Music artist background 2


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Music artist background 2

  1. 1. Tulisa ContostavlosTulisa was originally part of a group called N-dubz which was formed in 2000, They got their music listened to by sending into Channel U which up and coming artists can send their work to be played and also through Youtube. The genre of the groups music was originallyhip hop and as they developed into the music industry they changed their genre to fit a wider audience and become more R&B / Pop. They were first signed to ‘Polydor records’ and then went on tochange their record label to ‘All around the world records’ and then as they became more established signed to ‘Def jam records’. In 2011 N-Dubz split and they went on to form solo careers.
  2. 2. N-Dubz albums Uncle B Against all odds Love live lifeSolo career albums Has no current albums but has produced singles such as Live it up ft. Tyga and Young.
  3. 3. After N-DubzN-dubz have taken a solo career and since then Tulisa has become a judge on the X-factor for the 7th and 8th series having a winning act on the 7th series.She has also been named number 1 in FHM’s 100 sexiest women in the world.Tulisa’s Album is set to be released in the up and comingweeks which was started producing last year but has hadtwo number 1’s with her current singles which have been out.
  4. 4. N-Dubz Album cover and Tulisa Single
  5. 5. The opening shot of the music video is a mid-close up of Tulisa and shows her outfit and then flips to a close up of her face with her name at the side introducing her and then flips to a long shot of Tulia resting on a huge stack of her luggage which is on the side of the street during the day and then swaps to her in mid shot of her in a silver dress which is more nightwear in an area with graffiti and also with a broken down car with fumes coming off it and then backto having her with all her luggage with a smart black car pulling up at the side ofher to collect her which then drives past her and she’s left on the side of the road and then her friends pull up shouting her over and then her bags wont fit in thecar so her friend throws the easiest bag in and then does a long shot showing the bags and the car driving off. It then swaps to Tulisa stood on a balcony with a light blue sea in the background whilst she is singing the song. The general storyline of the video is Tulisa and her friends misbehaving and playing aboutsuch as midshots of them in the sea playing and splashing each other which then swaps to long shots of them having pillow fights and close ups of the feathers coming out of the pillows showing the destruction caused. The last scene is in a art gallery where there is close ups of them drinking champagne which then shows Tulisa paint on a piece of art and then an extreme close up of her writing ‘The female boss, Tulisa’ and then fast cuts of long shots of roof top parties andthree different shots of her on her own dancing and singing along to the chorus.
  6. 6. Tulisa’s marketing Tulisa has marketed herself through channel U whilst in the band N-Dubz and they also used Youtube as a big way to get themselves recognised and on the internet. Since N-Dubz have split Tulisa has become known through TV appearances and interviews and has also joined the Xfactor which has allowed her to have a bigger market share in the industry.
  7. 7. This is Tulisa’s first solo album out whichmeans she was already establishedthrough a band and is known within acertain target market but has her namein big bright letter in order to drawattention to who she is.The key noticeable things on the posterare her name and also the picture of herwhich grabs people’s attention as it’s theonly part of the poster with colour on it.
  8. 8. Digipak Tulisa’s album is the same as her poster cover showing a sense of repetition as she is a new artist and this will help her get established. Along with most artists in this genre she is using a close up which dominates the entire frame and has her name written small in the corner of the picture along with the album name.The album uses soft colours with a dull background which helps Tulisa stand outamongst her dark hair. Many artists have a plain background so the entire image isfocused on them and allows them to be the main attraction.