Introduction of african mountain

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  • 1. Introduction to africa
    • Africa is the world's second-largest and second most-population continent, after Asia.
    • 2. With a billion people in 61 territories, it accounts for about 14.72% of the world's humanpopulation
  • 3. List OF Mountains of africa
    Ahaggar Mountains (2,918 m), Algeria
    Auasberge (2,484 m), Namibia
    Aïr Mountains (Azbine)Niger
    ChappalWaddi (2,419m), Nigeria
    DrakensbergCathkin Peak (3,149 m), Lesotho-South Africa
    Emi Koussi (3,415 m), Chad
  • 4. Kompassberg (2,500 m), South Africa
    Mount Moco (2,610 m), Angola
    Mount Baker (4,844 m), Congo-Uganda
    Mount Cameroon (4,075 m), Cameroon
    Mount Elgon (4,321 m), Kenya-Uganda
    Mount Emin (4,798 m), Congo-Uganda
    Mount Gessi (4,715 m), Congo-Uganda
    Mount Kadam (also known as Debasien or Tabasiat) (3,054 m), Uganda
  • 5. Mount Karisimbi (4,507 m), Rwanda-Congo
    Mount Kenya (5,199 m), Kenya
    Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 m), Tanzania - highest mountain in Africa
    Mount Kinyeti (3,187 m) Sudan
    Mount Luigi diSavoia (4,627 m), Congo-Uganda
  • 6. Mount Meru (4,566 m), Tanzania - little known due to its close proximity to Kilimanjaro
    Mount Hanang (3,417 m), Tanzania
    Mount Moroto (3,083 m), Uganda
    Mount Morungole (2,750 m), Uganda
    Mount Mulanje (3,002 m), Malawi
    Pico del Teide (3,717 m) Tenerife - highest mountain in Spain (although geographically in Africa)
  • 7. RasDejen (4,533 m), Ethiopia
    Mount Rungwe (3,175 m), Zambia
    Mount Speke (4,890 m), Congo-Uganda
    Mount Stanley (5,119 m), Congo-Uganda
    Jbel Toubkal (4,167 m), Morocco
    Table Mountain/Tafelberg (1,088 m), Cape Town, South Africa
    Teffedest Mountains, Algeria
    Mount Zulia (2,149), Uganda
    Mount Sinai (2,285 m), Egypt
    Mount Serbal (2,070 m), Egypt
  • 8. HiGHEST peaks Of africa
    •  Kilimanjaro(Tanzania)
    The is highest peak in africa with approx. 6000 meter hight.
    TheKilimanjaro, with its three volcanic cones, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira, is an inactivestratovolcano in north-eastern Tanzania and the highest mountain in Africa at 5,893 metres or 19,334 ft above sea level (the Uhuru Peak / Kibo Peak).[3] Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding