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TQM presentation done for JARO Education.

TQM presentation done for JARO Education.

Published in Education
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  • Welcome friends, We all know the meaning of Total which is the whole amount, now let us see the meaning of quality which is Quality 1 Definition:   The   condition   of   being   of   such   and   such   a   sort   as   distinguished   from  others;  nature   or   character relatively   considered,   as   of   goods;   character;   sort;   rank. Quality 2 Definition:   Special   or   temporary   character;   profession;   occupation;   assumed   or   asserted   rank,   part,   or position .   Quality 3 Definition:   That   which  makes,  or  helps  to   make,   anything   such   as   it   is;   anything   belonging   to   a   subject,   or predicable   of   it;   distinguishing   property,   characteristic,   or   attribute;   peculiar   power,   capacity,   or   virtue; distinctive   trait;   as,   the  tones  of   a   flute   differ   from   those   of   a   violin   in   quality;   the   great   quality   of   a statesman .   Quality 4 Definition:   An   acquired   trait;   accomplishment;   acquisition.   Quality 5 Definition:   Superior   birth   or   station;   high   rank;   elevated   character.   quality 6 Definition:   an   essential   and   distinguishing   attribute   of   something   or   someone;   "the   quality   of   mercy   is   not strained"--Shakespeare  quality 7 Definition:   a   degree   or   grade   of   excellence   or   worth;   "the   quality   of  students  has   risen";   "an   executive   of low   caliber"   quality 8 Definition:   (music)   the   distinctive   property   of   a   complex   sound   (a   voice   or   noise   or   musical   sound);   " the timbre   of   her   soprano   was   rich   and   lovely";   "the   muffled  tones  of   the   broken   bell   summoned   them   to   meet" quality 9 Definition:   a   characteristic   property   that  defines  the   apparent   individual   nature   of   something;   "each   town has   a   quality   all   its   own";   "the   radical   character   of   our  demands"  quality 10 Definition:   high   social   status;   "a   man   of   quality"   quality 11 Definition:   of   high   social   status;   "people   of   quality";   "a   quality   family"   quality 12 Definition:   of   superior   grade;   "choice  wines";  "prime   beef";   "prize  carnations";  "quality   paper";   " select peaches" , and finally the mangement which means Management is the process  of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the efforts of organization members and of using all other organizational resources to achieve stated organizational goals”. Management  focuses on the entire organization from both a short and a long-term perspective. Management aims to increase the effectiveness of organizations. It’s about making the most of the resources entrusted to you, and making sure the expectations of customers, employees and shareholders are met.
  • She is 81 and still wish if she could improve a bit over her last performance Very humble and a down to earth She could be the emblem of excellence but she still practices every day even now
  • Never say die attitude A mark of excellence Continuous practice and an inner urge of improvement Despite injuries and road blocks has managed to be on top
  • There are 10 units in our syllabus through which I am going to walk you through the initial phase of your exciting journey of TQM that is learning and understanding the various concepts and methods to the approach of quality.
  • Each of these procedures has a certain advantages, disadvantages and suitability.
  • Point 2 and 3 are related to inspector and subject to human error.
  • The process through which the standards are established and met with is called control.
  • A quality control system performs inspection, testing and analysis to determine the status of the product. It is SQC when statistical techniques are used. The Result of SQC are given above.
  • Improvement list


  • 1. TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT By Mr Parimal Parmar
  • 2. Indian Nightingale
    • Lata Mangeshkar
  • 3. Master Blaster
    • Sachin Tendulkar
  • 4. Quality And Quality Control
    • Inspection
    • Quality Characteristics
  • 5. Inspection
    • Objectives of inspection
    • Purpose of inspection
    • Stages of inspection
    • Inspection Procedure
    • Methods of Inspection
    • Drawbacks of inspection
  • 6. Inspection Objective
    • Collect Information
    • Sort out poor quality products
    • Spread good reputation
    • Detect source of weakness & Failure
  • 7. Purpose of Inspection
    • To distinguish Good Lots/ pieces from bad
    • To Determine Process change
    • To see if process is approaching the specification limits… contd
  • 8.
    • … Contd
    • To rate of quality product
    • To rate accuracy of inspection
    • To measure precision of measuring instrument
    • To secure product & design information
    • To measure process capability
  • 9. Stages of Inspection
    • Inspection of incoming material
    • Inspection Of Production Process
    • Inspection of finished goods
  • 10. Inspection Procedures
    • Floor Inspection
    • Centralized Inspection
    • Combined Inspection
  • 11. Methods of inspection
    • 100% Inspection
      • Sampling Inspection
  • 12. Drawbacks of inspection
    • It adds to the cost
    • Subject to discretion
    • Fatigue & Monotony
    • It only separates good from bad Doesn’t prevent production of bad items.
  • 13. Quality
    • Quality of design
    • Quality of conformance with specification
    • Quality of performance
  • 14. Control
    • Choose the control subject
    • Choose the unit of measure
    • Set Standard Value
    • Choose the sensing device
    • … Contd
  • 15.
    • … Contd
    • Measure actual performance
    • Interpret the difference between actual and standard
    • Take action, if any, on the difference
  • 16. Quality Control
    • Factors affecting quality
    • Objectives of Quality Control
    • Statistical Quality Control ( SQC)
  • 17. Factors affecting quality
    • Men, Material and Machine
    • Manufacturing condition
    • Market research
    • Money in capability to invest
    • … . Contd
  • 18.
    • … .Contd
    • Management policy for quality level
    • Production method and design
    • Packing and transportation
    • After sales services
  • 19. Objectives of Quality Control
    • To decide quality standard
    • Check variation during manufacturing
    • Prevent poor quality to land up in the market
  • 20. Statistical Quality Control ( SQC)
    • Improvement of Quality
    • Scrap and rework reduction
    • Efficient use of men and material … Contd
  • 21.
    • … Contd
    • Economic use of materials
    • Removal prod’n bottle neck
    • Decreased inspect’n costs
    • Reduct’n in cost/unit
    • Scientific evaluat’n of quality and product’n
    • Quality consciousness
    • Reduce customer complaints
  • 22. Tools of SQC
    • Frequency distribution
    • Control charts for measurement and attribute data
    • … . Contd
  • 23.
    • … contd
    • Acceptance sampling techniques
    • Regression and correlation analysis
    • Test of significance
    • Design of experiments
  • 24. Quality characteristics
    • Quality of design
    • Quality conformance
    • Quality costs
  • 25. Quality of design
    • Fit to use
    • Quality of purpose or concept
    • Quality of specification
  • 26. Quality conformance
    • Choice of process
    • Training
    • Adherence to quality program
  • 27. Quality costs Quality Costs Direct Cost Indirect Cost Failure Costs Preventive costs Appraisal Cost Internal External
  • 28. Total Quality control Benefits
    • Product and design
    • Employee morale
    • Inspection And Manitenance
    • Time standard for labour
    • Data for marketing
  • 29.
    • Reduction in
    • Operating cost
    • Losses
    • Bottle neck
    • Deviation from basic cost
  • 30. Continuous improvement is the key to the future sustainability of success
  • 31.  
  • 32. Thank you
    • There are some questions even Google can’t answer !
    • Email:
    • Mob: 98209 56196