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In the Trenches - Lead Generation By Example


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One of the best ways to see what works is to learn from someone who is in the trenches and digging into the details on a daily basis, especially when it comes to demand generation. There can be a lot …

One of the best ways to see what works is to learn from someone who is in the trenches and digging into the details on a daily basis, especially when it comes to demand generation. There can be a lot of moving parts in a demand generation strategy so implementing the right processes can work wonders.

Be ready to get your hands dirty in this webinar by Ryan Johnston, Demand Generation Manager at Pardot. You'll get an in-depth look at how the lead generation process works — from preparation to execution and beyond. Join Ryan for great insight into:

- What a modern lead generation process looks like
- How to convert, identify and assign leads
- How to scale your process with the growth of your business

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. In the Trenches Lead Generation by Example Ryan Johnston Demand Generation Manager
  • 2. Hello! About me! •  Ryan Johnston" •  Demand Generation Manager" •  Almost 3 years at Pardot" •  @ryanejohnston" #PardotWebinar
  • 3. Contributing to the Bottom Line #PardotWebinar
  • 4. Lead Generation The Concept! •  Create leads for sales" •  Contribute to the bottom line" Keys to Success! •  Set goals" •  # of qualified leads, opportunities" •  Define processes" •  Campaign execution" •  Build reporting" •  Lead to close" #PardotWebinar
  • 5. Prepping for Lead Generation Success #PardotWebinar
  • 6. The Modern Marketer Advent of Technology! •  Increased marketing spend" •  Double edged sword" •  More accountability" Lead Gen Arsenal! •  Campaign management" •  Capture" •  Qualify" •  Assign" •  Track" " #PardotWebinar
  • 7. Lead Generation Sources Organic/Natural! •  If you build it, they will come" Paid Advertising! •  Find them where they are" Third Party! •  Targeting leads in another database" Internal! •  Targeting your own database" " #PardotWebinar
  • 8. Content Importance of content! •  Information exchange" Choosing the right content! •  Create qualifying content" •  Ex. CMO Toolkit" •  Understand the database" •  Who are you targeting?" •  Determine influential content" •  Conversions and Influence" •  Pick the right type" •  Infographic vs. eBook" " #PardotWebinar vs
  • 9. Definitions Ideal Prospect Profile! •  Meet with sales" •  Historical data" •  Trends" •  Top indicators! Marketing Qualified Lead! •  Meet with sales, again" •  Strict definition" *Always adapt" #PardotWebinar
  • 10. Executing the Campaigns #PardotWebinar
  • 11. Capturing Lead Info Forms! •  Content gating" •  Core requirements" •  Important forms" •  Progressive Profiling" " Landing Pages! •  Tracking" •  No distractions" •  A/B testing" " #PardotWebinar
  • 12. Qualifying Leads Qualifying Leads! •  MQL" •  Automatic qualification" Scoring! •  Interest" •  Assign point values" •  Pricing page" Grading! •  Prospect fit" •  Grade threshold" " #PardotWebinar
  • 13. Assignment Lead Routing! •  Sales-readiness" •  Automatic assignment" Qualified vs Unqualified! •  Lead wasteland" Sales Enablement! •  Campaign reference" •  Follow-up content" " #PardotWebinar
  • 14. Nurturing Pre-sales! •  Build prospect profiles" •  Generate interest" •  Encourage action" During the sales cycle! •  Constant touch" •  Provide value" Lead revival! •  About that lead wasteland" #PardotWebinar
  • 15. Reporting Campaign tracking! •  Tactic performance" •  Lead performance" Reports! •  Goals" •  Lifecycle (accountability)" •  Net New vs. Influence" Feedback! •  Keep talking to sales" " #PardotWebinar
  • 16. Scaling Leads! •  Quality vs. Quantity" •  Pipeline" Lead Routing! •  Automatic assignment" Campaigns! •  Multiple channels" Definitions! •  Buyer profile" #PardotWebinar
  • 17. Questions #PardotWebinar
  • 18. Ryan Johnston Demand Generation Manager @ryanejohnston #PardotWebinar
  • 19. #PardotWebinar