Personnalisation d'Android par Archos 26-10-2011 au PAUG


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Personnalisation d'Android par Archos 26-10-2011 au PAUG

  1. 1. Android Honeycomb tablets Marc de CourvilleDirector software engineering
  2. 2. Brief history: a culture of innovation 2000 - Jukebox 6000 2001 - JB Recorder 2002 - AV 120 2003 - AV 300 2004 - AV 400 2005 - PMA 400 1st MID on market! 2006 – ARCHOS 604 2007 – ARCHOS 605 2008 - ARCHOS 5
  3. 3. Software strategy: the android way!• Goal: – combine the best of Archos multimedia together with Android Google OS and open application framework to release cost effective tablet devices• Migration to Android starts at Archos 7th generation of products – 2009: transition from in house Linux from scratch closed platform (Gen4-6) to open Android framework (SDK available and Apache software license). – September 2009 Archos5it. Still coexistence between two independent worlds: Android and legacy Archos Multimedia Center. – September 2010 with 5 tablets: migration to Android is complete. All the user interface is based on Android, one morphing firmware for all the products.
  4. 4. The Android mutation2009ARCHOS 5 internettablet1st Android tablet 10.1’’ 7.0’’ 4.3’’ 3. 2’’ 2010: range of 5 Android Internet Tablets 2.8’’
  5. 5. Gen9 (r)evolution!• 3rd generation of android tablet!• From a non-phone, non-certified device to a fully certified honeycomb tablet!• Only non-Tegra Honeycomb tablet on the market: a faster CPU and faster GPU: dual core ARM cortex A9 OMAP4 and SGX540 – 1.0GHz, 1.2GHz OMAP4430 – 1.5GHz OMAP4460• Only tablet supporting a hard drive• Removable full 3G support• Uncompromised multimedia experience: true 1080p support for all containers and codecs
  6. 6. 3rd generation of android tablets Removable 3G Two versions Flash up HDD: 250GB to 16GB 3mm thicker
  7. 7. Android framework• Network shares: UPnP and Samba made available from any application: – Samba: mix of nbtscan (discovery), fusesmb (mount) and CIFS kernel to maximize throughput to support HD – UPnP: based on djmount• USB host: add support on top of muSD of external storage (HDD/USB keys)• USB Ethernet dongle for 1080p video streaming
  8. 8. Easy 3G: removable/dynamic 3G• One single 3G stick and data plan for PC/Tablet• Removable 3G: 3G as an option – Dynamic telephony support implementation with full RIL (not a simple tethering) in Android framework
  9. 9. Archos media center• A unified access to multimedia content – Music and Video browser with cover flow and player – Support file browsing mode in addition to library mode – Favorites, Recently played, Recently added – Local/network storage browsing capability
  10. 10. AVOS native multimedia engine• Containers and codecs: 10 years of experience in catching up exceptions from non standard compliant audio/video stream to be able to play anything! – AVOS: native multimedia engine • Containers: AVI, MP4, MOV, 3GP, MPG, PS, TS, VOB, MKV, FLV, RM, RMVB, ASF, WMV • Audio codecs: MP3, WAV (PCM/ADPCM), AAC, AAC+ 5.1, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, AC3* 5.1 • HD 1080p Video codecs: H.264 (HP@L4.2), MPEG-4 (SP/ASP@L6), WMV9/VC1 (AP@L3), MPEG2* (MP/HL)
  11. 11. Multimedia: subtitles• Subtitles – SUB/SRT/SMI/SSA format, SSA color tag support, SRT color/styling support if they use html color tags – Adjustable frame rate and time shifting – Download with automatic best match support with
  12. 12. Media information scraper• Archos media information scraper: video file information and cover retrieval• Based on and respectively for tv series and movies: allows hierarchical database representation of video files
  13. 13. TV out/Archos remote• Archos TVout: ability to clone android UI on the TV and display full HD video files through HDMI• Archos universal Android remote application on Android market – Easy control of your Archos tablet through Wi-Fi to allow remote operation on TV – Multimedia keys to control Archos mediacenter – Works with any Android device
  14. 14. Archos multimedia widgets• Two carousels for music and video with resume/new/most viewed views
  15. 15. File manager• Filebrowser supporting remote network shares (samba/UPnP), USB host and PTP (cameras)• Enable apps installation• Double panel design with drag and drop and multi-selection capabilities
  16. 16. System monitor and uninstaller• Archos system monitor – Monitor alarms and wakelocks including kernel ones that prevent device hibernation • Not possible in classical apk! – Easy one click kill to free memory
  17. 17. Startup wizard & demo mode• Assist the user to setup device – Install 3rd party applications – Easy Wi-Fi setup – Calibration etc.• Propose safe restricted demo mode for in store display• Facilitate OEM customization
  18. 18. Memory management• Gen9 has 512MB and honeycomb runs fine: – Android activity manager adjustments in process tagging and prioritization – Dalvik memory management speedup – Optimization of low memory killer thresholds – Reorganization of out of memory adjustment levels
  19. 19. Low power and HDD management• Real support for off mode with a deep sleep option (no wake up) to fit PMP usage model• Storage: 10 years experience integrating HDDs in mobile devices and clever low power HDD management software techniques – Fine tuning of multimedia buffers to allow powering off of USB PHY and HDD when playing multimedia – Combination HDD with an EMMC as application storage
  20. 20. Conclusion and what comes next?• Gen9 key assets: – Faster, Multimedia, Storage++, Easy 3G; Value• Sneak preview on what is in preparation: – DLNA server – Parallel solution to MTP that is cumbersome – Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich? • No commitment since code is not published • GED device is based on 4460… like gen9 • We are well positioned ☺ – And much more!