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YawnBuster Whitepaper

YawnBuster Whitepaper



YawnBuster brings alive your PowerPoint slides with Group Activities such as audience polls, games, group exercises and competitions. Now you can get your audience to think, enjoy, participate and ...

YawnBuster brings alive your PowerPoint slides with Group Activities such as audience polls, games, group exercises and competitions. Now you can get your audience to think, enjoy, participate and identify key takeaways quickly and easily.



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    YawnBuster Whitepaper YawnBuster Whitepaper Presentation Transcript

    • Table of Content1. Executive Summary2. Introduction3. Challenges in Teaching4. Adding Fun to Learning5. Enhancing your Teaching Effectiveness  Participation Enhancers  Strategy Games  Group Activities6. Conclusion7. YawnBuster
    • Executive SummaryThis paper offers a general overview of the educational methods inlearning, the challenges faced, and techniques to add fun in learning byusing group activities like games.The purpose this white paper is to provide teachers with ideas to createhigh impact, interactive and engaging classroom sessions.An engaging, interesting and interactive classroom session can beachieved by creating a fun, competitive environment where thestudents can enjoy and learn, and ultimately use the session to itsfullest. This can be done by adding some interesting games and groupactivities to their curriculum.This paper also suggests methods and techniques to engage students insessions - by adding a fun factor to their learning experience.
    • IntroductionMaking teaching interesting and engaging - which really means makinglearning meaningful for the students – continues to be a challenge forteachers. Most traditional teaching consists of little more than havingstudents read a text and listen to a lecture, which is very limited, andindeed a limiting form of learning.It is important to mention that in addition to the students, teachers canbenefit as well from the process of making learning interesting forstudents. By doing so, teachers will create new knowledge, developbetter skills of communication and become more competent in theactual practice of teaching.
    • Challenges in TeachingIn lectures, if students are passive, don’t interact with others, or don’thave the zeal to participate in assessments, the sessions can easily getboring. For example, mention the word ‘test’ and you are bound to seebored faces or ones that express fear! The trick lies in not only makinglessons interactive, but providing students with a collaborative andcompetitive environment. This helps them spread their wings and learnrather than memorize answers.Many ways and tools have been devised to keep students engaged insessions. From basic line drawings and diagrams to interactive classroomsessions of today, many methods have been adapted to bring about afresh appeal to classroom sessions. However, this can often be anarduous task keeping in mind that you, as a teacher have a huge role toplay in ensuring that your students imbibe knowledge in the classroom.
    • Adding Fun to LearningYou can have fun with your students if your curriculum is dealt with inthe right manner. Many teachers have infused interactive learning intotheir style of teaching. Yet, many spend hours in the creation andexecution of their thoughts and ideas.The next section describes the process by which you can createinteresting activities and games for your students. You will enjoy takingtaking a look at these interesting Flash-based games, which energizelearners easily. The best part is yet to come… you hardly spend any timein creating them!
    • Enhancing Your Teaching EffectivenessTo improve learning outcomes, teachers must think creatively aboutusing interactive techniques to keep students attentive in class.The key is to design your program well by constantly keeping it movingand keeping participants engaged. Plan a variety of activities in yoursessions in order to help participants stay interested. Some proventechniques to do this include:1. Participation Enhancers2. Strategy Games3. Group Activities
    • Participation Enhancers Audience participation is key to an effective and engaging session. In learning, it ensures that students are engaged, alert and interested. Participation enhancers are inherently interesting because the audience feels involved. Examples include: Show of Hands Brainstorm1. Participation Enhancers 2. Strategy Games 3. Group Activities
    • Show of Hands PARTICIPATION ENHANCERS ‘Show of Hands’ is one technique we often use, and get people to raise their hands in response to a question. Activities like Show of Hands to conduct quick polls and invite ideas are ideal at the beginning of your session.1. Participation Enhancers 2. Strategy Games 3. Group Activities
    • Brainstorm PARTICIPATION ENHANCERS ‘Brainstorm’ activity is a great way to invite ideas on a topic without bias and prejudices. It encourages groups of students to open up with their ideas, and energizes the classroom in the process.1. Participation Enhancers 2. Strategy Games 3. Group Activities
    • Strategy Games Strategy Games, as the name suggests, are based on strategy, which in turn requires collaboration as well as competition. These types of games let learners develop their powers to strategize. Groups develop a healthy competition amongst each other, which aids tremendously in learning and retention. Examples include: Reach the Top Rapid Fire Spin the Wheel1. Participation Enhancers 2. Strategy Games 3. Group Activities
    • Reach the Top ‘Reach the Top’ game encourages collaboration amongst groups of students as they need to answer a series of questions to reach the STRATEGY GAMES top of a given pyramid.1. Participation Enhancers 2. Strategy Games 3. Group Activities
    • Rapid Fire Energize the audience, increase participation and concentration among students. This is a great way to test learner thinking without STRATEGY GAMES making them dread the words like ‘test’ and ‘quiz.’ If you think you need to increase their participation and break the ice in class, then you can easily integrate a ‘Rapid Fire’ game in your teaching plan. You will be surprised to see even the back benchers participate with great enthusiasm.1. Participation Enhancers 2. Strategy Games 3. Group Activities
    • Spin the Wheel ‘Spin the Wheel’ is an interesting game to energize learners. Students have fun ‘spinning the wheel’, and answer questions from STRATEGY GAMES various categories. They enjoy the suspense, and start looking forward to the next question.1. Participation Enhancers 2. Strategy Games 3. Group Activities
    • Group Activities There are many high-impact Group Activities to enhance participation, and encourage meaningful engagement among students. They keep groups attentive & involved, and stimulate sharing of knowledge and ideas. Examples include: Sequence Quiz Show1. Participation Enhancers 2. Strategy Games 3. Group Activities
    • Sequence The audience collaboratively orders items of information into a sequence by priority, chronology or other such criteria. GROUP ACTIVITIES1. Participation Enhancers 2. Strategy Games 3. Group Activities
    • Quiz Show Create a game show style challenge involving questions with a scoring strategy that fosters competition among members of the GROUP ACTIVITIES audience.1. Participation Enhancers 2. Strategy Games 3. Group Activities
    • ConclusionTelling is not teaching, neither is listening learning. You must engageparticipants in learning activities that lead to a higher level ofunderstanding and result in the participants ability to apply what shelearned on the session. Interactive teaching is a two-way process ofactive participant engagement amongst the teacher, the student and thecontent.While the above are some examples, there are many more. Teachers caninclude ready fun games like Participation Enhancer, Strategy Games, TVGame Shows, Audience Collaboration Activities, Breathers and more orexperiment with different teaching tools and enjoy complete audienceengagement and involvement in their classroom sessions.
    • YawnBusterYawnBuster software helps you easily add group and gaming activities toyour courses. YawnBuster provides high-impact group activities thatcome in convenient packs.Curious? Take a 7-day free trial. To see how your sessions can be madeinteractive and engaging within minutes, view our samples. Chances are,the next time you start another lesson, you will have a class that’sbrimming with energy and enthusiasm!