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  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSTable No. Particulars Page No. 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 3 2 ABSTRACT 4 3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 5 4 INTRODUCTION • About the industry 6 • About the Company 17 • About the product 22 5 OBJECTIVES 36 6 SCOPE 37 7 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 38 8 DATA ANALYSIS 39 9 CONCLUSION 57 10 LIMITATION 58 11 BIBLIOGRAPHY 59 2
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThe following project “Consumer preference towards shaving product and their shavinghabits in tri-city” was successfully completed under the guidance of Mr. S.R TANEJAAnd I would also like to thank my institute Chitkara Business School, ChitkaraUniversity for inculcating in me the management knowledge and skills and thenproviding me with the best opportunity to apply and update my knowledge and skills.Their guidance and efforts were vital for the completion of the project for which I amthankful. I also thank to my friends for their valuable and insightful suggestions,comments and criticism. All the people who filled up the questionnaire also deserve tobe appreciated for their help and cooperation. 3
  4. 4. ABSTRACTThe project assigned to me during my last semester of MBA programmed was“Consumer preference towards Gillette product and reason for their choices”. In this, Ihave studied personal grooming industry and its major players.The project aim at identifying the expenses incur on shaving product by Chandigarhpeople, their shaving habits, blade/ razor brand used by them and what they like to useafter shaving. The study also checks out the whether they like to maintain a beared ornot and if yes then what kind of. This project will help to understand the preference ofChandigarh consumer regarding shaving product and their shaving habits. 4
  5. 5. Executive SummaryGillette has been the leading brand in men’s grooming industry in India and across theglobe. Gillette with its wide range of products caters to the premium segment of themen’s grooming market.Gillette faces intense competition in the shaving preparations market (shaving gel/foam/cream) whereas the competition in the razor market is not that intense. With the intensecompetition Gillette has to cater to the various needs of the consumers.This project aims at identifying the shaving habits of people in the tri-city and how theseshaving habits are different form one person to another. The monthly expenses incur onshaving and whether they prefer to shave themselves or in saloon is yet another pointwhich will be taken into account while framing this project.The study also talked about consumer preference and buying behavior for Shavingproducts which include Razor, Gel, Cream and Foam and other brands.PERSONAL GROOMING INDUSTRY – AN OUTLOOK 5
  6. 6. Due to increased awareness and rising income levels, the industry is expected toundergo a major shift from traditional double-edged razors segment to twin and tripleblades razors segment. Razor blade market has tripled from Rs 2 billion in 1986 to Rs 6billion in 2006. In value terms, in 2003, double-edged blades comprised 78%, systems15% and disposables 7%.As per AC Nielsen/ORGs estimates, the domestic shaving preparations market in 2003was pegged at Rs 1.5 billion. Within the industry, cosmetics and personal care industryhas been growing at an average rate of 20 per cent for the last few years. However,current consumption is still below many countries in Asia which shows that there arefurther growth opportunities.In 2004, market size of mens personal care segment is estimated at approximately Rs750 crores, with Gillette having the largest market share. Thus, the industry is growingat a decent rate but still is at an infant stage and this offers great opportunities toplayers like Gillette and Colgate Palmolive to expand their customer base to include 6
  7. 7. higher number of lower middle class people and thereby increase their revenues andprofitability.The shaving market in India is estimated at around Rs 1,500 crores. The market isgrowing at around 7-8 per cent annually. Gillette is the market leader in razors andblades. Its market share has been growing consistently.A significant percentage of this market comprises consumers who get their shavesdone at salons. The potential is large as Indian men on an average shave only 2.5times a week, far lower than, say, Koreans and Japanese. COMPANY PROFILEVision: The Gillette co. is a globally focused consumer products marketers that seekscompetitive advantage in quality, value added personal care and personal use product.We are committed to build shareholder value through sustained profitable growth.Mission: To build total brand value by innovating to deliver consumer value andcustomer leadership faster, better and more completely than our competition.Gillette India Limited (GIL) is one of Indias well-known FMCG Companies that has in itsportfolio GILLETTE MACH 3 TURBO, ORAL-B and DURACELL - worlds leadingbrands and has carved a reputation for delivering high quality, value-added products tomeet the need of the consumers. 7
  8. 8. Incorporated in the year 1985 as Indian Shaving Products Limited, now Gillette IndiaLimited, its products speak for themselves. The company is always been known for thestrength of its brands, and always continues to penetrate deeper into the hearts ofIndian Consumers.In the year 1990-91, the company launched two products, first was 7 0Clock EJTEK PIIShaving System and second was shaving cream with three variants. This was the Firsttime that a shaving cream was introduced in Indian markets with special features.In the Year 1991-92, the company launched new technology Gillette products.In the year 1992-93, the company launched the first advanced shaving product underthe Gillette brand name Gillette Presto ready shaver all over India. The company earneddistinction of being included for the first time in the top 100 companies in India, in termsof Market capitalization as published in Business today.In the year 1993-94, with the launch of Gillette Presto Ready shaver in February 1993,the company commenced the launch of Gillette Shaving Products in India.In the year 1995-96, launch of 7 0Clock Ready II ready shave and prelaunch of shavecream in two variants, further strengthened the Brand name. During the year thecompany also launched under a distribution arrangement tooth brushes under a well 8
  9. 9. known international brand name Oral-B, which met good success.In the year 1996-97, the company launched the latest state-of-the-art Gillette SensorExcel shaving systems which met excellent consumer response. With the launch ofthese various products, the portfolio of Gillette branded products has increasedsignificantly.In the year 1997, the company launched World renounced Gillette Sensor Excel forWomen shaving system, which met great response. It also launched Gillette Shavefoam which was met with good consumer response.In the year 1998, the company successfully launched the Gillette Series rangecomprising Shave gel, Shave Foam, After Shave Splashes, Conditioners andDeodorants, thereby making it the premier male grooming companyIn the year 1999, the company introduced Gillette Series shave gel tube and GilletteSensor Excel single cartridge pack. Also successfully launched Cool wave and WildRain range of personal grooming products under the Gillette series line. In the Firstmonth of new Millennium, the company launched Gillette Mach 3.In the year 2000, the company launched successfully Gillette Sensor Excel for womengrooming category, and also launched Pacific Light. It also launched Geep laserlite, aSport flashlight. Company successfully consolidated Duracell and Wilkinson business toleverage distribution strengths with mega displays and sales promotion.In the year 2001, the company launched the Gillette Series Arctic Ice Line of productsduring the first half and undertook a series of very successful consumer promotionsacross product lines. It also launched the Gillette Series Satin Care for Women WildBerry Line, the Cool Blue Mach 3 and Gillette Centennial Packs during the course of theyear. 9
  10. 10. Gillette India was ranked amongst the Top Ten Best Employers of India in BestEmployers of India conducted by Hewitt Associates and Business Today magazine.In the year 2002, this was the year of turnaround for the company. In the first Quarter of2003 unveiled a whole new range of premium displays and POS of Duracell to establishleadership in alkaline batteries segment.In the year 2003, Company successfully re-launched Gillette Foam in 4 Variants.Duracell also launched its Ultra M 3 AA batteries, which was well received byconsumers. Oral Care launched Power Oral Care brushes, which were well received inthe market. Towards the End of 2003, Company launched Gillette Vector Plus.In the year 2004, the Company launched Storm Force, a revolutionary after shavesplash and New Ultra Comfort Shaving Gel .In the fourth Quarter, Company launchedtwo new Gillette Series Tube Shave Gel variants, namely for Sensitive skin andMoisturizing, to suit different skin types.In the year 2005, Company launched new improved Gillette Vector Plus featuring allnew contemporary look. The Gillette Company, USA was acquired worldwide throughmerger in October, 2005 by Procter& Gamble Company, USA creating the largestConsumer products Company in the World.In the year 2006-2007, Company launched Gillette Presto Plus for more discerningconsumers. Oral B brand launched Oral B Vision and Kid in Premium Market Segment.In the year 2007-2008, Company launched The Gillette Winners program that hadsports legends Roger Federer, Thierry Henry and Tiger Woods and Rahul Dravid.An innovative program "Free Dental Check up" was organized to enable consumers tobenefit from expertise of professional dentists at no cost. Oral-B brand launched a newvariant "Shiny Clean" targeted at the value segment. 10
  11. 11. COMPETITORSCOLGATE PALMOLIVEColgate-Palmolive has three products in the shaving cream/gel/foam segment.Palmolive shaving creams are enriched with revitalizing sea minerals, this rich formularefreshes and against irritation.They are formulated with soothing Aloe-Vera, this rich foam is mild on skin and helpsguard against irritation. One variant is a creamy formula featuring palm extract tohydrate and moisturize skin.This cream in a long thin tube is very easy to use. As you just put onto your face anduse your shaver and it will get all your stubbles of your face leaving it nice andsmooth. 11
  12. 12. PROCTOR & GAMBLEOld Spice is one of the top brands across world in the shaving products category. Inthe shaving cream market it has a good hold over the perception of the consumers.It is recognized by its fragrance and is seen as a macho brand.It is has products in all the three categories (cream, gel and Foam). Old Spice is alsopresent in after shave market and it also have after shave product is very dominant inthe market.It has a lot of products in the shaving products market. This also makes the brandmuch stronger than its competitor.HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITEDHindustan Lever Limited is the biggest player in the Indian FMCG market. It has twobrands in the shaving cream segment Axe and Denim. HLL has extended its brandAxe which is a success in the deodorant market to the shaving creams. 12
  13. 13. The Axe shaving cream has very good awareness scores among the consumers. Itcomes in various fragrances, colours and its packaging also has many variants.Denim is another shaving cream from the house of HLL. This is almost in the samesegment as that of Axe in terms of price and product attributes.GODREJGodrej is the domestic brand of shaving cream for Indian market. Recently Godrej hasinvested heavily for the expansion in this market. They have bought a shaving creammanufacturing and marketing company in South Africa and are looking forward tosome other alliances for the presence in global market.The shaving cream from Godrej is among the lowest priced shaving cream in themarket. It is targeting the price sensitive customer in the Indian market. But the qualityof the product is satisfactory in spite of it’s near about half the price than itscompetitors. Although, variants are few in terms of size, fragrance and packaging, it isstill in the shopping list of many consumersOther CompetitorsBrands like FA, Dettol and Park Avenue are also present in the market. Although theydo not account for a very significant market share but then also the awareness ofthese brands is fair enough to consider them as competitors.Dettol is associated with antiseptic attributes and is quite popular with healthconscious consumer. Other brands like FA and Park Avenue focus on the regularconsumer by portraying themselves as a sporty cool brand by associating withadventurous lifestyles. 13
  14. 14. TYPES OF RAZORSSafety razors: A safety razor is a razor that protects the skin from all but the very edgeof the blade. These razors eliminate the possibility of serious injury, which makes themmore forgiving than a straight razor.Single-edge razorsA less common variety of the safety razor is the single-edge razor. This razor is sonamed because the blades have a single edge rather than double edges. These razors,although not in use as much as they were in the 20th century, are still availableworldwide.The most common of the single-edge razors were made by the American Safety RazorCompany under the name Ever-Ready using its "Radio Blades"; the company alsoproduced a shaving brush, which it called "The Honest Brush". 14
  15. 15. Another was the Gem Safety Razor Company under the name "Gem DamaskeeneRazor". It is possible to use common hardware-store blades for shaving, although mostshavers use blades that are made specifically for shaving.Modern Safety Razors:Double-edged safety razorsIt is a traditional double-edged razor blade with its typical recognizable shape. Until theearly 1970s, most safety razors were manufactured to accept a single, disposable razorblade. These blades were manufactured with either one or two sharpened edges,depending upon the design of the razor.This style of razor is made by a number of companies such as Merkur, Treet, Weishi,and Parker. The blades are still being made today in a wide variety of countriesincluding the USA, Israel, Russia, Korea, Japan, and Egypt. Some of the brand namesinclude Merkur, Feather, Racer, Bigben, Lord, Treet and Bic.Cartridges introduced 15
  16. 16. An innovation was the replaceable blade cartridge containing the blade which reducedthe risk of the user receiving a cut from the unprotected blades used up until then.These took the form of a cartridge, with the blade fixed within a plastic enclosure of thetype still in use today.In 1965 Gillette introduced the Techmatic razor which utilized a cartridge with a steelstrip that could be wound forward to expose a fresh section of new blade.Twin bladesCirca 1971, Gillette introduced the Trac II, designed by Francis Dorion, which was thefirst mass-produced multi-blade razor available in the United States. Rather thanaccepting standard razor blades, this razor was fitted with a proprietary disposableblade cartridge containing two separate blades.The claim is that research shows that twin blades give a closer shave than single,because of hysteresis,the first blade tends to pull the hair, and the hair is unable toretract into the skin before the second blade cuts it, resulting in a closer shave.Whether, or the degree to which this works, is debatable.By controlling patents on the Trac II razor, Gillette was able to assure repeat sales of itsmulti-blade cartridges for use in its razor. This was a natural extension of the razor-and-blades sales philosophy. 16
  17. 17. Gillette was able to sell these cartridges at a higher price than the single blades, leadingto higher profits. Competitors Schick and ASRCO were quick to follow this change,introducing their own multi-blade razors.Gillette subsequently introduced the Atra twin-blade razors (known as Contour in manyparts of the world), which featured a pivoting razor head that the company claimedwould more closely follow the shape of the face. The Trac II Plus and Atra Plus bladesintroduced later incorporated a "lubricating strip".Gillette followed the Atra system with the Sensor system, which featured twin bladesthat were individually spring-loaded to adjust to the contours of the face. The Sensorsystem was later modified as the Sensor Excel system.Disposable razorThe next innovation came with the introduction of the disposable razor in 1974. Insteadof being a razor with a disposable blade, the entire razor was manufactured to bedisposable.Gillettes response was the Good News disposable razor which was launched on the USmarket in 1976 before the disposable was made available on that market.Shortly thereafter, Gillette modified the Good News construction to add an aloe stripabove the razor, resulting in the Good News Plus. The purported benefit of the aloe stripis to ease any discomfort felt on the face while shaving. 17
  18. 18. Plastic disposable razors and razors with replaceable disposable blade attachments,often with two or three cutting edges (but sometimes with four and as of recently, fivecutting edges), are in common use today.3- and 4-blade cartridges introducedGillette introduced the first triple-blade cartridge razor, the Mach3, in 1998, and laterupgraded the Sensor system by adding a third blade to create Sensor3. This escalatedthe "arms race" with rival Schick/Wilkinson Sword.The marketing competition for blades in a cartridge has been parodied since the 1970s.The debut episode of Saturday Night Live in 1975 included a parody advertisement forthe Triple Trac Razor, shortly after the first two-blade cartridge for mens razors wasadvertised.In 2004, a satirical article in The Onion entitled "Fuck Everything, Were Doing FiveBlades" predicted the release of five-blade cartridges, two years before their commercialintroduction. 18
  19. 19. Schick/Wilkinson responded to the Mach3 with the Quattro, the first four-blade cartridgerazor. These innovations are marketed with the message that they help consumersachieve the best shave as easily as possible.Another impetus for the sale of multiple-blade cartridges is that they have high profitmargins. With manufacturers frequently updating their shaving systems, consumers canbecome locked into buying their proprietary cartridges, for as long as the manufacturercontinues to make them. Subsequent to introducing the higher-priced Mach3 in 1998,Gillettes blade sales realized a 50% increase, and profits increased in an otherwisemature market.Electric Razors: The electric razor (also known as the electric dry shaver) has arotating or oscillating blade. The electric razor usually does not require the use ofshaving cream, soap, or water. The razor may be powered by a small DC motor, whichis either powered by batteries or mains electricity.Many modern ones are powered using rechargeable batteries. Alternatively, an electro-mechanical oscillator driven by an AC-energized solenoid may be used. Some veryearly mechanical shavers had no electric motor and had to be powered by hand, forexample by pulling a cord to drive a flywheel. 19
  20. 20. Quartile sales of Gillette India (in Rs crores) Dec 09 Mar 10 Jun 10 Sep 10 Dec 10Sales Turnover 201.68 221.81 251.53 247.01 254.46Other Income 5.59 7.61 2.88 8.98 10.89Total Income 207.27 229.42 254.41 255.99 265.35Total Expenses 145.67 160.96 221.16 186.54 230.61Operating Profit 56.01 60.85 30.37 60.47 23.85Gross Profit 61.60 68.46 33.25 69.45 34.74Interest 0.03 -- -- -- --PBDT 61.57 68.46 33.25 69.45 34.74Depreciation 2.93 3.03 3.65 3.79 3.97Depreciation On Revaluation Of -- -- -- -- --AssetsPBT 58.64 65.43 29.60 65.66 30.77Tax 21.17 22.73 10.99 22.77 10.75Net Profit 37.47 42.70 18.61 42.89 20.02Earnings Per Share 11.50 13.10 5.71 13.16 6.14Book Value -- -- -- -- --Equity 32.59 32.59 32.59 32.59 32.59Reserves -- -- -- -- --Face Value 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 GILLETTE PRODUCT 20
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. Product RangeTrac II was the worlds first two-blade razor, debuting in 1971. Gillette claimed that thesecond blade cut the number of strokes required and reduced facial irritation.Trac II Plus is an identical model but adds a lubricating strip at the top of the blade. Theblades and handles are interchangeable.The European versions of the Trac II and Trac II Plus are known as the GII and GII Plusrespectively.Atra (known as the Contour, "Slalom" in some markets) was introduced in 1977 andwas the first razor to feature a pivoting head, which Gillette claimed made it easier formen to shave their necks.Atra Plus featured a lubricating strip, dubbed Lubra-Soft.Gillette Sensor debuted in 1990, and was the first razor to have spring-loaded blades.Gillette claimed that the blades receded into the cartridge head, when they makecontact with skin, helping to prevent cuts and allowing for a closer shave.The Sensor for Women was released around the same time and is nearly identical, buthas a wider cartridge head.Sensor Excel was released in 1995. This featured "Microfins," a piece of rubber withslits at the bottom of the cartridge and Gillette claimed this helped to raise facial hairs,making for a closer shave. 23
  24. 24. Sensor 3 has three blades instead of two. All Sensor handles can use all Sensorcartridges. The Sensor range remains in production.Blue II is a line of disposable razors. In Latin America, it is marketed as thePrestobarba.Blue 3 is a line of three-blade razor, cheaper version of Sensor 3 (Sensor compatible).available also in disposable variant.Mach3 The first three-blade razor introduced in 1998, which Gillette claims reducesirritation and requires fewer strokes. It claimed five improved micro fins, improved springblades, and a pivoting head with greater flexibility than previous Gillette products.It used a blue lubrication strip that faded as the razor was used to encourage users tochange their blades more frequently. The Mach3 razor and blades is the best sellingrazor of all time.Mach-3 disposable The above with a different plastic handle.Mach3 Turbo had ten micro fins as opposed to the five on the original, a new grip andclaims improved lubrication and "anti-friction" blades. All Mach3 blades areinterchangeable between the three products in the range, so it is possible to use theMach3 Turbo blades on a Mach3 razor.Mach3 Turbo Champion has a slightly different handle design.M3Power is a battery-powered version of the Mach3 Turbo razor which can also beused with the power switched off. The blades differ from Mach3 Turbo in having whatGillette says is a new blade coating which it describes as "Power Glide".The lubrication and micro fins are identical to Mach3Turbo.The Mach 3 Power Nitro has a slightly different handle design. 24
  25. 25. Venus is a female version of the Mach 3. Mach 3 blades can attach to a Venus handleand vice versa.Venus Divine is a female version of the Mach3 Turbo.Venus Vibrance is a female version of the M3Power. Venus blades areinterchangeable across the line.Venus Embrace is a five-bladed razor with a ribbon of moisture surrounding the blades.Venus Breeze is a three-blade razor with shave gel bars built into the head of the razor.Venus Spa Breeze is essentially the same as the Breeze, but with a white tea scent tothe shave gel bars.Venus Pro-Skin Moisture Rich, launched in January 2011 in the United States, is anupdated version of the Breeze, featuring Moisture Rich shave gel bars that areenhanced with a triple blend of body butters. Gillette Fusion is a five-bladed razor released in 2006. The Fusion has five blades on the front, and a single sixth blade on the rear for precision trimming. Gillette Fusion Power is a motorized version of the Fusion. The Fusion Power is battery powered and emits "micro pulses" that are claimed to increase razor glide.Fusion Power Phantom The Fusion Power Phantom (Stealth in UK) was released inFebruary 2007. It features a redesigned handle and a darker color scheme than theoriginal.Fusion Power Phenom was released in February 2008. It has a new blue and silvercolor scheme. 25
  26. 26. Fusion Pro Glide and Fusion Pro Glide Power were launched on June 6, 2010 inNorth America. It claims to have re-engineered blades with edges that are thinner thanFusion. DISTRIBUTION NETWORKGillette’s own network in India reaches 1 lakh outlets in 3600 towns and Now Usingadditional P&G distribution channel. They are also using Hub and spoke approach inwhich they have 20 hub cities and spokes are Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Spokes aresimple, and new ones can be created easily. Nagpur (Hub) P & G Depot 26
  27. 27. In this example Nagpur is the hub and we have P & G depot also from where Gilletteperform its distribution network. The advantage of this is that the complicatedoperations, such as package sorting and accounting, can be carried out at the hub,rather than at every node, which control the overall cost of operation of GilletteCompany. GILLETTE COMPANY ADVERTISEMENT 27
  28. 28. PRICING Razors Name Price Super Max 3 (Competitor) Vector Plus speed Rs 44 (4 Blade) 7’o clock Rs 31 7’o clock PII Rs 75 Rs 75(Bundles of 5) Mach 3 Turbo Rs 199Sensor Excel( Women) Rs 190 Satin care Rs 35Gillette presto( 5 blades) Rs 75 Foam Name Price Competitor Price Moisturizing Rs 210 Old spice fresh lime Rs 195 250 gm 250 gm Conditioning Rs 210 250 gm Sensitive skin Rs 210 28
  29. 29. 250 gm Gel Name Weight Price Gillette Gel 60 gm Rs 53 Palmolive 70 gm Rs 45 Godrej 70 gm Rs 41 FA 80 gm Rs 42 Dettol 90 gm Rs 40AU 79( Aditya Birla Group) 70 gm Rs 39 After shave Name Price Gillette Rs 260 FA Rs 170 Axe Rs 130 Old Spice Rs 125 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 29
  30. 30. P&G launches SHIKSHA08: You can now help educate more Underprivileged childrenvia simple brand choices P&G commits Rs. 1 crores to its partner CRY, which will beallocated to projects focused on enabling the childs right to education.Project Shiksha is part of P&Gs global philanthropy program P&G Live, Learn andThrive that focuses on the development of children in need across the globe, withEducation of Children via Shiksha being the priority in India.Till Date, Shiksha has set 67,000 children across 435 communities on the path to theright to education with a donation of over Rs.4 crores.P&G announces Shiksha’school education program of underprivileged children in India.After helping lead over 67,000 children on the path of education over the last 4 years,Procter & Gamble in partnership with Child Rights and You is back again with SHIKSHA2008.India has the world’s largest number of children out of school. Every child in India hasthe right to free, quality education, but still approximately one out of every two children,(close to 200 million) do not go to school.Even as the economy continues to grow at a fast pace, statistics indicate that there aremany challenges like poverty that will need to be taken in stride if this growth is to besustained. In an attempt to make a difference is when Procter & Gamble in partnershipwith Child Rights and You, launched Shiksha, a National Consumer Movement nowrunning in its 4th year.Shiksha, P&G’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program makes it easy for allconsumers to help educate underprivileged children by simply buying any of P&G’slarge packs of Tide, Ariel, Pantene, Olay, H&S, Rejoice, Vicks VapoRub, Whisper,Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, Gillette Series, Oral B, Duracell or Pampers in the months ofApril, May & June ‘08.With a motto of ‘Padhega India, Badhega India’ Shiksha believes that the secret to aBrighter India lies in the quality education of our children. In this endeavour with us tobring Shiksha to life is key NGO partner CRY. 30
  31. 31. With the help of CRY, the Shiksha projects include ones that work with the StateEducation Departments to re-look at existing education policies; create awareness tobuild more schools with better infrastructure and basic amenities like water, electricity,health; enroll more children into formal schools and promotion of retention in schools;and build all-round development of children.Informing about Shiksha, Shantanu Khosla, Managing Director, and P &G India said,"As the economy grows at 8-10% levels, we need to ensure that we lay down a strongfoundation for this growth to continue by investing in our future generation.In that context, education becomes a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed.P&G globally is committed to the cause of development of children in need via itscorporate cause P&G Live, Learn, Thrive and Shiksha is our response to the situation inIndia.Shiksha is unique because it empowers the consumer to make a difference simply bychoosing to buy quality products from P&G. Shiksha is not just an initiative of onecorporate and an NGO but a passion we as an organization strongly believe in.‘Padhega India’ Tabhi tho ‘Badhega India’."Irwin Fernandes, Director Western Region, Child Rights and You said, "The financialsupport P&G, its media partners and consumers provide to CRY’s work is invaluable.Even more critical, however, is the awareness of child rights that Shiksha helps createand the avenues it provides for each of us to bring about change with social justice.India will only achieve her true potential, when we make child rights our topmostnational priority. To do this we have to go beyond schemes and programs to addressthe real obstacles to growth – caste, class, gender and governance.P&G’s choice to go beyond tokenism, to partner CRY and take the challenging route istruly inspiring. I urge every Indian citizen to stand up for child rights.Shiksha Supporter and Award Winning Actress Kajol said, "Shiksha, education, is oneof the most critical factors deciding the choices that life offers to a child. However,millions of children in this country today are being deprived of this very important 31
  32. 32. opportunity because quality education is only possible when every child has adequatenutrition, proper healthcare, can live in safe surroundings, is free to study, rest and play,and doesn’t have to work for a living.I support project Shiksha in its endeavors to make a difference said KajolShiksha Supporter and Veteran Actress Sharmila Tagore said, "I believe educationplays a fundamental role in shaping a citizen and leads the country to greater heights. Inthat sense, education can be the foundation for an India we seek today where everychild explores his or her full potential and has the right to do so.Therefore, it is heartening to know that people like you helped support the education of67000 children last year. I urge people across India to participate in Shiksha and makea tangible difference to the lives of the little ones."Shiksha supported projects in 2006 – 2007. 1. JAAG (Mumbai, Ratnagiri, and Raigad,Maharashtra), 2.Lokhit Samajik Vikas Sanstha (Osmanabad, Maharashta), 3. TheAssociation of People with Disability (Kolar, Karnataka), 4.Adhar (Bolangir, Orissa),5.Mandra LC (Purulia, WB), 6. Paridhi (Bihar), 7. Judav (Madhupur, Jharkhand), 8.JanShikshan Kendra (UP), 9. Jan Mitra Nyas (Varanasi, UP), 10.Hanuman Van Vikas(Udaipur, Rajasthan), 11.Doaba Vikas Evam Utthan Samiti (Kaushambi, U.P.Gillette Childrens Specialty HealthcareIs an independent, not-for-profit hospital located in St. Paul, Minnesota, with clinics inDuluth, Burnsville, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, and services for adult patients at our 32
  33. 33. St.Paul - Phalen Clinic Gillette is internationally renowned for a level of pediatricexpertise that distinguishes us from many health care organizations.Gillette Childrens Specialty Healthcare • St. Paul Campus • St. Paul - Phalen Clinic • Brainerd Lakes Clinic • Burnsville Clinic • Duluth Clinic • Maple Grove Clinic OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY • Consumer preferences towards shaving products and their shaving habits. 33
  34. 34. • To find out the preference of shaving product and reasons for their choice. • To find out how frequently they shave. • To check out expenses incurred on shaving. • Do they like to shave themselves or to visit parlor • Kind of look and beared they prefer to maintain.Population size- The project specially meant for Men only as they are the ones whoengage in shaving habits. So, data is collected for those men who do shave on aregular interval of time.Sample size- Sample size for this project was 150.Location- Data was collected within Chandigarh people from different age groups. Datacollected from colleges, Shopping Malls and other Residential Areas.QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGNFirst of all for designing the questionnaire, there are scaling techniques available like:1) Comparative Scales. a) Paired Comparison b) Rank order c) Constant Sum d) Other Techniques2) Non – Comparative Scales a) Continuous Rating Scales b) Itemized Rating Scales 34
  35. 35. ♦ Likert Scale ♦ Semantic Differential Scale ♦ StapleOut of all these mentioned techniques for designing the questionnaire, I have opted forComparative Scale Technique since this way it becomes much more easy foranswering the questions and also the context in which the questions have been asked,gets delivered across to the other party easily. And thus we can analyze the responsesin a better way.And to obtain the graphical view of the responses being generated, we have used theBar graph and Pie chart analysis, since it also helped in doing justification to theresponses being gathered from the sample, as it again clearly becomes visible that howmuch percentage of customers agree with which question being asked and thusaccordingly a collective percentage of the participants, really helped us to gather/conclude our findings in a more effective and an efficient manner METHODOLOGYPrimary data- The data used is primary collected using questionnaire through one toone interaction with respondents.Sampling technique- The sampling technique of this research was non-probability one.A non –probability sampling relies on the personal judgment of the researcher ratherthan chance to select sample elements.The researcher can arbitrarily or consciously decide which elements to include in thesample. All People aged 17 to 55 years above of Chandigarh were randomly selected,who have purchased Shaving Cream/Gel/Foam/Razors.Research method- This survey is conducted through questionnaire.. 35
  36. 36. Coding- After data collection, coding was the next step performed to help understandand analyze the data by summarizing.Data Analysis- Before going through the descriptive research, exploratory researchwas done with a sample of 10 consumers, just to know whether they found any difficultyin filling the questionnaire.. Descriptive statistic is also used in it in which pie- chart, bardiagram, and column diagram are used to analysis the data.DESCRIPTIVE ANALYSIS 36
  37. 37. The study reveals that 32% respondent do shave on alternative days while 34% doonce within a week. On the other hand 15% are those who do shave on a regular basis.So this shows that people of Chandigarh love to have a clean look.This pie chart indicate that 53% people take almost 10 minute for shaving while wehave some other who do shave within 5 minute also. Moreover 14% respondents take15 minutes to do shave while there are hardly 2% respondents who do shave within 2minutes or took 20 minutes. 37
  38. 38. Traditional RazorThis graph gives you an idea about which traditional razor is highly used by theconsumers and no doubt Gillette razor is ranked first with highest 25, then we have a tiebetween Wilkinson and 7’o clock but few of us know that these two brands are also apart of Gillette Company itself. 38
  39. 39. We have those razors also which are disposable in nature. In this category people liketo use Gillette guard and Presto which belong to Gillette Company itself. So Gillette alsoholds its hands in disposable Razor Market too. 39
  40. 40. This bar graph show that people used highly Mach 3, Mach 3 Turbo, Vector Plus whichare consider to be brands of Gillette Company. So this indicates that Gillette Companydominated in this segment also. 40
  41. 41. People are not found to use electric shaver but still there are some who use Philipselectric shaver and then followed by the Panasonic and Sanyo. 41
  42. 42. Chandigarh people are not very price sensitive that is the reason they consider that theabove brands of razors which they mention are easy to use (101), available at retailshops (32) and safe to use (67) instead of considering price issue. 42
  43. 43. There is no doubt that Gillette is doing a good work in razor segment but in term ofshaving cream old spice is leading while Gillette is in number 2 and then followed byNivea and V-john. 43
  44. 44. Gillette and old spice are leading brands in Shaving foam category. Most of therespondents are using these brands while there are some other respondents who areusing denim and Nivea brand too. 44
  45. 45. People love to use Gillette shaving gel. Moreover we have some people who use Niveaand Park Avenue Shaving Gel. Likewise Chandigarh people are not very fond of usingsoap for shaving purpose. 45
  46. 46. Most of the respondents used cologne/ perfume based after shave lotion i.e.37%. Whilewe have those personalities also who do not use anything after shaved i.e. 31%.Moreover 13% used antiseptic lotion and 12% use moisturizing cream. Although a fewnumber of respondents use 7% alum. 46
  47. 47. 87% respondents like to do shave in their home itself while 9% favor to go for barberand 4% desire for saloon. 47
  48. 48. Most of the respondents incur an expensive of Rs 100 per month on their shaving habitsalthough 26% are those who are saying that we spend just Rs 50 per month. All in allthere are hardly 20% respondents who incur Rs 200 and 15% who incur Rs 150 permonth on their shaving habits. 48
  49. 49. 56% respondents desire to have clean appearance whereas 31% are those who have apreference for stubble beard. A few one have a preference for trimmed beard i.e.9% atthe same time a less number of people yearn for long beard. 49
  50. 50. Count Age Total 20-25 25-35y 35-45yrs 45-55yrs yrs s Preference Yes 33 6 7 0 45 for No 41 20 15 28 105 Maintaining Beard Total 74 26 22 28 150Respondents with age group 20-25 yrs like to have beard (33%) whereas those who areabove 25 yrs are not awfully eager to keep up beard for them selves. 50
  51. 51. This pie chart demonstrate different age group of people used for the study. 48%respondent dominated with the age group of 20-25 yrs then followed by 21% i.e 45-55yrs,17%( 25-35 yrs) and finally 14% ( 35-45 yrs). 51
  52. 52. 52
  53. 53. Most of the respondents fall into the category of Rs 4-6 lacks while the other follows as:Less than Rs 2 lac-7%Rs 2-6 lac- 31%Rs 6-8 lac- 17%More than Rs 8 lac-9% 53
  54. 54. Limitations• The respondents may, at times have given frivolous answers due to lack of adequate knowledge and desire to impress the researcher, though adequate measures have been taken by checking through counter-questioning.• Time and cost constraints were also there.• The survey was limited to Chandigarh region only. 54
  55. 55. FINDINGSBased on the analysis of the data collected, we can coclude the following –  People of Chandigarh love to have a clean look.  Gillette razor is ranked first with highest 25% this shows people prefer Gillete razor as compared to other brands.  Gillette also holds its hands in disposable Razor Market too.  Gillette Company dominates in the category of replacement cartridges.  People are not found to use electric shaver but still there are some who use Philips electric shaver and then followed by the Panasonic and Sanyo.  Gillette is doing a good work in razor segment but in term of shaving cream old spice is leading  In shaving gel Gillette is again leading but Chandigarh people are not very fond of using soap for shaving purpose.  Most of the respondents used cologne/ perfume based after shave lotion.  Maximum respondents like to do shave in their home itself.  Most of the people prefer clean appearance whereas some respondents with age group 20-25 yrs like to have beard. 55
  56. 56. BibliographyBajpai,V.N. & Garg, A. & kumar, S. (2008). Case Study, Gillette India: Sharpening theinnovation edge in 21st century, journal of IT and management, 7(2), (102-111)Other source:Www. Gillette India.comWww. P & G.India.com“All India status report on safety razors blades industry” by Shri. K.Sampathkumar,Deputy Director(met),small industries service institute, Govt of India. 56