New Media Strategy  Afrf 2009
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New Media Strategy Afrf 2009



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    New Media Strategy  Afrf 2009 New Media Strategy Afrf 2009 Presentation Transcript

    • New Media Fundraising strategy : from basics to the global trends Marcelo Iñarra Iraegui marcelo@marceloiniarra Text +31 611 187 533 Twitter @marceloiniarra Pareto Fundraising Sydney – Australia August 24th - 2009
    • Thanks Pareto !
    • What’s in the agenda for today 90  minutes ? • Rules for this session • 2009 in New Media Fundraising Jungle • 7 elastics rules for new media fundraising • Digital Innovation Challenges
    • “Rules” for this session • Some basic spanish:  Por favor, de nuevo!! Muy Bueno!
    • “Rules” for this session Living room session
    • Please, chose style of presentation : • Politically Correct presentation • Politically Incorrect presentation
    • Wake up Quiz 1. Which of those countries has the  highest mobile penetrations? a. Sweden      b. Australia   Text the answer to : 0410 702 982 c. Germany Answer in the message a , b, c,d,e d.UK and your name. e. Italy 
    • Wake up Quiz Text the answer to :  0410 702 982 Answer in the message a , b, c,d,e and  your name.
    • Wake up Quiz 1. Which of those countries has the  highest mobile penetrations? a. Sweden    112 % (10 M)     b. Australia  99.4 %  (21 M) c. Germany  114 % (93 M) d. UK  123 % (75M) e. Italy 149 %  (88M)
    • Wake up Quiz • Wich region of world has more internet  users ? • A. North America • B. Asia • C. Europe
    • Wake up Quiz Text the answer to :  04 41 07 02 982 Answer in the message a , b, c and your  name.
    • ¿What’s does new media  in 2009 mean ?
    • Source : Idea difussion curve. Crossing the chasm. Geoff Moore
    • “The 7 Elastic Rules of New Media Mobilization” Revised 2009
    • 1. Change your organizational culture, or how to make bytes an integral part of your existence
    • • Amazon
    • Know who is violating our constitution. NO to the import of nuclear waste from Australia
    • Logo or URL?
    • 2. Develop a strong new media constituency
    • How ..? •First Free experience •Everywhere
    • Free experience era
    • 1996 ( web site from 2000)
    • November 11th 1998
    • 2008 • Revenue 21,795 million • Profit 4226 million Fortune May 4 2009
    • Source :Iniarra-Botti 2007
    • Social Trysumers “Experienced consumers are trying new  appliances, new services, new flavors, new  authors, new destinations …… and  new  social experiences” Marcelo Iniarra & Alfredo Botti adapted from
    • Source :Iniarra-Botti 2008
    • Social Trysumers (First, try for free and then donate) Cultivation through actions Financial supporter FR ASK (online, mobile and “Cyber-Mobile TMK) activist program* Traditional FR cycle Social Trysumers
    • “ Ask supporters for their time, not for  their money, is a better way to increase  donations. Jumping straight in and soliciting  potential donors for funds can, in fact, alienate them ‐‐ making them less likely to get involved and less likely to actually donate. Asking them  to volunteer first, however, can positively shift their  willingness to give both time and money “ Jennifer Aaker of Stanford Graduate School of Business and Wendy Liu of UCLA,   Journal of Consumer Research 2008
    • En Bariloche, Neuquén En Capital Federal En Rosario, Santa Fé Forest Law in En Córdoba En Capital Federal y en Calayate Argentina En Capital Federal En Capital Federal En Santiago del Estero En Paraná, Entre Ríos Source: Alfredo Botti. Greenpeace Argentina En Rosario, Santa Fé
    • BOCA Juniors Greatest Team in the World CQC dhHHjaE Actions
    • 1,5 millon votes/registrations in favor  of the forest law in just 65 days and y 28 K monthly donors in less than 8  months.
    • Obama is not alone * Ringtones from  UNHCR in Spain
    • Obama is not alone * Ringtones from  UNHCR in Spain • Over 50 K downloads • Over 110.000 euros raised • But the most relevant aspect was the first telemarketing test 8.7 % conversion rate Thanks Francesco Sciacca / UNHCR Spain
    • If the pyramid changes, should  Fundraising change?
    • Transitional moment from  Fundraising to Supporter  mobilization.
    • Everywhere •Web 1.0 •Social Media •Mobile
    • 3. Use the website as a response channel.
    • Responders evolution  1990’s Phone-Fax-Post-Responders Online responders
    • Responders today Online & Mobile Phone-Fax- Post Responders responders
    • 4. Integrate online and offline  media and vice versa.
    • Offline Online Adwords Radio add Banners in UNHCRs Sites Contact Center Landing page DRTV Paid banners Print add Probono banners PR and non traditional publicity
    • Why should we integrate media? • Synergy • Increase results • Increase awareness • Reduce cost 
    • 5. Use online media to foster  relationships with donors
    • Donor relationships online: Efficient, fast and cheap!!
    • Some fresh ideas
    • A live weekly TV show from your offices or projects
    • Videconference with donors
    • 6. Communicate from our website the opportunity to "live" the experience of being part of our organization
    • information Age Ideas
    • New media driven by experiences
    • Global Campaign trends Me …! • “New campaigning” • “Traditional” campaigning • I do ! • They Do !!
    • Global Campaign trends Recognition...! • “Traditional” campaigning • “New campaigning” • Low level of recognition • Medium to High level of recognition
    • Global Campaign trends Timing...! • “Traditional” campaigning • “New campaigning” • Off line media pace ! • Instant campaign !
    • Global Campaign trends Be Positive, Pleasurable Attitude .. • “Traditional” campaigning • “New campaigning” • Guilty • Smile campaigning …
    • Global Campaign trends Being Part of Something Bigger... • “New campaigning” • “Traditional” campaigning • Global collective unconscious – • Think global , act local ! “Think Global , act global”
    • 5 global  supporters needs Me ..!! + Positive approach Be part of Real time action something bigger “Instant “global solidarity campaigning” High Recognition
    • 7. Test, just like they tested in  the "Wild West"
    • n.A sublime feeling of creative contention achieved through innovation.
    • Innophoria is an on line  game that aims to  help social organizations all over the world  become more innovative. It's a co‐creation  involving the most creative minds in the  sector…Your mind!
    • Would you like to become part of the Innophoric movement?
    • Show me the  money ….for  innovation % of sales spent in R&D • Microsoft 13.9 %  (7.121 millions) • Google 12.7 % (2110 millons) • Apple 3.3 (782 millions ) • Amazon 5.5 (818 millions) • Boeing 5.8 (3850 millions) Source : BCG-value Science, Bloomberg Financial markets, compustats, reuters, standars & poor’s research insight 2008
    • 2009 New Media Map • 1. Social Trysumers • 2. Donors 2.0 • 3. Innovation SEM  • 4. Mobile Mobilization
    • 2. Fundraising 2.0 “Do it yourself”
    • Supporters 2.0
    • Source: Jason Potts - Think
    • Google Map to Visualize Online Giving Pages Source: Jason Potts - Think
    • Source: Jason Potts - Think
    • 3. Search Engine Marketing & Smart ads
    • “All of those searches, and all those searchers,  have translated into major business  opportunity, in fact, the fastest growing  business in the history of media” John Battelle ,The Search .“How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the rules of  Business and Transformed our Culture” 2005
    • Active Web TV Model Summary Sponsoring Keywords +  Sponsored link ad  (Direct Response Creativity‐Link to…* ) +  * Web TV Spot Fundraising ad hoc  Landing page + Telemarketing Form
    • Active Model . Ayuda en Accion . Sponsoring Keyword Sponsored link ad (Direct Response Creativity)
    • Active Model . Ayuda en Accion . Telemarketing form
    • Non Financial Model in action in  general figures Azione Donna Cultivation through action ( Monthly) “ Io Sono Cyber- Traditional FR Cycle attivist@” * Female prospects * All figures are estimated according a mix of markets of references with mature on line FR programs.
    • Active Model Summary Sponsoring Keywords +  Sponsored link ad  (Direct Response Creativity‐Link to…* ) +  * Fundraising ad hoc Landing page +  Telemarketing Form
    • Active Web TV Model Sponsoring Keyword Sponsored link ad (Direct Response Creativity)
    • Active Web TV Model It’s new way of SEM & FR. Incorporating the  attributes of the Direct Response Television to  this technique. Call to action goes to the Telemarketing form in  the same page of the web tv spot.  
    • Active  Web TV Model ( Celebrities  approaches) On line form Telemarketing form
    • Active Web TV Model Summary Sponsoring Keywords +  Sponsored link ad  (Direct Response Creativity‐Link to…* ) +  * Web TV Spot Fundraising ad hoc  Landing page + Telemarketing Form
    • Smart ads and not so smart …
    • Source: IFC Masterclass M. Iniarra & Mike Walton 2008
    • Mobile Mobilization
    • 1,596,270,108 Global Internet Users April 2009 .
    • Global Mobile Users
    • 2.603.729.892
    • Today is the day to reveal the  truth..
    • And  the origin of my obsession about  mobile phones ….  
    • I dream to find a medium a) portable, b) personal, c) instantaneous and interactive, d) massive and e) easy to use . Lastly, it had to be a medium through which we could collect donations.
    • Massive ? According to statistics from the market  database Wireless Intelligence, it took about  20 years for the first billion mobile phones to  sell worldwide. The second billion sold in four  years, and the third billion sold in two. Eighty percent of the world’s population now  lives within range of a cellular network, which  is double the level in 2000. 
    • What do you carry ?
    • What do people carry? Three more important  things that people carry out across  cultures, gender and  contexts
    • What do people carry?  Keys,  money and  mobile phones. Source. Jan Chipchase is one of a team of researchers and anthropologists working at Nokia 2007
    • Why Mobile phones …? Transcend space …
    • My perfect Direct Marketing Media  Portable,   personal,    instantaneous and interactive,  massive and easy to use .
    • Are mobiles phones the most  powerful tool for Fundraising ?
    • Mobile Expectations Source :Katrin Verclas 2008. Greenpeace Mobile conference.
    • Mobile expectations and time Source :Katrin Verclas 2008. Greenpeace Mobile conference.
    • Not…. ….Yet !
    • Amnesty Norway
    • Save the planet with your mobile Connect2climate is an Indian  initiative that aims to raise  awareness about climate change  and issues affecting our planet  with a series of educational  games that can be downloaded  to cell phones. These games include  “DeCarbonator” and “Mission  Lighting”. The games were launched in India on  the 5th of June this year, World  Environment Day.
    • Home work 1 Innovation Challenge
    • Home work 1 Innovation Challenge • Challenge 1 Develop  a new media strategy combining  mobile mobilization (SMS or mobile content  aspects like ringtones) & SEM  for with the objective to get 800  new financial supporters in three months.
    • Home work 1 Innovation Challenge • Challenge 2 Development an integrated new media upgrade  strategy  establishing a  new social network of  current supporters of the Garlic Seed Foundation ) .  This foundation has 150 K supporters and the want to  set up a community of 1500 active members in the  social network increasing their monthly donation  by 50% )
    • k/
    • Home work 1 Innovation Challenge • Challenge 3  You've got no budget but lots of good staff and  volunteers. You need to launch a fundraising  campaign to save orphan orangutans. We want you  to involve a youth audience (8‐14) into the  campaign. Put together an online plan that would help achieve  this goal. The plan must include innovative use of  social networking and on line gaming.
    • Home work 1 Innovation Challenge • Challenge 4 You want to raise funds for a women’s refuge.   Madonna  has offered their support. How  would you go about raising funds online? A  secondary objective is to raise awareness of  the issue of domestic violence. The plan must  make strong use of video delivery to mobile  tv, web tv, digital tv.
    • Thank you !!! Marcelo Iniarra SMS al +31 611 187 533 Twitter @marceloiniarra