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19 dumping the dumps 19 dumping the dumps Presentation Transcript

  • DUMPING DUMPS Samuel Godhinho
  • WHAT IS DUMPING DUMPS?  The proper management of the Garbage, or the Waste products from our locality from which they are dumped safely DUMPED or RECYELED
  • Dumping Dumps includes……  1. Garbage Collection  2. Transportation  3. Waste Management  4. Processing withe three R’s a. Recycle b. Reuse c. Reduce  5. Benefits to the environment.  6.Benifits to human beings
  • 1.Garbage collection  Garbage collection is collecting different waste from the locality or the surrounding. The garbage collection include the collection  Different materials such as cans, plastic, wrappers which are in the dustbins or fallen freely ....  The dead matter of the plants or animals are also included in the garbage. this also includes the proper managements of the sewage waster and maintaining a discipline in the surrounding
  • Transportation  The collected Garbage is than to be transported to the main dumping or recycling point  For this many garbage loading vehicles re needed.  Garbage transportation proves to be important step because there are many types of garbage's that are safely taken to the recycling or the dumping plant.
  • Waste Management  The garbage after transportation needed to be manage in different categories  The plastic bags, cans wrappers and put on one side as these are non degraded materials and can be recycled  The dead matter of plants and all organic matter is put on one side because this matter is safe for dumping.
  • Processing with three R’  Reduce  Recycle  Reuse
  • a. Reduce  We can minimize the garbage by minimizing the use of the non degradable materials
  • Recycle  The remaining plastic items in the garbage can be recycled  The iron scraps are also separated by the magnet which can also be recycled
  • Reuse  Reusing the material again and again can be beneficial  As we have to take a material in such a way that it can be used for longer period of time
  • Benefits to the environment  By proper dumping of the garbage we can make our environment cleaner.  As there will be less pollution if the waste is treated more scarcely.  It will maintain the biodiversity  Further plans can be adopted to lessen pollution if the things are ion good conditions
  • Benefits to humans  If the environment is cleaner it will be safer to all……  The good environment mark a good health  As there is less pollution the chance's of getting affected with the disease is lesser.  One can live freely…….