Lean Innovation


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Presentation held at Linköping Innovation week - vecka45.se - 2012-11-05. If you want to learn more drop me a mail par.hammarstrom@knowit.se

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Lean Innovation

  1. 1. Knowit Technology ManagementLean Innovation and Knowledge Based Development - or, what would Albert say? Pär Hammarström Senior Mgmt Consultant Knowit Technology Management
  2. 2. “A business exist to create a customer.” - Peter F Drucker Technology Management
  3. 3. Sustainable SuccessRespect for Continuous Entrepeneurial Decide as latepeople Chief Engineer as possible Improvement Team Room & Flow/ Visual Cadence Mgmt Amplify Learning Set-based X-Team design Skilled people Management applies and teaches lean thinking Technology Management Adapted from Larman & Vodde
  4. 4. Something different that has impact. Technology Management
  5. 5. Product Development is Learning Real World Information Decision Feedback Reflection Decision making rules Mental Model Technology Management
  6. 6. Technology Management
  7. 7. The Ladder of Inference I take Actions based on my beliefs I adopt Beliefs about the world The Reflexive Loop (our beliefs affect what I draw Conclusions data we select next time) I make Assumptions based on the meanings I addedObservable data Technology Management Chris Argyris
  8. 8. What do you believe that only you believe? Technology Management
  9. 9. "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Technology Management
  10. 10. A Different PerspectiveCo-ordinating logic MotivationTransparency PerspectiveKnowledge transfer Enacted environment Contextual environment Technology Management Sven Hamrefors
  11. 11. Intrinsic Motivation Self • AutonomyActualization – The desire to be self- directed • MasteryBelongingness – The urge to get better – in search of flow • Purpose – The aspiration to Survival contribute to something bigger than ourselves Technology Management
  12. 12. Perspectives + Conservative ConstructiveReflected experiences Previous enactment - Superstitious Novel - + Gemba - Go see Present enactment
  13. 13. Directing FactorsCo-ordinating logic Sensemaking, flow Create experiences combining the magic Transparency of sw withon every A PC the power Connecting To create a better desk running of internet services everyday life for the many People. MS sw across a world of people. devices Knowledge transfer Technology Management
  14. 14. Entrepeneurial Behavior Anarchistic Scanning Targeted ScanningIntrinsic Motivation Private Scanning Scanning in principle None Enacted situation Contextual situation Directing factors
  15. 15. "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide yoursources." Technology Management
  16. 16. Mindfuck 1, Line B is longer than line A 2, They are equally long 3, We don’t knowAB Technology Management
  17. 17. Mindfuck1, Line A is in line with line C2, Line B is in line with line C3, We don’t know C A B Technology Management
  18. 18. Mindfuck1, The mid circles are not equally big2, The mid circles are equally big3, We don’t know Technology Management
  19. 19. “I Know That I Know Nothing” Technology Management
  20. 20. What Do We Know Waste The Tacit Dimension Personal ->Interpersonal through dialogue and visualizations What we know that we What we don’t know that we know – Known Knowns know – Unknown KnownsWhat we know that we don’t What we don’t know that we don’tknow – Known Unknowns know – Unknown Unknowns Assumptions Ignorance Complicated Complex Technical systems Sociotechnical systems Find the facts Trust that patterns will emerge Technology Management
  21. 21. “Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquiredby age eighteen.” Technology Management
  22. 22. 4 Mental Models of InnovationBusiness as usual Let’s fire all the managers Continuous innovation as the bottom line 80/20 Technology Management Gary Hamel
  23. 23. Linear Model of Innovation Basic Research -> Applied Research -> Development -> DiffusionBasic Research -> Applied Research -> Development -> Production -> Marketing&Sales Market needs-> Development -> Production -> Marketing&Sales Technology Management
  24. 24. “Keeping the Innovators at the Gate” Technology Management
  25. 25. "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not becalled research, would it?” Technology Management
  26. 26. The Lean Start-up• Entrepeneurs are everywhere – Product Roadmap -> Business Model – Product Owner - > Entrepeneur Build• Validated learning Idea Product – Backlog -> To learn list – On site customer -> Get out of the building Learn Measure – Demo -> Perserve or Pivot Data Technology Management Eric Ries
  27. 27. The Adoption Cycle Early Majority Late Majority ”Pragmatists” ”Conservatists”Relative % customers Early Adopters ”Visionaries” Innovators Laggards ”Tech entusiasts” ”Skeptics” Time Technology Management Geoffrey Moore
  28. 28. Technology First – Needs Later Transition point where technology satisfies basic needsRelative % customers Excess Technology Most customers not interested Required Performance Technology Dominates User Experience Dominates (convenience, reliability, cost...) Technology is ”good enough” Time Technology Management Donald Norman
  29. 29. X-Team Feasible Technology UserViable Business Desirable Experience Technology Management Tim Brown
  30. 30. Customer Insight Driven – Not Customer Driven Abstract Insight Ideas ABDUCTIVE THINKINGFigure out the story Ask why 5 times Describe the benefits Tell a new story Analysis Synthesis Prototype and evolve a minimum Observe how a job is done desirable, viable and feasible product Context Artifacts Concretete
  31. 31. T-shaped People Technology Management
  32. 32. Entrepreneurial Chief Engineer? “It comes from saying no to 1,000 things to make sure we dont get on the wrong track or try to do too much.” - Steve Jobs Technology Management
  33. 33. Experiment! BuildWhat Do I need to Learn? Idea Product What do I need to build? Learn Measure Data How can I measure that? Technology Management
  34. 34. To Learn List Problem/ Product/ Scale Solution MarketTechnology/Antropology MVP ProductValue Proposition Canvas Crossing the chasm Assumption Feature MVP Validation Result Technology Management
  35. 35. “The only real valuable thing is intuition." Technology Management
  36. 36. Sustainable Success Get out ofRespect for the office Continuous Entrepeneurial Decide as latepeople Focus on Chief Engineer as possible Improvement the Jobs to Define your Role in solve Be Attentative the value network Team Room & Flow/ Visual Cadence Mgmt Amplify Design is Facilitate Learning Dialogue not analysis Diversify X-Team your Set-based Perspective design People, not T-shaped process Skilled people Managment applies and teaches lean thinking Technology Management
  37. 37. “I think and think for months and years. Ninety-nine times,the conclusion is false. The hundred´th time I am right.” Technology Management
  38. 38. References and further reading