The Giving Business Tips Final


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CAF Australia tell us how to get the most from Payroll Giving.

(c) CAF Australia 2009

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The Giving Business Tips Final

  1. 1. Creating successful payroll giving programs TEN SIMPLE WAYS TO BOOST YOUR PAYROLL GIVING PROGRAM PERFORMANCE
  2. 2. TIPS FOR SETTING UP A PAYROLL GIVING PROGRAM Engage senior leadership Set up a system for processing support for the program donations with your payroll team. Most payroll software packages Allocate internal resources have built in payroll giving to coordinate program processing facilities development and launch Decide whether your business Talk to a payroll giving will match employee donations program provider Engage employees via a launch Decide your giving strategy: event and internal communication, donate to a selection of charity and invite them to sign up partners, offer employees the opportunity to select any charity Communicate regularly, to keep of their choice, or combine the employees informed about the two approaches impact of their donations For further information on setting up programs, and reporting requirements, visit and type the words ‘workplace giving’ into the search field
  3. 3. We recently surveyed businesses with payroll giving programs WHAT THE RESEARCH TELLS US: TEN SIMPLE WAYS TO BOOST YOUR PAYROLL GIVING PROGRAM PERFORMANCE ONE Real life, personal stories are more likely to motivate people than just information FOUR Create an ambassador on how much money has been raised. Engage senior leaders network for the program Each communication should guide staff Ask your CEO to refer to the Enlist a group of key supporters as to how they can become involved, program in regular updates, to to promote the program inside for example by directing them to a sign include an endorsement in the business. up form or to the relevant location on induction packs and to introduce the intranet. sessions with charity speakers. Ideally this should be one person per site, or per charity, if your business has Communicate regularly to senior selected charity partners. The most successful charity ambassadors are THREE leadership about the payroll giving program’s business volunteers whose work in the role is Keep the program visible and community benefits. recognised by senior management across the business as important. A program that is top–of–mind is FIVE Charity ambassadors need to be given more likely to generate interest Demonstrate business structure and guidance, but are most and participation. support for employee effective when given scope to develop donations Only 50% of businesses surveyed said local initiatives to motivate employees. that all their employees had access If your business matches employee A network of charity ambassadors to a computer, so use a variety of donations, communicate to employees means the business has a team methods to communicate, remembering the additional impact this has on the focused on the giving program that email and intranet are not always supported charities. which can spread the passion. accessible for all staff. If your business cannot provide ongoing Include information about the program matching, consider matching for limited TWO in staff inductions, put up posters in public areas such as in kitchens/tea periods (eg at bonus time / for month of July / at start of a new financial Communicate to staff rooms and also use direct means of year) or providing in–kind support of regularly connecting with staff such as pigeon goods or services to charity partners. holes or payslips. Communicate the value of this support Distribute information frequently (at least to employees. once a quarter) to all employees about the payroll giving program and how the money being raised by staff and the business is making a difference.
  4. 4. 1/3 10% One in ten businesses One in three businesses had a had a participation rate participation rate of less than of twenty five percent five percent* or more 29% Of programs managers identified limited time and resources as the main barrier to success * The Giving Business report 2009
  5. 5. 58% 71% Of program managers Of program managers spend five percent identified visibility of the or less of their time on the program internally as a payroll giving program key success factor SIX When employees are involved in other community initiatives such as NINE Make sign–up as volunteering or fundraising events, use Celebrate and recognise easy as possible the opportunity to promote the payroll the support of your donors giving program. Tailored online solutions are increasingly While privacy concerns may prevent popular and provide a simple and Send out follow up emails to public recognition of individual immediate way for employees to sign participants within 48 hours of the donors, it is important that donors up. Businesses for which tailored online event to invite them to sign up. are appreciated and recognised for solutions are impractical can use other the contribution they are making. methods to make sign–up simple, This may be in the form of a for example, by creating automated EIGHT personalised letter from the CEO or buttons that allow employees to sign Get the message right charity partner thanking them for their up just by clicking using widely available support, along with stories about the office software packages. Think carefully about the messages you difference they are making, or a small want to convey to employees. If you are token of appreciation from the business Include paper forms in induction packs. able to easily communicate separately at the end of the year. Make sure staff members can sign up to donors and non donors, do so. For on the spot on occasions when they those who are already donating, focus are likely to feel motivated (such as on the difference their contributions are TEN at charity talks, volunteering sessions making, with tangible, personal stories. Celebrate and recognise etc). Consider making laptops available in public areas during charity week or Existing donors who have been the support of your at charity expos so staff can sign up donating for some time are often ambassadors immediately online. amenable to the idea of increasing their Ambassadors who have excelled in donation – don’t be afraid to ask. their efforts to support and promote SEVEN To recruit new donors, explain the the program should be acknowledged and rewarded, particularly since Tie payroll giving in with leveraged, cost effective nature of payroll giving, but especially emphasise many will be performing this role in other community programs the powerful potential of lots of people their own time. Employees are most likely to be contributing small amounts on a A ‘champion of the year’ award, receptive when they have just been regular basis. as voted by peers or management engaged with charity partners and and/or a celebration dinner event Tone is important: the focus should be have just experienced first hand the hosted by the CEO or a senior manager on explaining rather than selling, and impact these organisations make in shows the business’ support and particularly not hard selling. the community. gratitude and reinforces the importance of these positions.
  6. 6. For further information about The Giving Business report, please go to If you would like to set up a payroll giving program, please contact: The Australian Charities Fund –, Pip Murphy / Stephanie Hughes ph (02) 9024 8630 Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) –, Kevin Sullivan ph (02) 9929 9633 United Way –, Doug Taylor ph (02) 9995 4222 A more detailed analysis of the data reported here will be posted on later in 2009. The Australian Charities Fund PricewaterhouseCoopers is an Australian founded and led not is the world’s largest professional services firm with a – for– profit organisation whose mission is long–term commitment to supporting the sustainability of to facilitate unprecedented levels of giving. the communities in which it operates. Its giving program is It partners with businesses and community regarded as one of the strongest in Australia. organisations to drive community impact via engaged employee giving. United Way Sydney improves lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) around the world to advance the is an international not–for–profit common good. Operating in 46 countries organisation providing the knowledge, worldwide and 10 communities in Australia, United Way infrastructure, back–office administration and ongoing invests donations and volunteer time in community impact management of services for charitable activities including initiatives with resources raised from Corporate Community Workplace Payroll Giving Programs, Matched Giving Involvement programs (CCI) that include Workplace Giving, Programs, Foundations / Prescribed Private Funds and Corporate Connect volunteering, and Seeing is Believing Grant Management. education programs The Centre for Social Impact a partnership between business schools of the University of New South Wales, the University of Melbourne This report would not have been possible without the support of: and Swinburne University of Technology, brings together Australia’s not–for–profit, philanthropic, business and government sectors in a collaborative effort to help build passionate, high Printing partner Paper stock partner performing and sustainable social ventures. This document is printed on heaven 42, an environmentally responsible paper manufactured using Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) pulp sourced from certified, well managed forests. Heaven 42 is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody (CoC) certified (mixed sources), which is an environmentally responsible 100% recycled paper made from 100% post–consumer waste that is FSC CoC certified and bleached chlorine free (PCF). The mill operates under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System which guarantees continuous improvement and is PEFC certified for traceability.