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Heartbeat of Mackey Arena
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  • The photos you used helped convey the energy at the basketball games. The background and font color went well with the photos and were clear and easy to read. Great job at showing off the different people that make up the basketball games.
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  • The pictures you used are great. Slide number seven really tells the whole message of this photo essay. One of players is engaging the crown, showing his gratefulness for them. The fans really do make Mackey Arena what it is. Very good job!
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  • 1. Heartbeat of Mackey Arena Jinwon Park
  • 2. This is Mackey Arena, the home of Purdue Basketball.
  • 3. In this court, all the spotlights goes to the star players and the head coach.
  • 4. However, is Mackey Arena only for the players?
  • 5. It has something more.
  • 6. The Paint Crew, Purdue Basketball fan club, is also a big part of the Mackey Arena.
  • 7. They give energy to the players while...
  • 8. Intimidating the Opposing teams.
  • 9. Purdue’s All-American Marching band also creates a great show during time-outs and half-times.
  • 10. Purdue’s cheerleading team also makes the game interesting with their dynamic routines.
  • 11. Players + Basketball court ≠ Mackey Arena
  • 12. Mackey Arena = Diversity
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