MTNL Represented at The Mobile VAS SUMMIT 20009


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MTNL Represented at The Mobile VAS SUMMIT 20009

  1. 1. The Overall Usage Conditions of VAS for the End User Sandeep Keshkar MTNL Mumbai VAS Summit, 23-24 Sept 2009 MTNL
  2. 2. Agenda Possible psychological barriers that are to be overcome How about the technological barriers that are to be overcome Total user experience – will the lack of high tech service tangibilization act as a perceptible diffusion barrier? MTNL
  3. 3. Customer Expectations  ...faster  …bigger  …smarter  …handier  …cheaper  …friendlier  …smoother  …easier  …quicker  …better… MTNL
  4. 4. We have.. a mega contest for you. Answer following questions and you can win a car. SMS charges Rs.3/SMS What is the colour of sky • A. Green B. Blue Shahrukh Khan is a • A. Politician B. Actor MTNL
  5. 5. Running Blasts.. SMS OBD DND WAP Push Cell Blast USSD PCN MTNL
  6. 6. Charging for (eg. CRBT).. monthly rental And if balance < rent, doing microcharging monthly song charges IVR access song selection on SMS song selection from web MTNL
  7. 7. Resulting in 10% non voice revenue MTNL
  8. 8. And also resulting in Customer complaint on excessive blast fear of pressing a button with OBD/Call fear of getting activated fear of getting charged on activation fear of getting charged on daily weekly or monthly Ultimately customer frustration And marketing fatigue MTNL
  9. 9. Barriers for Genuine Users Awareness Language Content Discovery Multiple Applications Pricing Exit Barriers Usability Value MTNL
  10. 10. Need of the hour Reverse the customer psychology towards VAS Restrain on unbridled marketing Targeted marketing Usable content Utility services For common person making their life easier MTNL
  11. 11. Technological Barriers  Interconnection MMS Video Calling  Interworking IM Voice SMS CRBT Press * to Copy  Roaming Voice Portal MTNL
  12. 12. Technological Barriers  Terminal Capability Multiple OS MMS Video Calling  Billing  Bandwidth MTNL
  13. 13. Think Interworking – Lessons from MMS Failure MTNL
  14. 14. Usage Pattern - Present MTNL
  15. 15. Usage Pattern – By Services Source - IMRB MTNL
  16. 16. Usage Pattern - Future Video Calling P2P Video Portal Mobile TV Streaming Dial TV Broadcast Streaming Videos YouTube And other Video Portals MTNL
  17. 17. Usage Pattern - Future Location Based Services Consumer Enterprise Mobile Commerce Mobile Banking Mobile Payments Mobile marketing SMS, WAP, IVR, USSD Cell Broadcast MTNL
  18. 18. But.. For most of these applications 3G is required 3G coverage • A good pan India 3G coverage may take few years time 3G Handset • Only about 8% handsets are 3G compatible 3G subscription MTNL
  19. 19. And also 3G education  3G handset  3G subscription  3G Network  Select 3G network or dual mode in ‘Network Selection’ Menu of handset  You will see ‘3G/UMTS’ sign on handset  3G Setting on handset (may be same as GPRS setting)  Video calling etiquettes MTNL
  20. 20. 3G MTNL
  21. 21. Plethora of VAS  Video Chat  Video Advertisement  Video Portal  Video Conferencing  Video Messaging  Mobile Video Tubing  Background Music  Multiplayer Gaming  Internet Security  Reality Show Access And many more… MTNL
  22. 22. Location Based Social Networking MTNL
  23. 23. Applications MTNL
  24. 24. Operator Applications MTNL
  25. 25. NaaS – Network as a Service Reselling API access to 3rd party services Typical Examples - LBS Connect to MTNL GMLC Get location of subscriber Use the info and make your own application Sell customized product to enterprise MTNL
  26. 26. The Drivers MTNL
  27. 27. The Challenges MTNL
  28. 28. The Trends MTNL
  29. 29. Key Takeaways Think beyond youth and entertainment Address Piracy Issue Address tech infra issue 3G, LBS etc. Address Handset Issue Provide Services at reasonable cost Bringing utility services Address SPAM MTNL
  30. 30. Thanks for Your Patience MTNL