (CR: N). POSTER ARVO. 6. THE OCULAR SURFACE. Dews. Management and Therapy. April. 2007; 5(2): 87. 7. Santosh Khanal et al. Dry EyeDiagnosis. Ophthalmology and Visual Science. April 2008. 8. Katsuyama I, Arakawa T. A convenient rabbit model of ocular epithelium damage induced by osmotic dehydration.J Ocul Pharmacol Ther. 2003 Jun;19(3):281-9. 9. Montani G, lndrio P. Effect of blink intensive and blink contacts on the Ocular Dryness in VDT Users. University of Salento.Presentation at Assottica Meeting, Rome Nov. 2008. 10. Consumer assessment of blink intensive tears over time. A study commissioned by Abbott Medical Optics Inc. AMO dataon file. 11. Robert Montés-Micó, Alejandro Cerviño, Teresa Ferrer-Blasco, Santiago García-Lázaro, Susana Ortí-Navarro. Optical Quality of the Interface Air-tear Film FollowingInstillation of Eye Drops in Dry Eyes. J Cataract Refract Surg June 2010. 12. Eye drop comparison. Data on File Abbott Medical Optics Inc.OcuPure, blink and blink-n-clean are trademarks owned by or licensed to Abbott Laboratories, its subsidiaries or affiliates.© 2010 Abbott Medical Optics Inc. 2010.10.25-CN2493 DoC:01Nov10.v6